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Sorcerers in the Dark Ages?

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  • Sorcerers in the Dark Ages?

    So Dark Ages blurred the lines a bit between Mages and Sorcerers, but all in all I don't recall any talk of Sorcerers in the Dark Ages. Some forumites have suggested that there wasn't a distinction between awakened and static magic in those days, and others say that is not true and there have almost always been Sorcerers and Mages.

    From the top of my head I think the only ones I can think of are some Inquisition members with magic likely sorcerous and faith based Numina.

    Then the Shih likely used their same magics.

    But considering how Hermetic Thaumaturgy formed with the Tremere I feel like some of the Fellowships should have included Sorcerers along with the Mages.

    I wish we got info Covering the Shih, the Cult of Isis, and the Children of Osiris in the Dark Ages.

    But have the books explicitly talked about Sorcerers? I remember the Rune Wise and Seidr craft talked about in Wolves of the Sea and that seemed to indicate sorcerers but I think that book was released before Dark Age Mage.

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    Liege Lord and Lackey printed several of the Paths, but they were just reprints found elsewhere. Suggest using Sorcerer or Sorcerer Revised (or Inquisition) for mechanics, and the social aspects just use what you need.


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      You know its entirely possible not all Fellowships divided themselves as cleanly as others. The Order of Hermes may have readilly included many we would call Sorcerers but they saw little difference between at the time while the Wu Lung seem to have never had such a place for such "peasant wizardry" and the shih probably noticed "Hey whatever this guy is doing won't let him use Qiaos are big thing.. so... something's fucked up there.. also Wu Lung are assholes"


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        Just personally, I prefer using Sorcery paths when doing Dark Ages stuff with Kinfolk, Vampire servants, and witchhunters (as opposed to Inquisitors). Also for Sorcerer games, by which I mean low powered medieval "urban" fantasy which has nothing to do with Mage history, metaplot, or metaphysics. But as for the sourcebooks, I think the original Companion and LLL were about it.

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          As said above: you would use the Sorcerer sourcebook (the earlier edition is "looser", just a tad, while the later one is a little more tight-yet-flexible) to create period-appropriate sorcerers -- no muss, no fuss.

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            Yeah I use Sorcerer revised. I was just curious what the fluff of the setting has to say about them. Are they mentioned ever in the Dark Age Mage books?

            And I didn't know LLL covered this, I never read that book because it was one of the older ones.

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