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Which tradition best fits this character idea?

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  • Which tradition best fits this character idea?

    Greetings. I'm thinking of making a character (maybe a mad scientist of sorts) who believes he is an ambassador (or warrior) of sorts for an intergalactic federation and was sent by them to help shepherd humanity towards "progress" and "the light" and away from the opposite. For this particular theme, I am using the "Galactic Federation of Light," which is an alleged organization of extra-terrestrials that supposedly use the stars for power and fight evil. Things of that sort.

    Here for reference:

    My question is, which mage tradition is best for him? I'm thinking of virtual adepts (because all of this would require heavy technology) but am not sure if that's the best way. Thoughts?

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    I'd think either the SoE or maybe even the Hermetics if they're more into the older style ascended masters stuff. Would depend how their background translates into actual magic.


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      I agree with Michael here. Etherites tend to more readily entertain ideas of alien influence, when compared to the Virtual Adepts. Granted, you might have something on a VA who studies radio signals from space and tries to decode "secret alien messages". But most often, it's the Etherites who are going to give a character the time of day with this premise.

      Although it does raise the question: is this character suffering from Quiet or even Marauderdom? Or is it just their personal conviction that they are a space ambassador? Or are the aliens real, and they're just a special kind of Umbrood that the character is effectively the "shaman" for? Each of these has its own implications.


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        Big question:
        How are you going to play up the federation thing?

        Are they an active character, that interact with the world, or are they an ominously absent entity, reaching the character just through his enlightenment? If the latter, I'd play that GFL as, basically, heaven.

        A perfect order to usher a world of chaos to prosperity, and your mage is an agent of that ideal. A mage working off hypertech/mad science, plus faith would fit smoothly.


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          Mages can have strange beliefs, but what distinguishes the beliefs of a Tradition Mage from those of a Marauder is that the beliefs have some kind of philosophical, spiritual, or pseudo-scientific grounding. The only way I could see a non-Marauder with this belief is if this space federation exists in some way. Maybe this Mage spent a lot of time trapped in some space opera-themed section of the Umbra, but didn't quite lose his free will for some reason.

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            That's why I pulled faith as a possible resource. If all you have is the set of ideals it ushers, and those are well founded, you just got yourself a religion.


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              I think team ether is the obvious choice. Only the Etherians really try to mess with “disproven” and pseudo-science paradigms. The Virtual Adept paradigm, in addition to being much more computer/VR based, is also much more into super-science.. ideas which are so advanced, most people haven’t even thought of them yet, let alone disproven them or tossed them aside.
              Also, sons of ether are simply the best tradition to begin with.. I mean, unless one considers the hollow ones to be a tradition.


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                My inclination would be Etherite, with the "aliens" being the manifestation of his Avatar.


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                  Expanding on that, I could easily imagine an Etherite whose first invention (and Awakening) was an ether radio on which he was "contacted" by the Galactic Fed, who told him he was their agent and started teaching him the secrets of their technology. Functionally it's muse and paradigm all rolled into one. It creates opportunities for pretty dramatic Seekings, keeps very personal to the Mage, and like a good subjective-reality Mage paradigm, you never need to address whether it is "right" or "true" or "real". What matters is that the Mage knows it's true.

                  I also think it keeps just on the near side of Marauderdom, so you'll want to watch out for Quiets.