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Good Sphere Choices for my Paths?

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  • Good Sphere Choices for my Paths?

    If my sorcerer does awaken, I have been thinking of good spheres that fit my character's paradigm and paths. He currently has the path of Summoning/Binding/Warding as his primary path and he focuses on summoning angels and other celestials. He also has Fortune, Alchemy, Divination, and Conveyance. I was thinking his spheres would be Spirit, Prime, Entropy, Time, Correspondence, Matter and Life. Spirit is obvious, Prime, Matter, Life, and Entropy respresent his knowledge of alchemy and fortune.

    He views his alchemy as a mix of mystic science and herbalism. He creates potions and concoctions using herbs, minerals, etc. He enhances items by infusing them with mystic energy so they be unaturally hard and cause agg damage. He sees what he does as infusing the potions with energy. Thus, Prime is his primary outlook when it comes to the creation of potions,elixirs, and enhancing items structure. Matter and Life are just secondary spheres he would use for a certain creation.

    He views his path of Fortune as manipulating astrological and universal energies and the blessing/cursing lingers over the target for for a brief momemt or even generations. Thus it would be a mix of Prime and Entropy since he can make them long lasting.

    Divination and Conveyance obvious would be Time/Correspondence and Correspondence respectively.
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    Bear in mind that Prime isn't just about manipulating mystical energies. It's also about creating Wonders, whether or not mystical energies are involved (which is a question of Focus). So you're even more on the nose about Prime being the Sphere that would replace Alchemy. And you're also right about the secondary roles that Matter and Life would play.

    You might even look into the Wonder Spheres option in the Sons of Ether Tradition Book, where you can take some dots on a Sphere at half cost but only for the purpose of deciding what sorts of things your Wonders can do. If your Storyteller approves of that optional rule, that is.


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      Thanks, I will look into that Dataweaver!