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How would Tradition and Technocracy deal with their temporal counterparts?

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  • How would Tradition and Technocracy deal with their temporal counterparts?

    By OP fiat, a portal opens up, both to Technocracy and Tradition. Both connect to the same period of time. The time of the sorcerer's crusade, when the Order of Reason was picking up steam.

    How will current Traditions react to Past! Tradition (or their predecessors), and vice versa? How will Order of Reason react to the modern world, and the Technocracy?

    I"m looking for enough material for a few short snippets for writing

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    I don't think the Order of Reason would get along with the Technocracy in its current state, but I could see how they could get along depending on how grungy you work the Technocracy. In one of the End of the World scenarios I think there is an entire group that /wants/ to mimic the Order of Reason, and Guide/Help Humanity as opposed to Control/Direct, so if that is semi-going on or atleast is their main purpose, the Technocracy might 'take the high road' and try and get along with the Order.

    The reason I say this is if I recall correctly, the Order of Reason did a lot of stuff the Technocracy would call Magick now (Calling it Magick meaning, it's bullshit). I think they did Alchemy/a lot of stuff that was the 'science of the time' that would be disproven in modern day.

    Not sure how the Traditions would get along...perhaps they'd try to give advice to the older Traditions or seek to learn from the old Masters lessons they don't have now (Especially if the Avatar Storm happened and the Masters are currently trapped away)

    As for the Order of Reason and the modern world....maybe they'd have mixed opinions by convention? Some might see the modern world as the epitome of science and reasoning, while some might see it was static and uncreative (Mimicking the idea in some of the Mage books of "waaah people only want Iphones and hamburgers")


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      Well for one Archmages and most Masters were purged with the Avatar Storm so the ye Olde thems would have more Archmasters and Masters relatively speaking even if they have less members.

      I think they would be more interested with the fact they made contact with a parallel World just a few Centuries behind theirs and several members of both would want to try living in the opposite world.

      It is a time for great deeds!


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        Originally posted by Eldagusto View Post
        and several members of both would want to try living in the opposite world.
        I wonder how that would go...


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          Mostly, the Traditions are defined by preserving those old ways, it's right there in the name. So for most of them, I think it's going to be 1 part validation to 2 parts mourning what might have been. I would put Hermetics, Verbena, and Dreamspeakers in this camp for sure. The Euthanatos, Akashics, and Choristers would be similar if a bit more stoic about it, and the Sons of Ether and Ecstatics would probably just find the whole thing neat. The Virtual Adepts would probably have the hardest time of any Tradition; they didn't have Renaissance counterparts and started as a Convention to boot (traits they have in common with the Sons of Ether, but the Etherite Weird Science paradigm has deeper roots). Double bonus awkward points if they get to meet the previous holders of their Council seat; that could go really well or really poorly.

          The Technocracy is going to have a much, much harder time of it. Most of the Conventions were outright Reality Deviants by modern standards. Dark Ages tells us that the Craftmasons, soul of the Order of Reason, are literally defectors from the Order of Hermes, and the rest are not much better, firmly rooted in mystic or religious practices. Lucky, then, that the Ksirafi purge destroyed most of the evidence that the Technocracy used to be a bunch of wizards and priests.

          The big exception being the Syndicate/Guild, those guys probably wouldn't even bother changing the name on the letterhead.
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