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  • Sharing Sphere perception


    Lets say I have Life 2 or 3 (I suppose 3) and any other Sphere in 1. Can I share with other person my Sphere perception?.

    Can I make someone perceive the infrared spectrum having Life 2/3 and Forces 1?
    Can I make people perceive superficial thoughts having Life 2/3 and Mind 1?
    Can I make someone see the Umbra having Life 2/3 and Spirit 1?

    And so on...?

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    Sharing perceptions is a Mind 2 effect plus the Spheres needed for the perception (normally 1, but some Spheres have higher level perception effects like Correspondence).

    You're expanding someone's mind, rather than physically altering them to sense things biologically.


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      I didnt express myself correctly.

      By "sharing", I meant making them perceive a Sphere (point 1) more like "Im enchanting your eyes so you can see Spirits like I do (even if Im not seeing them at the time)". In that case, is Mind still required?

      It wouldnt be "I want you to see what Im seeing right now" as much as "I want you to see something I can see, by yourself, for a limited time".


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        is Mind still required?

        Altering someone's perception requires Mind.

        Sphere 1 allows you to sense a sphere in the same way Sphere 2 allows you to excert minor control over that sphere. You can't just share *that* like it was an item, those are your powers and yours alone (barring incredibly rare & powerful mojo) - what you can do it's create conditions that would be similar to having said power, like when you create a Charm or when you use Mind + Sphere at 1 to alter someone else's perception

        HDYDT rules allow to share your sphere senses with only that Sphere at 1, IF the target it's willing and you're in direct contact. If it's unwilling, you need to add Mind 3. If it's not in direct contact, it requires Mind 2 (Corr just in case the distance it's larget than a yard or two)

        Now, this is trully odd. This won't be the first time in mage where a canon Effect can't be deduced from the general Sphere system. BUT this it's the one and only time where being "unwilling" to be at the bad end of a spell adds a Mind prerequisite. Or that not being in physical touch requires Mind. Weird rules, very weird.

        Also the wording to share with only the Sphere at 1 it's "the mage can...extend her perceptions to that other character", that would seem to indicate that you need to be seeing that too - explicitly not what you wanted.

        So I would go with Mind 2/3 that both makes more sense and isn't such a weird outlier
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          Now, while Mind it's the simplest way of doing this, I do think that you should be able to use Life + Sphere at 1 to give someone "supernatural eyes". Then again, these kind of things step on the territory of Prime 5 "living wonders", so I wouldn't make it cheap

          I think HDYDT has something to say 'bout this kind of things too (in the chapter about altering life),
          but don't remember what :P


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            You are right, Aleph. I see no reason - based on the current Sphere system - to let a mage share its Sphere at 1 with someone (willing or unwilling) only with that Sphere. I will go with Mind 2 as well.

            Thanks for the insight. Priceless as usual


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              Originally posted by Argonot View Post
              I didnt express myself correctly.
              Or I didn't, because I was responding to your intended meaning. As Aleph as confirmed, giving someone else a Sphere 1 sensory effect is a Mind effect.

              What's more weird is that's in M20 core as a Mind 2/[Sphere 1] effect in the sample effects (one of the reasons I was as certain about it as I was), and HDYDT rather drastically rewrote it (I have to admit I don't bother checking HDYDT for basic effects listed in core).