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Dark Ages Mage Fellowships, in the Modern Day.

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  • Dark Ages Mage Fellowships, in the Modern Day.

    So, perhaps an odd scenario. But let's say that, hypothetically, the Order of Reasons efforts resulted in no fundamental change to the way magic works. You still have the Fellowships, their Foundations, and Pillars in the modern day.

    What kind of setting would we be looking at as a result?

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    I feel like the Monotheistic churches of the world would be even more powerful due to the messianic voices.
    And the valdearmen would be pretty busy murdering any fascists and nazists who would dare use their faith.


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      Does the OoR's lack of changes mean they never move past their own pre-SC Foundations/Pillars as well?


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        Well, you'd be limited to Euro-Arabic mystical groups and generic "Spirit Talkers" from around the world. Probably very little in the way of technomagic. None of the Fellowships really have much reason to work together. It would really be the sort of thing were Mages are a lot like what was presented before Mage came out. An Order of Hermes much like what was described in early Vampire stuff as essentially the Tremere but still human, an Old Faith that are no longer such an anachronism but are still more at home in Changeling and certain early Werewolf material, Spirit Talkers that are Werewolf human allies, and Messianic Voices that are probably part of the Inquisition. Then two groups that are fairly rare outside their geographic home areas. It'd be interesting, but ultimately they'd be a sub-game the way 1st ed Mummy and Hunters Hunted were.
        Probably make an interesting STV project. 🤔 WoD: Order of Hermes for Vampire 1st ed and so forth.
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