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what happened to that video game for Mage the Ascension?

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  • what happened to that video game for Mage the Ascension?

    I can't seem to find it anywhere. there was a play on your phone game if I recall but now it seems to be gone. anyone know why? or if it is still out there?

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    ok so apparently there was a controversy over the author of the vampire version of the game and as a result, it got pulled. or so I heard from someone else on here...


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      I have still a Link to the Page mayby it will work for you:
      And even if you can not you did not really missed anything. Story short is:
      Protagonist lives during the Syrian refugee crisis in Sweden and helps in a refugeeasylum.
      Protagonist got a Wild Talent.
      Protagonist can after her Wild Awakening controll Time nearly as easy as Dr. Who despite just awakened with(out) her Smartphone.
      Protag nearly to get corrupted by a Nephandus (despites having nothing to do with the plot)
      Game and Avatar tries to move her to help refugees and the mystic mages though she can easily choose with a (final) choice, if she want to help the mystic mages and bring refugees to Sweden or keep Sweden to the Swedens and support the technocrats and the sweden democrats from corrupting those uneducated different minded people with their superstitions.

      A more detailed explanation is here:
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      As I am from Austria I need to clarify two things.
      First my native language is german and so please point out if the english I write is broken so I can improve.
      Second I do not own VTMV nor any line after M20 because it is not out there and I wait for the translation.