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I need a Twelfth Sphere!

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  • I need a Twelfth Sphere!

    Basically, I am trying to set up a Space Opera with elements of the WoD. I am replacing Arete with the Mage the Dark Ages pillars only my pillars are based on the classical planets, the sun and the moon. I'm keeping the nine Spheres in regular Mage:tA and adding the Spheres of Society and Information (not the Sphere of Data, that's very different). Now, because I want twelve spheres for the Zodiac signs, what should the Twelfth Sphere be?

    Thank you ahead of time.

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    Well if it's a space opera just call it Void, what it does I have no idea


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      If Space Opera is still going to have Spirit as a viable Sphere, you could just pull from Awakening and split Entropy into Fate and Death.


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        I'll echo Heavy Arms : do what Awakening did and split Entropy into Fate and Death.

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          Why not work backwards? Assign a sphere to a zodiac Sign. See which Signs you have left over and then what symbolism accompanies that sign.