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So about that prep thing.

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  • So about that prep thing.

    You're an Akashic Brother.

    You're at Arete 4. Your spheres are Life 3, Mind 3, Prime 3, Forces 2, Matter 2 Correspondence 1, Entropy 1.

    For whatever reason, you're in an environment where you'll have to be ready to throw down and fight, and are likely to have to fight other 'supernatural beings' on the regular. Which works out great, because you like fighting.

    Presuming you have all the prep time you need to do whatever you need to do, what kind of effects could you have up every day, or make persistent, or permanent?
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    No-Mind: Classic Akashick Mind 2 rote to protect your mind of any external influence (and people who read your mind will see "nothing") it's a very good thing to have active, and not very difficult to cast. You could have it on all day or even at all times because it's largely unnoticeable (except for yourself, you may be unable to dream with that thing on. You may also look exceptionally calm, but that's how most Akashicks like to look anyway) - but keep in mind that it's effectiveness (and the number of successes you would want to have) will depend on the crossover rules being used

    Sense deathly intent: Entropy 1/Correspondence 1/Prime 1/Mind 2, to have a sophisticated "danger sense" that allows to have a good idea of where the danger comes from, if it's nature it's magical, and whom it's the one that has the intent (and remember the ST that this Rote senses actual killing intent, not just random hostility). This one in particular you could have permanently, as it's so specific that it isn't likely to interfere with your daily life (unless you live somewhere where everyone it's trying to kill people all the time, like a battlefield). Good for ambushes and for when the vampires decide that the truce it's over.

    Multiple actions like you debated on the previous thread would be useful to cast with a short ritual as you debated on a previous thread.

    If you think you're going to be in a hot spot you could spend other two short rituals to make yourself resist Aggravated with Prime 3/Life 3 (Vulgar), and/or build a regeneration pool with a variant of the Gift of Prana (Vulgar if you want it to heal Lethal/Agg, which you probably do, and you may need to expend Quintessence if you want it to heal Agg - but it's not noticeable until you get hurt). All of these could be easily justified in most Paradigms that involve exercize and the empowerment of the body

    On a more Coincidental note, Forces 2/Life 3 allow you to lock a spell to deviate attacks (increasing the difficulty of hitting you), and it's Coincident. Giving a +3 only to fast moving attacks (like bullets, or Celerity punches) a lo Dune should be fairly inoffensive for your daily life, so you could have it as an on-going effect...but you would have to justify this within your Paradigm.

    Mind 3/Life 3 (perhaps combined with the danger sense of above) could provide extra Initiative (a state of alert combined with quick thinking and reflexes are essential for a MA). Arguably, this would depend on increased Attributes, but I would allow to affect the Initiative directly.

    Depending on how you fight you could have a weapon permanently enhanced with Aggravated damage, or you could enchant your fists with a short ritual when you're going to kick asses (I'm not sure how having Aggravated permanently attached to your fists would work for your daily life, Agg it's very different from Contundent and thus it would be a bit like having bladed hands - and it would likely be Vulgar). You could also leave Agg for the deadly Forces 2/Prime 2-3 combo, that does (Successes +1) * 2 Agg
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      I'd say a constantly running effect ro reduce your attack difficulties by increasing you body speed Forces+Life.
      Also, on top of soaking lethal and agg, buff your physicals attributes to 5 for a day, to avoid pattern bleeding.
      A weapon with bonus success in damage is essential. As are extra actions.
      Adding the effects Aleph posted, you're good to go.
      Maybe a force shield to negate damage successes too...


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        Some Life 3 effects to grow chitinous plates above their skin, giving natural armor.


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          Aleph, I believe you'd only need Life 2 to lock the Forces 2 shield effect. I'm basing this off (among other things) the Common Magical Effects entry for invisibility. If invisibility only requires Life 2 to lock, it would make sense for a shield to work the same way.


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            Yeah, I think you're right.