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how do you represent GOD in mage?

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    So when you're dealing with the umbra there are 2 distinct experiences a mage can have.
    1 this corresponds exactly to their belief system and presents wonderful options to expand ones faith
    2- WTF is this bullshit my holy script never told me about all the goddamn spiders and the thing that eats names or the hungry meteorites or the river that is made of words or the skull pigs.
    So you have to decide when your cast seeks out gods if you're trying to challenge or reinforce their views. A hermetic will look to different systems to explain the umbra than the ecstatic or the virtual adept.
    What I do is this- when a group enters the umbra I have the characters all roll willpower and filter their experience through that paradigm. If it's a hermetic who wins the roll its sephiroth and Angel's and walking the tarrot. Ecstatics get more nymphs and goatmen and tend to drift towards grecian enviroments.
    As for god? Well my take on God- based on the material is that God broke. Way back. Gods not in the house and theres just a couple of mad angels at the wheel.
    I show god all the time in my games tho. Every time theres a seeking.
    What did you think they meant when they said Avatars are Shards of The One, anyhow?

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      Originally posted by Heavy Arms View Post
      I don't. It either makes the monotheist mages objectively right, or objectively wrong, to define the presence of a supreme deity directly.

      What I do, is have beings that might be emanations, or might just be really powerful spirits emulating that because of the belief of all the humans fueling it, such that it remains unclear. Having an old school angelic entity show up, call itself Metatron, and start acting like the mouth of the big G lets you pull lots of narrative threads without getting into answering such a big question conclusively. After all the most hardcore atheist mage still has to tread lightly around a spirit powerful enough to snap its fingers and wipe out the whole PC group in a flash.
      This seems like the best way to handle it to me. When I consider the "godlike" capabilities that a master or archmage can achieve in Mage, the even greater power attributed to Oracles, and that players can meet up with god-forms and similarly powerful spirits, it seems to me that any supreme being that might exist would have to be so transcendent that it would be impossible for any direct interaction or objective evidence to be anything less than a complete anticlimax. Either that or it would, by its nature, break the Tellurian. Best to leave the question in the realm of mystery.
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        One idea for the creator I've been toying with since reading more of DtF lately is that when God 'struck' the world in retribution for the Fall and humanity picking Lucifer, God might have been 'contaminatd' with the perfection of creation (and the nothingness it was supposed to protect God from) and that he became 'corrupted' in turn - perhaps even shattered. That might explain why (in Hunter and Demon terms) why God (and th angels) seem absent. The angels could either simply have ceased to exist/die (without god to empower them) or perhaps becam psychopomps/anakim (although IIRC the Ascension supplement suggested the psychopomps weren't angels, only a similar class of being) Given that Mage had a premise where avatars are shards of 'god soul' and there's an attempt to re-unify god (one of the possible forms of Ascension I think) and the stuff relating to the Pure ones and the Wyck (which could also tie IMHO to the Nephilim in DtF) you could take a 'God is dead/must rebuild god' angle.