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Consensus: “Rules” to live by

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  • Consensus: “Rules” to live by

    I was gonna make a poster of semi plot driven rules of the universe. Such as:
    “A person can only be at one place at any given time.”
    “What comes up must come down.”
    “Nothing is destroyed, merely converted to something else.”
    “Nothing is created, merely converted from something else.”

    What other types of rules would you post?

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    When you say semi- plot driven, is this a specific plot? What is the purpose of these rules? That will determine a lot about what gets listed.

    Mage: The Ice-ension: An Epic Game of Reality on the Rink


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      Without giving too much away there is time travel involved. Therefore someone or some people are in the same time at different places. As a result in this instance someone is breaking 3 of these rules, from a certain perspective.

      I would like to throw red herrings too.


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        Well time travel breaks one or two of the classics:

        There are no do overs
        No take backs

        There's also some basic rules about solid things being solid, light casting shadows, etc.

        You might also consider throwing some folk wisdom rules in, such as:

        Home is where the heart is

        Of course, how inviolable these rules are is up to you. I think Mage generally takes the approach of the hidden rule: If you do any of these things, don't get caught.

        Mage: The Ice-ension: An Epic Game of Reality on the Rink