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Technocratic sorcery?

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  • Technocratic sorcery?

    So.... there's apparently sorcery that you can use, something that Sleepers can use.

    What's the technocratic equivalent, and where can I find out more about it?

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    Are you referring to the stuff in the Sorcerer books (Sorcerer and Sorcerer Revised)? If so, that's actually where you need to look. The distinction made between "sorcery" and "linear superscience" is clearly defined as being a difference in technique, especially in Revised where the Sorcery was more directly correlated to the magical traditions and conventions.

    As a note, it's not exactly "sleeper magic." It's sort of a middle step between sleepers and fully awakened - you can use power and not count for paradox with True Magick, but it's still considered "static" magic in the universe.


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      Sorcerer Revised and Ascencion Right Hand are the go to for Sorcery.

      Albeit the concept comes from Vampire: Hunters Hunted

      Technocratic equivalent it's the same, but with a scientifical or pseudo-science outlook. Like, shooting ligthining from a gun when using Hellfire from Sorcerer Revised


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        Advanced Science was what we used to call it. (As opposed to the Enlightened Science of more elite members.)

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          For the most part, it's the Paths of Alchemy and Enchantment with different Abilities used in the dice pools and technological tools used in their practice. There are a handful of other Parts that get used to a lesser extent; but this is where the bulk of it is found.