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Ecological Elite, a Macrotechnician luxury homebuilding firm

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  • Ecological Elite, a Macrotechnician luxury homebuilding firm

    This post is about depicting a Technocracy front company that builds sustainable luxury homes for wealthy, environmentally conscious clientele. If you are trying to tie characters and plot to physical structures and locations, I hope you find this to be a useful read. Feedback to improve the idea is most welcome. There are three parts to the post.

    1. Buyers: A brief overview of sustainability in luxury homebuilding and related issues, outside WoD. Here, I will discuss who would be clients of Ecological Elite.

    2. Builders: The Conventions and Methodologies of the Technocracy who would be involved in such a firm.

    3. Story Plots: Conflicts that might occur between characters. Ulterior motives of the Mages involved in Ecological Elite. I definitely want feedback about this part for my chronicle.

    Buyers: There has been a long record of superrich people building multiple huge mansions in different parts of the world, flying between them on corporate jets, often leaving one unoccupied for much of the year. It leaves me to wonder why homelessness exists, but that's beside the point. The consumption of the rich is having a disastrous impact on the Earth. The rich and famous are increasingly aware of their own public image as planet-eaters. Many have responded by investing in sustainable luxury homes that are energy self-sufficient and ecologically friendly. Sounds nice.

    The problem is something called Embodied Carbon. There is a fuel cost involved with taking the building materials from nature, refining them, transporting and finally assembling them as the eco-friendly luxury home. When someone builds a structure whose size is beyond what is necessary for their survival needs that is about wish-fulfillment, they are going to be subsidizing a lot of fuel consumption to make this happen.

    In an economic system that encourages the elite to grow their wealth exponentially, more and more people have to assume the role of impoverished members of an underclass. They cannot afford the dream of home ownership. Apartment dwellers can do little to make their residences ecologically sustainable. When the eco-mansions are shown on TV or Internet to the apartment dweller, the message they receive is that rich celebrities are virtuous people for having built them. Few are aware of the concept of embodied carbon. In the absence of important facts, the message is propagated that Wealth Equals Virtue. By comparison, lack of wealth is lack of virtue. If you can't afford to own your own home, you cannot live sustainably and lack virtue compared to the occupant of the eco-mansion.

    So, we have an image-conscious group of the superrich trying to impress everyone and declare their ecological virtue. What an interesting opportunity for the Technocracy...

    Builders: The main technocracy group who would be involved in this are Iteration X - Macro-technicians. They are one of the only methodologies for who creative work or art is implied by the role they fill. Although a Macrotechnician could simply replicate existing architectural models, I see a lot of room for dynamic avatar Mages with big ideas.

    The Progenitors - Applied Science might see this as an opportunity to make Sleeper Society connections useful for advancing an environmental agenda. I could see overlap with Ethical Compliance. FACADE might already have some assets in the celebritocracy, given their history of releasing clones of the most beautiful women in history during the rise of the film industry.

    Syndicate - Financiers would be fools to pass up the opportunity to invest in such a lucrative venture. besides capitol investment, what do the Syndicate have to offer? Media Control could enable a contest of virtue-signaling between rich and famous homebuilders vying for attention. Enforcers might contract ECs to service the guard towers of these gates mansions and use this as a literal backdoor into the lives of important Sleepers.

    Story Plots: The main conflict I see would be between those who see the venture only as a way to profit and control society and those who would try to realize the stated goal of sustainable development. Imagine the Syndicate wanting to pull quintessence out of the firm, just as Applied Science is nearing a breakthrough in fungal construction materials. If Wyrm Barrabi Syndicate corruption is a large part of your head-cannon, much fun can be had with Ecological Elite.

    Ideas, corrections, opinions?