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    Everett Volumes are Technocracy-speak for alternate timelines. Everything within a particular timeline, be it the physical universe, the Umbra, the Digital Web, the Mirror Zone, the Dreaming; everything exists within the same Everett Volume. Navigating to a different Everett Volume means moving to a different timeline with its own physical universe, Umbra, Zones, and what have you.


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      But how is that different from the Mirror Zone?

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        Etherites use the same Rote that VE do (same Spheres and general effect - different book), but w/o the Technocracy-speak. And in that Rote it's mentioned that it is possible that the spell actually allows to travel to a Mirror Zone

        VE book doesn't mention this, but I don't remember the book retconning it either. Ultimately, I think it's up to the ST's cosmology


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          Originally posted by Nitromidas View Post
          I've been thinking about points-of-divergence (POD) and points-of-convergence (POC) as key to travel between Everett Volumes. PODs are where a timeline splits, and by travelling back to that point (or generating one in the here/now) one can move from one to another. POCs are key events that happen in more than one timeline, causing them to "touch" for a moment. I'm picturing Gavrilo Princip's assassination of Grand Duke Ferdinand as a POC -- events in two timelines lead to the same point and anyone there who has the ability to step over to another timeline may do so.

          Here's what I've got on my drawing board:
          • Time 5 allows for time travel (back and forth).
          • Time 5/Spirit 3 for jumping laterally (stepping sideways) from one timeline to another.
          • Entropy 2 to follow a chain of events to a POD.
          • Either Time 3, Spirit 3, or Entropy 3 to choose a timeline moving away from a POD or a POC.
          Does this make sense? Am I overthinking it? Underthinking it?

          I think this is a good way of handling it. I think Entropy makes sense for POC, but time alone would be necessary for a POD. It does seem like there would be little need to use either one if your crew has easy access to Time 5.

          I'd consider adding POC that are not at the same moment in their respective timelines (for example, the first atomic weapon used in war, even if the reasons and centuries are different). That could add a level of complexity and understanding to each timeline.

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