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    A minor note: Isle of the Mighty says that the Harbingers of Avalon are just ten people; but M20 updates that to say that their ranks have swelled over time. That is, the original material is now out of date. That said, it's entirely possible that this is a case where this particular Chantry hasn't changed much; but where the Harbingers originally consisted solely of this Chantry, it is now “merely” the first of many Chantries under the banner of the Harbingers of Avalon.


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      Thanks. That is an interesting note. By their nature, the Harbingers of Avalon must all be british (or working abroad for british interests) so even if they have spread to other chantries those chantries should probably be british. I can see them keeping a HQ in london with other local branches operating across the isles.
      It is also interestng because it makes the point that time has moved on since the snapshot captured by Isles of the mighty. Things have probably changed for other factions as well.


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        Actually, no; they're not all British anymore, and their influence has extended well beyond the isles.


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          Interesting. I will have to look that up


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            This page has some interesting information - it seems like the author has dug through every official oWoD book to get some numbers.


            Or they're just pulling #'s out their ass.


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              One of the things I have used in my own games is Woodwich Downs, the estate of an ennobled Gardeners of the Tree family since the Tudor era. Among its grounds is what used to be the Old Faith stronghold that Nightshade came from, which was destroyed during Wyndgarde's March and rebuilt under the owners. I usually have it in Gloucestershire.

              Also of potential interest, the town of Boscastle in Cornwall, home to the Museum of Witchcraft and Magic.
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                Isle of the Mighty was just discussed on Mage: The Podcast. It reminded me of my impression of the book--a book for Changeling with just a little Mage stuff thrown in.



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                  A few years ago, I ran a London centric mage game. I wrote it all up as I went along and came up with the following bits of world-building

                  The Verbena featured heavily in my campaign, mostly because two of the players wanted to be verbena and another had verbena as a main factor of their backstory. The Verbena book, funnily enough has quite a bit of information, such as the Glastonbury circle who are looking for the return of King Arthur

                  I had London as a technocratic stronghold. The Progenitors headquarters was in Guy's hospital, the Syndicate practically owned the City of London, but had a major presence pretty much everywhere. the NWO was essentially the civil service of parliament and the operators of MI5, that didn't really come up much in the campaign though. What did come up was that there was a huge Void Engineer base underneath Greenwich. I didn't feature the Iterator's in my campaign so I hadn't done much research to consider suitable hold ups.

                  I had a single Verbena group operating in the very epicentre of London. These are the titular Keepers of the Wyck, they ordained to keep their ways alive, defending sacred locations such as Hampstead Heath from falling to the hands of technocratic sanitation.

                  On the Tradition side of things. The major presence within the city was the Celestial Chorus, the Hermetics, and the Euthanatos, who had taken it upon themselves to manage the London Tribunal. When House Quaesitori identified members form outside of the Order as having committed a serious crime, such as the harbouring of a widderslainte, members of the three order would set up a tribunal in order to hear the accusations, pass judgement, and ensure that any threats to the traditions themselves were managed appropriately.

                  Most Verbena groups steered clear of London due to the heavy technocratic presence having weakened so many of the links they rely upon to commune, but as long as the Keepers keep the practice alive, they know they can seek aid and shelter if they may ever have need to enter the city.

                  The Hermetics will have a number of members from house Jerbiton in various different institutions around London, from museums to universities, in order to keep a look out for potential recruits to bring into the folds. The Order had a fairly well kept chantry in which a number of important hermetic leaders would congregate to discuss and share their teachings.

                  I still have the link to my campaign write-ups in my description if you wanted to dive into that for more inspiration.

                  Keepers of the Wyck: A Chronicle I'm running FINALE: Chapter 39: Green Fairy