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Primal Utility, Syndicate Producer investing in singer

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  • Primal Utility, Syndicate Producer investing in singer

    The NPC in this example is Syndicate - Media Control.

    The singer, herself, is a Mage. He isn't investing in one album. He is investing in her, over the long term. It's a long term production contract. She is the business. The idea is not giving her quint to use. The fact that she's a Mage isn't the focus of the question, but perhaps an important detail.

    1. Can he invest quint in her? Would this improve her live performance?

    2. If not, can he invest quint in a Sleeper-starlet?

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    She likely isn't the business, merely the center of the business. The business includes not just her, but also a number of people around her that support her as a singer.

    Also, I would see this as being less about Primal Utility, per se, and more about Management and HR, an Instrument that the Syndicate frequently employs to enhance the efficiency of those who work for them. The singer would be part of the team being enhanced.

    I'd treat this as Magick Enhancing Abilities, with the caveat being that the Abilities being enhanced are those of the team producing an album: employ the appropriate Spheres to Coincidentally improve the resulting performance, and the difficulty of that performance gets reduced.

    If you're thinking in terms of Primal Utility's ability to invest in a business and treat it as a Primal Venture, the Syndic doesn't invest Quintessence into a business; he invests time and/or money, basically doing something to enable the business: the bigger or more successful the business is, the more he has to invest in it. Primal Ventures aren't about putting Quintessence into the business; they're about harvesting Quintessence from the business: put Resources in, take Quintessence out. The Venture's rating is how much you can extract from it before the Venture suffers, much like you can only harvest so much Quintessence from a Node.


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      So, the complete mental deterioration of a star being widely publicized in tabloids is the consequence of the Syndicate Mage harvesting the quintessence from the venture. Just using Primal Utility, you can come up with self-contained stories.

      1. Syndicate Mage graduates training and goes off to start a venture.
      2. He develops personal connections with people - the human resources. He cares about them, to some degree. His relationship with one character features prominently.
      3. Convention bosses order him to extract all the Primal Value from the venture.


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        I think that to *cause* the mental deterioration of the star, Primal Utility would have to be harvesting Quint directly from the person, rather than from the Venture (there it's a rote to exploit workers 'til their healt deteriorates in Sindic. Revised - I guess it could be used on a singer). Now, if the mental deterioration was already happening, this being widely publicized could happen as a consecuence of taking Quint from the Venture, as long as it actually harms the business

        To take the Quint out of the Venture will hurt the business directly. To understand it in a conceptual way, you're taking the *value* out of the star career. Like the trend that allowed the singer to become popular fading, poor decisions being made, being overshadowed by a series of comercial failures...perhaps the star it's still capable of producing cuality content, but the career it's ruined anyway. At least until new energy enters the flow.
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          All that said, it will still ruin the singer's life; so the conundrum that was suggested can still apply, after a fashion.


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            Thanks. I understand Primal Utility better.

            Some thoughts:

            The reason I'm so centered on the singer, in this example, is that backup dancers can be replaced. Sound engineers and others also. You wouldn't replace the backup dancers often, because the training and choreography take time, but there are always people fresh from dance school eager to fill a role.

            The singer is the only person that Must be permanent throughout the venture. Besides the producer, she derives the greatest benefit from the venture while it is successful. She bears the greatest impact from the fall from stardom. Tabloids, I generally associate with NWO - Watchers.

            What the singer experiences at the end is a withdrawal effect from the abundance of attention she previously received. She is left to search for meaning and other forms of personal validation. She has, at least, quite a comfortable lifestyle. Recovery over time is possible.

            I could easily imagine a Syndicate NPC considering defection, if the extraction he's ordered to do is likely to harm people he has some connection to. Add to that "more than professional" relationships that sometimes happen in the industry and you have some serious internal conflict.

            Syndicate NPCs that are Human in their outlook toward other people and involved in creative endeavors are a requirement for the kind of chronicle I'm running. The reason being that Pentex-Type corporate psychopaths are in the background. If I don't provide some contrast, there are no difficult moral dilemmas for players when dealing with Money Mage$.


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              Well. Purposely ruining the career of someone it's a pretty bad thing to do. As stated, it can lead to a lot of suffering.

              Now, Syndicate agents usually harbor an elitist liberal philosophy.

              Playing with that: It could be worse if the agent believes the star deserved to have all that success, and he pretty much has come to steal it. Perhaps the star already was part of a low level Venture, with the potential to grow, before the agent got involved. The agent was tasked to make sure the Venture grows, but latter issued to sacrifice it.

              "Her life would have been better if we, if I, hadn't been involved" it's a very good reason to start having doubts about the wisdom of the organization
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