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The Ascension War expands to the other supernaturals and heats up

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    Special Projects Division: a part of the Syndicate that deals with fringe science, and basically partnered up with Pentex.


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      So the rest of the Syndicate aren't officially (or "officially"?) helping Pentex anymore?
      I kind of wonder why not, actually. And since when. Pentex doesn't do anything unusual for a multinational corporation, except maybe they're the only corporation making Fomori. But those are very useful, as the GENES prove. The Wyrm and Gaia don't exist in Technocratic cosmology.
      It's a problem that they aren't under Technocrat control, but the way to fix that is to dominate their Board, not just walk out.
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        The Syndicate has always been connected to Pentex through SPD. They still are, despite SPD going missing: they're still receiving regular payments from the group; they just don't know where the group is or what it's doing. It's something that concerns them greatly, and not something they want the rest of the Union to find out about.