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Bringing back the Mythic Age without destroying the world

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  • Bringing back the Mythic Age without destroying the world

    Are you a Hermetic from House Flambeau who just wants to see the Consensus reversed? Well, get ready to throw the Ivory Tower's books on the campfire. You won't need them much longer. This is my - yet to be proven - step by step system for making that dream a reality. So many people I talk to are bogged down by the Technocratic Paradigm, keeping their inner mystic from shining. In this free workshop, I'll show you how to identify the present day foundations of the Technocratic Union's oppressive matrix and then knock their bionic legs out so you can get onto riding dragons... not that kind. Kids, stay in school.

    Serious note: These are not all the steps imaginable, just the ones that seem most intuitive. Feel free to post better ideas if you have some.

    1. Deep-fake videos and courtroom evidence.

    The war on drugs was a project of two main technocratic actors. Progenitor Pharmacopoeists sold hellish misery to millions of unsuspecting people through criminal gangs. NWO Operatives built a giant surveillance state to catch low to mid-level the drug dealers, training police to hide cameras, plant microphones and undercover agents to wear both. For sleepers caught up in this system, only the highest price lawyers will take the time to analyze recorded evidence. This was then extended to the Ascension War. "Tradition Mages didn't do anything illegal. Worse, they're spreading their RD nonsense from a position of earned influence. Introduce digital video fakery to the Consensus so we can frame RDs, lock them up and throw away the key. Nothing could possibly go wrong..."

    With the additional burden of investigating drug-crime, the legal system relies on recorded evidence to prove criminal conspiracies. Without the masses' belief in the reliability of recorded evidence, the whole system loses any appearance of legitimacy. Film is also used to document scientific experiments that further improve the Consensus.

    CGI supercomputers can generate images which so closely resemble what they are imitating that telling real from fake is getting harder and harder. Online software accessible through a web browser allows users to create deep-fakes that fool the naked eye. The ability to create audio that perfectly imitates a person's voice has existed for longer.

    As the public becomes more aware of the technology's power to falsify evidence, questions emerge. Did that politician really say that awful thing that is so uncharacteristic of her? Is that prisoner innocent? Is anything we see on a screen even real? What about that Nova documentary?

    How can a Tradition Mage or a whole Cabal exploit the Technocracy's mistakes in this area with the goal of reviving True Magick? Let's start with paradox, the primary inhibitor. If a mundane, fake video produces disbelief and is verbally explained afterwards, no paradox occurs. No Magick was used to create the illusion. The audience is now more prepared to accept digital illusions with Magickal effects woven into them.

    A practical example: A street gang sells the latest drug from a Progenitor lab and they're making mad stacks selling the good stuff. A cop in the Major Crimes unit trying to develop relationships with potential sources of information got too close and was sucked in. He has been accepting large payoffs to thwart investigation, warning them when his unit is planning to raid the stash-house. Now, the gang is demanding he hand over informant profiles. He knows those people will turn up dead, but he's also worried because the gang knows where he and his wife live. His is only hope of getting out of the arrangement is spy-master from the Order of Hermes.

    Aware of the connection to the progenitors, the Hermetic is happy to help. He falsifies a recording of a conversation between a Progenitor asset and the local prosecutor, in which he is giving up names in exchange for immunity, then hands it to the cop. The cop hands it over, in place of a real police file. The gang analyze the recording to the best of their ability, but they lack the advanced computer skills of the Hermetic. It is believed. They kill the Progenitors' asset.

    Expecting a bonus for plugging the leak and doing the killing far from the lab, the gang approaches the Progenitors with the file. The Progenitors explain that this recording can't be real. The asset was with them when the recording depicts him speaking to the prosecutor. The problem for the Progenitors is they don't record their drug manufacturing.

    After paying large sums of money to the cop, doing what they thought was an expert analysis of the tape and taking care of business, the gang is not ready to back down from their position. The prosecutor must have gotten to some of the Progenitors. Since they know the Progenitors can identify them as the asset's killer, they decide it's time for a round of questioning.

    Before they can pull their guns, the Progenitors calm the visitors with Magick, "No need for those, just hear us out.". The Progenitors' stories are consistent. The gang comes to realize they've been duped. Time to take the cop's wife hostage. After the gang leaves, the Progenitors start packing to move the lab.

    The Hermetic is perfectly camouflaged across the street, filming the Progenitors as they load up their vans. The tape in his hands is real. He's already recorded the gang coming and going from the meeting. With the use of digital fakery on the minds of both groups of criminals and a perfectly authentic tape banked for later, the Hermetic waits things out.

    The gang arrives at the cop's home address to find a sold sign. In the months that follow, one after another, the gang members disappear until no one connected to the lab remains. Higherups in the Technocracy decide running a drug lab is not what those Progenitors are best suited for. It's time for them to shed their bad resonance and cure some diseases.

    Some years later, the Hermetic is relaxing at the Chantry where the cop and his family have taken refuge. On the news, a story airs about a team of scientists close to a breakthrough on a drug treating a rare disease. The Hermetic recognizes one of the Progenitors. It's time to release the tape. He uploads it to the internet, anonymously.

    A scandal ensues. The Progenitors think back to the day they had to move the lab because of a fake recording. Having worked with the New World Order, they know that digital fakery is very advanced. They immediately call the authenticity of the recording into question, bringing in a technocratic EC TV-expert to cast the tape into doubt.

    Having no intention of holding up their search for a cure, the Hermetic and his stealthy Cabal infuse the broadcast with Mind Magick to help convince the public that the authentic recording is a super-high-tech fake. The Progenitors are free to return to the pharma-lab to finish their good work and the masses' belief in recorded evidence is further eroded. Next target: Syndicate Financier money launderers.

    I will be updating this post in the future with

    2. Countermeasures Military Technology (machines that disable or subvert other machines)

    3. Consulting the living memory of Life Mages and other long lived supernaturals (if you use crossover)

    4. The Spirit Sphere

    5. Time and Forces

    6. Time and Matter

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    Really interesting plot. I would like to learn more.


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      Maybe I'm being a bit dim today, I'm not sure how I see this in particular or deep fakes in general undermining the consensus. In fact, doesn't widespread acceptance of CGI and high quality of digital fakes make brining back the mythic age more difficult, not less?

      If a monster attack or magical battle is caught on live TV in the 1970s, it's much more likely to be believed than if the same thing occurs in the 2020s.
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        Originally posted by Alucard View Post
        Maybe I'm being a bit dim today, I'm not sure how I see this in particular or deep fakes in general undermining the consensus. In fact, doesn't widespread acceptance of CGI and high quality of digital fakes make brining back the mythic age more difficult, not less?

        If a monster attack or magically battle is caught on live TV in the 1970s, it's much more likely to be believed than if the same thing occurs in the 2020s.
        The strategy doesn't begin by trying to document and broadcast a supernatural event. It begins by calling into question ALL news, political media and any media content that supports a particular agenda over another. Look at how the term Fake News has become a default reference for mainstream media with their ratings in the toilet and the downvotes outnumbering likes. People don't trust corporate owned news outlets. That is just people distrusting the words being said by the news anchor. Imagine how little trust their would be if people begin to question the authenticity of footage - the images on their screen.

        The idea is to help the masses unlearn what they have been shown on television. Alternative ideas from the Traditions could be presented after the masses have recognized and rejected the Technocracy's propaganda.