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Life Extension is too Harsh in Post 2nd Ed Mage

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    Originally posted by Eldagusto
    And I'm pretty sure most mages don't know that little secret of Cosmological lore anyways.
    Most likely not.

    The Realm where the Pulse is it's quite legendary. It's the Realm of dynamism and Magic(k). Many mages have theorized it's existence and avidly search for the "Realm of Power". However, that doesn't mean that most mages ever reach it.

    In the Book of Worlds it's stated that many mages dedicated their lives searching for it...which kinda implies that it's hard to find.

    The Realm itself it's not a walk on the park. Most Magick becomes at the same time more powerful and dificult to control. Reality warps arround the mage reflecting the mind and Avatar. The travel it's described as "traveling inside one's own mind". Which the narrator makes sound dreamy, but one's own mind can have all sort of demons. It's a bit like being Marauder for a day.

    BoW says the Realm seems to have no spirits other that what the mage's subcoscious creates (All of this is IOC info, however, and the very character says not to be sure there's no spirits, just never saw or detected any). Werewolf talks also about this realm (it's the Flux for them) in Umbra 20 and does describe spirits, including some really potent and mischiveous reality warpers. It makes sense, in my opinion

    So, the Flux it's a realm of Wonder alright, but it may not be the best place to have a picnic or rest your wounds. Mages using it to cleanse Paradox like a regular "bath" should have it bite their ass sooner rather than latter, in my opinion
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      I never read the Pulse from the Mages perspective, only familiar with it from Werewolf Perspective, pretty neat they included it, I like easter eggy wholeness like that of the setting.

      Yeah Flux is a unique place, its like being in the Wyld of Exalted's age, the rules are unique there, and Even Fetishes are freed from their oaths of binding.

      It is a time for great deeds!