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How to: Spider Climb

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  • How to: Spider Climb

    The spider climb spell in D&D does just what it sounds like: for the duration of the spell, the caster can walk on walls, ceilings, etc. in much the same way as Spider-Man. So which of the Arcana and at what level would allow that feat?

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    Well if you want to have the micro hairs just like spiderman you would need life. You could also do it either with forces or matter


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      That's a start, but what levels would be appropriate?


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        3? It's a minor adaptation but vulgar


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          For Forces, probably rank 2 or 3. With rank 2, you can TK (telekinesis) up to 150 lbs and can amplify or reduce a force such as gravity. With rank 3 Forces, you can negate a force or can create a force when combining with Prime 2. I'd probably allow Forces 2 in my game for a player with a sufficiently thoughtful paradigmatic explanation.

          For Matter, its a bit trickier. Matter 2/Prime 2 could create simple substances such as glue. Glue on the shoes that moves could give you wall crawling. Matter 2 also allows minor transformations of form--so you could make the wall a little more indented to have walking holes or transform what it was made of it was basically homogenous.Matter 3 can sculpt matter carefully or destroy matter.


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            Forces 2 not only allows for the negation of forces, but redirection. Ergo, walking on walls could be as simple as changing which direction gravity pulls the Mage. Making it so that "down" is always beneath the Mage's feet.

            While we're on the subject of Forces, Forces 2/3 could strengthen the power of surface tension. So if your hands and feet, and/or the climbing surface, are wet, they stick together. (I can't tell you how many times the coaster on my desk has been picked up by my cup, due to condensation, before popping off and clackering all over my desk.)

            Matter 2 can cause the surface the Mage is climbing on to be more tacky, becoming so when they press their body to it and reverting the moment they want to "unstick" to reach for the next hand/foot-hold.

            Matter 3 could instead selectively mold the climbing surface, creating and uncreating hand/foot-holds as needed.

            And naturally Life 3 can modify the body to better facilitate climbs. This could be claws, tiny hairs, or the climbing pads that some lizards possess.


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              For all we're talking physics, most Dreamspeakers and Verbena would just evoke spider spirits and get on with it. As a guy who mainly plays Hermetics, because they're focus is language and that's magical to me, I am okay with redirecting the force of gravity.
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