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    If anyone is interested, I'm writing a fork of Mage. It will be a game you can even play by yourself. I'm looking for writers and artists! I have everything up on my webpage...

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    I have no idea what you're webpage is.


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      The site can be found here:

      So basically I am creating my own "spheres" called "powers", and there are 12 of them. There are also 12 different "arete" advantages called "wisdom". Each of those only really works for just one of the "powers: I've also come up with my own set of abilities. The site lets you generate a character but its not quite done. The idea is you can make regular journal entries, and will get experience every week or so for staying active. Then you can also use the character to play your own games with a group as usual. Its going to be a hub for characters so they can be re-used and verified.