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Xenomorphs/predators in WOD MTA

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  • Xenomorphs/predators in WOD MTA

    Greetings. Out of sheer curiosity, is it possible that certain types of Deep Umbrood could look like/mimick the kind of creatures seen in the Alien series? I always imagined a Xenomorph-type creature being a Wyrm, and a predator type something similar. If these creatures are Deep umbrood, then would they be handled like any other spirit creature (Spirit 3, Spirit 4, and/or Spirit 5)? It is hard for me to imagine a Cherokee medicine man or a Mayan shaman effectively confronting and slaying such high-tech extraterrestrial beings in the style of Xenomorphs.

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    It's..well, very possible! Be it denizens of another world, umbra, realm or plane.

    Personally however, I'm seeeeeeeriously not a fan of ordering everything in the cWoD into the triat or well-known creature classes. The World of Darkness ought to be bigger than the few trodden paths that have been taken over and over.
    One thing nWoD seriously has over cWoD, is that in general it gives much more written incentive to just have 'the unknown', be it on earth or out there. And horror works best with the unknown. Whenever something becomes just another clasified spirit, it just takes away that horror, and players just fall back to "Okay, we know what that can probably do and how to handle it."
    I think to make the cWoD more flavorful, people really should break away from the usual shelves and categories at times.
    There is even a very pretty sheet by Mr. Gone for just such an occasion!

    Just have those xenomorphish beings unknown critters. A mystery. Alien. No "Oh, yes, we know this!" triat associations, no "Ah yes, they clearly are entropic spirits" shenanigans.

    Simply have them be umbral critters from a strange world, or a Progenitor experiment gone awful in some remote umbral installation, or whatever. Just roll with the unknown - it's much more exciting.

    TL;DR: I really hate everything out there being "A spirit." in cWoD.
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      If I use them then I don't have the Movies exist in the setting. But yeah I'm all for adding them, the Xenomorphs could be a Deep Umbra Infestation, and Predators could be a pretty cool Alien from actual space or the Deep Umbra.

      I have before translated the Zerg as an Umbrood Invasion, and the Protoss as wanderers who hunt them.

      But all these things are potent enough to fight Werewolves so I see them as very fitting.

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        If you want to make physical versions of them, the Devil-Eaten rules in Book of Madness Revised are designed to be able to do that. (I can't recall off hand if Acid Blood was one one of the powers listed, but if not, it'd be in one of the Fomori resources for Werewolf.) As for being Umbrood, yes, they can easily exist as things from the edge of reality that clearly aren't attached to anything Earth related (and if the films exist in the WoD, it's entirely feasible that Giger was mentally channeling something when he came up with the designs). As for fighting them, any skilled Mage should be able to (with just Spirit if they are Umbrood; with more physical Spheres such as Forces, Prime or Entropy if material). Tech-wise, the xenomorphs are pretty much on the level of animals, with their strengths being their ruthless cunning, physical power, and often overwhelming numbers.

        As far as Predators go, they'd probably have stats similar to certain Technocracy creations or their equivalents. About on par with a HITMark. An ancient Mayan fighting one would likely look like something out of Apocalypto, only with more magic. (My own personal head cannon is that Predators didn't start using plasma guns to hunt humans until around WW1, finding bladed weapons - usually just spears and wrist knives - to be all they needed.)

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          I could see predators or xenomorphs coming from some kind of "mythic realm". You know, the kind of umbral realms where you can experience fantasy worlds like Lord of the Rings or Star Wars. As such, they would be high umbral spirits of human imagination. They would have a bad time in the physical realm because of disbelief, but would probably fare much better than dragons. I could imagine them as initially rather weak, but a xenomorph that stays hidden for a time, consuming to fuel it's existence in the physical realm, could in time feed on the fears and imaginations of the people it devours and develope it's full skillset and maybe even some additional moves (just to throw players off guard ).
          Now, we just need an idea of how and why a xenomorph (or a predator, or many of them) could have come to the physical realm. (Or maybe we have come to them?) The most simple solution would be a marauder manifesting peoples fears as pop-culture references. Or a failed Void Engineer experiment, imagine the PCs investigating a destroyed VE-base with one (or two) roaming xenomorphs...

          Now, some thoughts about their relation to other spirits and so on. In the mythic realms any creature is as real as it can be. This means, the xenomorph in it's home realm would not be registered as a spirit but as a physical being. This could change if it is transported into the physical world, making it susceptible against spirit magic. Or it could manifest a physical body, because that's the kind of condition it is used to. That way, it would be as physical as any normal human or animal but probably a major (and hungry) thaumivore drawn to any magical energy it can locate. Now, in a physical state, spirit magic would be as useless against it as it was against a raging bear!


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            I’d make xenemorphs wholly physical creatures, let the players wonder where they came from, and likely a Thaumivore to make it both more scary and more focused on hunting supernatural beings. High physical stats, stealth, brawl and armour, acidic blood (naturally), ability to ”see” in complete darkness, move on walls and ceilings and depending on how scary I want them to be perhaps a few dice of countermagick.

            Similar deal with the Predators except that they would be more reliant on technology and enlightened science.


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              I'm thinking maybe when other Universes experience their own Final Days and Apocalypses maybe they get shunted into the layer of Metareality that touches upon all universes, so after their world ended these Monsters from another world were shunted into our Tellurian, maybe a ship filled with eggs...

              This is the perfect excuse for me to have Technocratic Space Marines.

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