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Liches and Phylacteries in Dark Ages Mage

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  • Liches and Phylacteries in Dark Ages Mage

    Hi all. I'm thinking of running a game where Dark Age Mages incounter a Liche and before I work out which Hermetic (and other Fellowships) Pillars would be needed to turn yourself into a liche or make a Phylactery I thought I should check and see if anyone else had done the leg work first. Any help would be greatly appriciated.

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    Dead Magic has all the information you will ever need

    Are you on the square?
    Are you on the level?


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      Originally posted by Dwight View Post
      Dead Magic has all the information you will ever need
      Well yes... I have the book but I was talking about converting the Spheres given into equivalent Pillars. Like I said I can do the leg work if I need to but if someone else already has then it would be more efficiant to use theirs. Either straight out of the box or just as insperation for my own take.


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        Originally posted by Up-to-Eleven View Post

        Well yes... I have the book but I was talking about converting the Spheres given into equivalent Pillars.
        Consult Dead Magic II and Verbena Revised, they have some sphere rotes‘ pillar version. Hermes’ Brand in Blood Treachery also has pillar version in Grimoire
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          If you have the V20 Black Hand book, you might want to take a look at the section on the Idran and their archaic sorcery. The founders of the craft turned themselves into deathless beings equivalent to liches, presumably using the Pillars noted therein though the specifics of that feat aren't spelled out.


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            So I'm pluging away at it now. Does anyone know if wound penalties apply to casting rolls in Dark Ages: Mage? I have previously house rulled that they don't but on checking the books again for this project it does not say one way or the other.

            And here is the first draft. Inlcuding the Pillars requirments for each published Fellowship, plus the Akashayana and Wu Lung ones that I found on the forum, and traslating the effect into DAM terms.


            In all cases, except among the Circle of Red, Wu Lung and some Valdaermen, becoming a Liche is considered to be an evil action that most will see as intrinsically opposed to the values of the Fellowship.
            Mechanically this Rote must be cast as an Ongoing Spell and, with the exception of the Circle of Red, Wu Lung and the Valdaermen, always counts as learned from a different Fellowship, therefore requiring the use of Foci. Note that a spell so opposed to their beliefs is incredibly difficult for most Alh-I-Bhatin, Messianic Voices and Old Faith Mages and requires some serious double think, or a very niche belief system, to even attempt to cast. For example a Mithraic or Etruscan Cultist would find it easier then a Christian or Druid respectively.
            Alh-I-Bhatin: Al-Anbiya 5, Al-Fatihah 4, Al-Layl 5.
            Messianic Voices: Gavri-El 5, Mikha-El 5, Repha-El 5, Uri-El 5.
            Order of Hermes: Anima 5, Corona 5, Primus 4.
            Old Faith: Autumn 4, Spring 5, Summer 4, Winter 4.
            Spirit-Talkers: Trickster 5, Wise One 5.
            Valdaermen: Galdrar 5.
            Circle of Red: Abomination 4.
            Itarajana: Preta 5, Triyagyoni 5, Deva 4.
            Akashayana: Chi 5, Do 2, Zen 3.
            Wu Lung: Qi 5.

            I just realised that this was too close to the original text so in summary: No Paradox, No Resonence, Pillars instead of Spheres and can only use Pillers to leave their body and collect Quitessence if their Pillars allow that.
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              No feedback?

              I've been working on an equivalent conversion for Phylacteries as well. Below is a list of which Pillars each Fellowship requires to bind their soul into a phylactery.
              Ahl-I-Batin: Al-Anbiya 4, Al-Fatihah 3, Al-Hajj 4.
              Messianic Voices: Gavri-El 5, Uri-El 4.
              Order of Hermes: Corona 5, Primus 5. Plus Anima 5 for a living phylactery.
              Old Faith: Autumn 5. Plus Spring 4 or Summer 4 for a living phylactery.
              Spirit-Talkers: Trickster 3, Wise One 3.
              Valdaermen: Fara 4, Galdrar 3.
              Circle of Red: Abomination 4, Malediction 5.
              Itarajana: Triyagyoni 4, Deva 5.
              Akashayana: Chi 4, Do 4, Zen 4.
              Wu Lung: Qi 5, Shen 4.

              Changes: It interacts with the Font Background rather then the Avatar, having the Avatar commincate through it requires both the Living Font and Manifest Avatar Merits, it counts as a special Foci for all of your Pillars (meaning that with a high Foundation you will always get a Foci bonus), you can only use magic to teleport the phylactery or yourself to the phylactery if your Pillars allow for it, you can only make contact with the phylactery across long distances if your Pillars allow for it and you can only Astrally travel or possess a new body with the appropriate Pillars.