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Weirdest thing you've done while playing a mage character

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  • Weirdest thing you've done while playing a mage character

    It was a crossover dark ages game and I was playing an old faith witch who had, over the course of several game sessions, created a second body for herself so she could be in two places at once... And over the course of giving it the ability to act independently of my character, I gave it so much of a mind that I decided it was a different person. So I ended up wanting to separate it from myself and sort of treat it as my child. I eventually did but realized that the thing, while very human like, was more of a living automaton that had no soul. So I decided to try and give it one. Essentially, I'd be tapping into the way souls come into a human at conception or something like that and make it have a soul as a newly concieved child of myself with me... And Then I botched. The entire town and everyone in the nearby castle was now pregnant, men included. My character had to create an area of effect spell so everyone could have safe childbirth. Well thankfully the only other PC present was a vampire who didn't register to the spell as alive enough to make pregnant. ...

    In a modern mage game I think the weirdest thing I've done was to create an "imaginathingy", which was a device that when pulled out of it's container appeared to each person as their last guess or subconscious expectation of what was being pulled out. Moreover, it interacted with each person and mindless things they applied it to as if it were that thing. It would vanish after a scene, of course. It resulted in an odd scene of someone trying to threaten someone else with a pistol which looked to the other person like a sandwitch. The guy was suitably threatened by the sandwitch wielding weirdo nonetheless.

    What weird stories do you have.
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    Place one: Creating the Homo Novus which is not anymore needing lightwaves getting turned into electronic waves that are interpreted by the brain and so easily getting blinded. instead he tried that the Homo Novus sees the world how it really is like he has every sensual perception but not needing the brain to interpret them because he really SEES the scene. Those few that survived and not turned mad acummulated regulare Permadox and so destroyed themselves.
    Place two: A mage creating a more or less artificial womb in a female vampire so she can still have children despite being dead.
    Place three: Using magic to have REAL Warhammer Fantasy Tabletop Battles like the armies are real and they are right now in the Old World commanding an army while at the same time being home and still rolling dice for playing.

    As I am from Austria I need to clarify two things.
    First my native language is german and so please point out if the english I write is broken so I can improve.
    Second I do not own VTMV nor any line after M20 because it is not out there and I wait for the translation.


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      One of my mage characters got so fed up with a bunch of angry frat boys who were involved in a brawl at another character's brewery that he used the Little Good Death rote on their intestinal flora to give them candida die-off.


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        1.) On a Technocrat, built a steam powered tank in the 1600's via time portal adventure shenanigans, armed a bunch of landschnekt with simple revolvers. We needed dinner, so we drove the tank around chasing rabbits while a bunch of gaudily dressed mercenaries hung off the back taking pot shots at rabbits because they were fascinated at being able to shoot more than once.

        2.) Same Technocrat. While researching changelings, built a containment device that blocked out Banality entirely. It basically acted as a hallucinogen to changelings put inside.


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          My critically injured and newly Enlightened widderslainte Technocrat snuggled into a Marauder's shoulder and called him Mom.
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            We were trapped in another mage's paradox realm with only our comic code approved underwear, and we only had access to the foci for our primary spheres. I was an Etherite, so I could use Matter. However, everything around us was Spirit. Except for our underwear. That was still real matter. So, I used Matter to transform the party's underwear into my Prime focus (a helmet with lots of wires and doo-dads on it,) which I could then use to generate foci for the rest of the group with Matter and Prime.

            So, I gave the party their magick back by wearing their underwear on my head.