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  • Standardizing Node Rule

    So one thing that bugged me with the node rules was they don’t give you a default on how frequent you get quintessence or dross. It was meant to help, but it would have been infinitely more helpful to have a default with strong encouragement for house ruling it.

    How often do you have quintessence regenerate?

    My basic suggestion is I guess using Freeholds as a baseline.

    It is a time for great deeds!

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    I don't have a lot of input on what the ideal baseline should be, but something I do:

    "Natural" Nodes have a higher one than Prime created ones. This helps to maintain the setting conceit that mages covet Nodes in the possession of other mages/supernaturals. If a Prime Master can just turn any compatible Sanctum into a Node, it doesn't really make a lot of sense to go chasing after existing ones.


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      Charles Siegel explores several ideas in Sources of Magic and expands on the Book of Chantries system for customizing Nodes.

      As for having a baseline Quintessence, the Node background will offer suggestions. Since Quintessence is needed to make Wonders and is also useful in lowering casting difficulties, it's best to have a range. That way, a 'Quintessence is fairly easily available', 'Quintessence is somewhat available' and 'Quintessence is rare' can all be effective chronicle assumptions. Think of those as the equivalent of low-magic, medium magic, and high-magic settings in Dungeons and Dragons.

      Sources of Magic has several example nodes as well--including merits and flaws that relate to making those Nodes sites for other supernaturals like a Freehold for Changelings.