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Temporis vs time sphere debacle

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  • Temporis vs time sphere debacle

    I have a campaign that I'm writing for that players veto'd mage since its super complicated. But short and sweet I got a new batch of players so I can add mage shennanigens in my multi supernatural world i've created.

    A major plot in the matter is that the setting is influenced heavy by a massive time loop. Deja vu runs rampant. People are misbehaving and acting amiss (cause they should be dead but arent). Etc etc.

    I had a player wanting to play a true brujah vampire with temporis. As you know he would start being able to sense time dilations so his spidey sense should ideally go off 24/7. But how would you compare time sphere magic against temporis if the situation ever comes into play?

    Other supernatural time manipulation factors are in play too. So feel free to describe those as well.

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    As with all Spheres, Time begins with sensory effects. A mage with Time 1 should also be getting the sense that something's wrong with the flow of time, though it might take a ritual effect (that is, a bunch of successes) to determine just what's going wrong.

    Actually manipulating the flow of time requires more dots.


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      Indeed. Essentially *having* Time 1 would allow the Mage to sense that "something is going on". Just that vibe nagging at the back of their head, probably causing repeated perception + awareness (not alertness) rolls over time. Without really needing to see a Deja Vu or anything themselves.

      Then, an actual roll of Arete using Time 1 might net a few successes and they'd probably see time getting distorted - a confirmation of their earlier suspicions. But a couple of successes with that big of an effect going on would be akin to suddenly being able to see air move while being inside a hurricane.

      To get the overall picture, as Dataweaver said, they'd probably need a pile of successes - and even then, depending on the complexity of what's going on, gaining really good insight of what's happening at the place they are at might not give a complete overall picture yet.

      Time 2 then would allow them to see into the past and future (the latter to a certain unreliable degree...). Or, in this case, they might use it to see how time at a spot was distorted (or non-distorted) in the past, and how it *might* be distorted in the future.

      Time 3 would allow the Mage to stretch/speed up and condense/slow down time around them (or roll it back a couple turns) - maybe at least temporarily trying to slow or speed up the effects of whatever is going on where they're at, but it's not until Time 4 or 5 where the Mage would be able to possibly permanently normalize things again at a location or as a whole - but possibly not without some serious investigation into the matter.

      Ultimately it might be easier to remove the source than fight the symptom either way, and I have a feeling that's where your campaign is heading
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