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Quick question about locking effects

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  • Quick question about locking effects


    If I want to lock any given effect in an inanimate object...would that be Matter 2? Or should I requiere to elevate the levels of Matter according to the complexity of the aforementioned object?

    If I want to lock any given effect in a human...would that be Matter 2 or 3? (considering 3 is what you need to affect another pattern).

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    Locking an effect to a human requires Life.
    According to the Common Magickal Effects Chart, this simply requires Life 2 - see "Invisibility on Living Being" on page 609 of Mage 20 core.
    The described combo locks the invisiblity field onto a living thing, instead of having the Mage need to concentrate on actively moving the field with the living being - so we can presume Life 2 for any kind of living pattern when it comes to locking on an effect.

    Given this independence of locking on to a living target from the complexity of said living thing, we can prrrrrobably presume that Matter 2 is enough as well when it comes to dead matter, independent of the complexity of the object to lock the effect on.

    And then likewise Mind 2, Spirit 2 and Forces 2 in order to lock an effect on to those.
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      I just found this on How Do You Do That?

      "Turning yourself invisible is pretty easy (Forces 2), but cloaking a helicopter with invisibility and silence demands Forces 4, plus a Matter 4 effect that locks the cloak into place" (p.34)

      Now Im confused. I thought Matter 2 would have been enough to cloak a vehicle.


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        There are a number of decisions in HDYDT that I disagree with; this is one. Cloaking a helicopter should arguably require more successes than cloaking yourself; and there is precedent for “do unto others” to require a higher level than “do unto thyself”. But two more levels? And Matter 4? That's excessive.


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          You are absolutely right. I will play it that way.