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    But I'm still breaking in the Old Horizon. *Ba dum tss*


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      Originally posted by Erinys View Post
      I think they built Horizon during the Grand Convocation. And doesn't Book of Worlds have this claim that Autochthonia appeared out of nowhere like 63 thousand years ago? I don't really believe that it did, though. But there was some realm controlled by Imperial Chinese mages at some point?
      The chinese Dalou'laoshi were the first mages in known history to discover and inhabit the Realm, but they didn't "make" it. Autochtonia has a lot of potentially contradictory canon going for it, but one thing it's certain: It wasn't made by humans


      *It's the Shenti of Statism (the Umbral Realm that represents the very concept of that cosmic force).
      *It's a gigantic manifestation of the Weaver, protected by armies of Geomids and such.
      *It's the dead body of the Titan Autochton, lying there until the "strange eons where even Death may die"

      It may be any and all of the above.

      The realm it's very hostile to any magick except Technomancy (which, conversely, it's very powerful there). Technomancers found it and, since the Realm welcomes their pressence and empowers their magick greatly, decided to go live there.

      The Realm it's practically the definition of inexpugnable, yet the Wu Lung (when they were at the peak of their power) were able to move the whole Realm out of it's "orbit" (easily an Archmaster-level feat), breaking all the connections with Earth that the ancient technomancers had built. This left the Dalou'laoshi "stranded" there - what happened with them? IDK, but they vanished. Maybe the Realm "assimilated" them

      Latter, ItX re-discovered the Realm

      Currently Autochtonia seems to be ruled by The Computer, which it's an alien pressence that was the head of the inhuman Cult of the Machine, working in secret inside the Technocracy. After the Storm, it's speculated that the Computer took control over the mages in a less subtle fashion, turning them into the Autopolitans

      The whole "63 thousand years ago" thing it's a calculation of ItX based on how the Realm seems to grow. But I would take that with a grain of salt. ItX trully doesn't know as much about the place as they think they know. And the Realm probably can alter the speed of it's development, as shown by how it changed after the Storm (from an orderly geometrical fortress of sci-fy tech, to a lush cyber-junge of robotic "life" mimicking that of earth - if I remember correctly)
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