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Basic questions about your world when writing a chronicle

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  • Basic questions about your world when writing a chronicle

    I'm trying to compile a list of questions an ST could go through when building out their world of darkness. Avoiding character questions, just questions about the world. Any more?

    How common are awakened mages in your world?
    How common are hedge wizards?
    What is the ratio of members in the factions of the Ascension War?
    How active is the Pogrom?
    How rigid is the Technocracy?
    Is there Nephandic infiltration?
    How organized are individual Traditions?
    How common are other Night-Folk?
    How many Mages are there?
    What is the distribution of power? (ie, how rare are Masters?)
    What is the distribution of factions/paradigms?
    How common/powerful are Nodes?
    What "tier" are you playing on? (street level? cosmic?)
    How common are Chantries?
    Do all Chantries have Nodes? Most? Some?
    1e Technocracy or Guide to the Technocracy?
    Is the Avatar Storm a thing?
    Ratio of Awakened to Linear mages?
    What do Mages know about other Night-Folk?

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    Is there a way to stop Voormas?


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      Is Horizon a thing? If so, is it blown up or completely fine? If it is blown up, is it reachable?

      Has horizon blowing up caused paradox to become a huge pain in the fucking ass?

      Do reality zones exist as powerfully as 'I can do super bullet stopping kunfu in certain parts of asia' or does it just let borderline things be coincidental?

      What the fuck is going on with the secret weapons division of Pentex/Syndicate?

      How close are the NWO to kicking the Syndicate's ass rn?


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        If the avatar storm is a thing, has it passed?
        * If it has passed, what's the state of the old umbral chantries?
        * Have they been reclaimed?
        * Were Mages actually able to survive there, now making contact again?*
        * Are expeditions being undetaken to derelict installations?
        If it has not passed,
        * What is the state of the umbral chantries?
        * Are Mages actually surviving out there?

        How important are the acts of the Marauders?
        * They are part of the Ascension War. Are all their doings as agents of chaos just..chaotic, or is there an overall plan by the force that touched them?
        * Are their Avatars collaborating more than it seems?

        What are the hidden and hush-hush points of collaboration between Technocrats and Traditionalists?
        * Are there known scenarios where the collaboration is more open?
        * Are there small groups in steady contact?

        What is the state of the Digital Net?
        * With modern infrastructure, how much has it expanded?
        * Has a sort of bigger digital society established there, out of the fringes of the 90's?
        * Have purely digital creatures by now formed ecosystems and/or intelligence?
        * Have digital godheads started to form?

        * How strict or loose are individual Mage chantries and parties when it comes to the official laws and punishments of their individual factions?

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          Are you using Threat Null? Will it impact the story? Will one of the enemies be a member of Threat Null that managed to breach reality and is now an Arch-Mage-Level threat that no one seems to believe exists?


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            It's become obvious that I need two or more sets of questions:
            1) questions about the world of darkness in general and how mortals behave
            2) Awakened and nightfolk considerations
            3) Metaplot questions

            This is what I have so far for the curious.

            I recognize many of these will spawn subquestions like the ratio of Extraordinary Citizens to Technocrats may be different than the ratio of hedge wizards to Traditions mages but for the same of simplicity I'm assuming they move in unison.