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How Would you do Post-Apocalyptic Mages?

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  • How Would you do Post-Apocalyptic Mages?

    The world sort of Ended but it's still around. Maybe it's all mutants and strange tech, maybe it's Mad Max, or maybe it's all very much like the Middle Ages but with the past as the time of Wonders. But, "How would you do the Post-Apocalypse in M:tA?"

    Remember, in a world of strange mutant powers Paradox would have different parameters. Lightning bolts from the eyes? No biggie. Clean water by turning a nob? That's Madness!

    If the Post-apocalypse is low tech or enforced piety you might get the Hollow Ones, The Void Engineers, and the Hermetics, to team together.

    Mad Max world might have restricted or depleted quintessence. Magic might. be much harder to learn or do.

    But how would you Post-Apocalypse?

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    In a world of weakened consensus, powerful mages shape reality within small territories and fight for supremacy. Kind of like TORG but where the reality zones clash.


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      I already posted a big pondering of a post-apocalyptic WoD in an M5 thread a few months back, but I figure it can be cross-posted here:

      Originally posted by Ambrosia View Post
      I've been pondering a campaign setting (Or heck, theoretically even the wishful concept of WoD gamelines) that deals with a situation that would *perfectly* fit this; A Fallout / Mad Max / TriGun / Last Of Us / etc-esque time in the WoD that plays after a global apocalypse. Whatever that apocalypse might have taken form as.

      Warning: Long post ahead.

      Was it mundane war? Was it the Wyrm? A magickal accident, triggered by hubris? Nephandi? Did the Ratkin unleash the mother of plagues as a radical measure? Was the Wyrm somehow *beaten* and did Gaia, with the triat restored, decide to reset some things through natural desasters? Is everything a wasteland, or is everything being reclaimed by nature? A mix?

      Perhaps it's in the far enough future that people don't even quite remember and history meets fable in the minds of the surviving people. No matter what the origins are, mankind is back to smaller size.
      And as we are biologically prone to, we are back to more tribal communities and havens. People struggle and survive, some communities had early access to more technology and knowledge, some less so. But in general, things are pre-industrial-revolution as the means to mass-produce simply are gone, and some places are downright medieval.

      What does this mean for the supernaturals?
      Ignoring different effects depending on the nature of the apocalypse, it's clear that certain structures of the supernatural world also crumbled. large sects and groups crumbled or fractured. It's a time of schisms. And ,mirroring human society, more tribalism. Vampires are back to a more feudal state. 'Low' clans handled the apocalypse way easier than those used to luxuries and power. The Garou Nation, with the common big enemy having lost (or won), lost its reason d'etre and has broken up. Human communities are protected by certain gifted individuals able to deal with danger more than others (Hunters).

      And in general, as with human tribes and more separation due to lack of any long-distance communication goes, 'superstition', tribal habits and unique cultures form.

      Where does this leave the mages?
      Well. All it took was, in a twist of irony, the downfall of humanity to put the Traditions and the Technocracy on somewhat even ground once more.
      With the rise of belief in something other than technology, mysticism and shamanic culture is growing once more, mixed with the remnants of old technology still understood.
      The Technocracy, hit hardest due to the apocalypse happening during the Avatar Storm, lost an incredibly vast amount of knowledge. Not just Masters, but many high-profile mages are long gone in generations past.

      But the Technocracy does what it does best; It stays in the shadows, organizes in Fallout-Institute-like structures, and tries to protect humanity. With even the last obvious remnants of Control and the old higher-ups gone, the union has regrouped into units that are more shrouded in folklore mystery than even during their hayday of late 1900's conspiracies.

      However, with the loss of that vast amount of knowledge come attempts at understanding the height of Technocratic hypertech again - and a concentrated effort of pulling it away from normal society as much as possible. Mundane wandering nomads find strange old bunkers with 'Golden Age' technology that seems absolutely impossible to even comprehend, and strange sites of impossible materials become tales of legend. And often enough, traders in these ancient collections cross lines with strange people wielding even stranger weapony and cloth, seemingly hellbent on relieving them of those goods in a peaceful or hostile manner before disappearing again..

      Meanwhile, the lines of hostility or cooperation between the Traditions and Technocracy blur, depending on where you go. Open (or subtle) conflict in some areas meets subtle cooperation for the betterment of living in other communities. The Union perhaps even has become Union(s) where the "partylines" are at odds. And of course there are always renegades, establishing their own little territories..

      And the Umbral landscape? Oh boy.

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