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    Aren't optimal spheres about what kind of game/campaign your PC is in and how you want to play them? A streetwise grifter type would do well with Mind 2, Prime 2, and Entropy 2. They'd be a mind reading luck twister. A Stormwarder with the Five point merit ( a character with the ability to cross to the Urmbra unscathed and take those with them safely) would be well served by Spirit 3 and Prime 3. A PC with the right blend of Life and Prime is a healer. A traveler with Correspondence 3 can see the world. Either Mind 3 to understand people, or Entropy 3 to have luck at your beck and call, will help you survive the world.
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      Optimal characters in videogames often aren't those that are good at everything, but rather those that excel at some kind of activity. That's why you have roles like "the tank", "the healer", "DPS" - Under that logic, probably the best way to protect your user-avatar it's to chose a set of things you want to excel at, and co-op with people that can compliment your weaknesses


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        So, what do you think would be more potent, and in tune with the character:
        • Correspondence 3, Entropy 1, Mind 1, Prime 1
        • Correspondence 3, Mind 3

        I just got tempted by the traveller concept exposed by Astromancer but also what Dataweaver and Heavy Arms said about fighting fair.
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          I'd personally take the 3/1/1/1 spread... those are basically the three best level 1 picks for raw utility. Mind 3 is good, and does a lot of potent things, but Corr 3 should be enough to keep your PC safe while you raise other things.