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Center pieces of corruption ideas needed

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  • Center pieces of corruption ideas needed

    So in my mage game, I got my players about to investigate a research facility that used to be used by Pentax-Technocrats (The Xer's needed to some help) however they had falling out and it was abandoned. The other supernaturals seeing how tainted it was warded it off and started to use it as dumping ground for mortals that start learning to much. However I want some item in the middle of the building representing how far the land there has fallen. Was originally thinking of caul but now am not to sure about it

    Does anyone have ideas any what I could use as sign of deep seated corruption besides a caul?


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    *A horrendous creature of corruption in the middle of gore it's a classic.

    *Especial for Mage: A Reality Zone that's friendly to the corrupted and evil and punishes more benevolent magick it's almost de rigueur for these places, altering what's normally Coincident and what's Vulgar it's something mages can appreciate.

    *A tainted Wonder created by the corruption of the place that curses the wielder

    *A corrupted Node/Caern

    *A Shalowing. A place where the Umbra and Earth become one, when you're in a tainted land the other side of the veil isn't nice. If your people it's high level, it may lead to a Hellhole and/or include a portal to some horrible Realm, like Malfeas.Closing the whole place gives VE something to do...not dying it's fun for everyone.
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