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    So has M20 ever really said anything concrete on using or learning rotes? I've seen references in the core to check How did you do that only to find nothing.

    Are you on the square?
    Are you on the level?

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    Oh wow, haven't seen you in ages.
    Welcome back!

    Actually, finally, yes. Small optional stuff. Page 529 of M20 core:

    "Beyond the story-based opportunities to learn such tricks,
    there’s nothing special about a rote. You do not need to spend
    points to learn one, nor are you limited to a certain number
    of rotes. If your group wants to reflect the process of learning
    rotes from some other character or source, simply roll your
    character’s Intelligence + either Esoterica (for mystic techniques)
    or Science (for technomagickal rotes), with a difficulty based
    upon the highest Sphere in that rote + 5. Learning a Rank 1 rote
    would be difficulty 6, and a Rank 5 rote would be difficulty 10.

    If you want to have characters discover rotes through
    research or mystic/ technological tomes, use a Perception +
    Research roll with the same difficulties given above. This way,
    a hidden library or forbidden codex can present new and
    interesting opportunities for a sharp-witted character.

    Naturally, the mage must share a focus with the rote in question
    before he can use it to his benefit. A Man in Black isn’t going
    to get far with a voodoo curse unless he adjusts his thinking
    to accommodate such Deviant ideas! A character who wants
    to adopt a rote from a different practice or paradigm would be
    casting that Effect at +2 difficulty, as if he were working with
    unfamiliar tools… which is, of course, exactly what he’s doing"

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      Yeah there's no real mechanical advantages to having rotes in M20.

      Really the only benefit of having them is as a practicality measure; so that you have an Effect ready at hand instead of needing to stress your brain to do an improvised casting, and to reduce headaches from your ST.