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Which Mage faction do you fit in with? And why?

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    Originally posted by Enginseer-42 View Post

    That is of course a difficulty. One thing to believe in a similar faith, another to adapt it to the realities of the past well enough to work magic with it.
    Actually, my difficulty is that there's no Dark Ages Fellowship with a belief that's in line with “Everything is Data”. At least, no published Fellowship. I believe that there was a Greek group somewhere based on the teachings of Pythagoras, which might be similar enough to my own fascination with mathematics. But my own views would be more something like that with a religious spin, something that the Dark Ages Fellowships aren't really set up to facilitate. And it also likely wouldn't have the libertine spirit of the Virtual Adepts (a major reason why I, as a conservative in real life, appreciate the VAs).


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      Cult of Ecstasy, push the limits of time, life, and mind, with some basis in chaos magic. Would add that Creation is Innately Divine and Alive would be the paradigm, most likely. This isn't necessarily a perfect match for who I am, but I think it's where I'd end up if Mage-style magick were a thing and I could practice it.
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