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Animating Inanimate Objects?

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  • Animating Inanimate Objects?

    A technomancer shoots a strange green beam at a refrigerator, causing it to warp, twist, disassemble and reconfigure itself into a 6 ft tall killing machine that can be directed by the caster.
    How do you do this, and what are the thing’s stats?

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    Matter 4, for the complex transmutation + Forces 3/Prime 2, because you don't want it to shut down once the plug gets disconnected

    As for the stats. I don't think there's any hard rule about this, so you would have to invent something.

    Some ideas:

    If NPC it's doing this (with a Wonder, perhaps), you could just set the stats to be whatever seems appropiate.

    If it's a mage casting on the fly, I would say it has only phisical Attributes, and get one dot per success to spread among these. Since the mage it's in control, I would argue that the Skills used for attacks are those of the mage.

    Damage would depend also on what weapons does it have (I think you could addapt the Damage chart here, give 2 dice per success to make weapons)

    If M20, you could use the table of breaking stuff to determine how hard it's to destroy the robot, instead of giving it HP and Stamina (in it's base, it starts as hard as a fridge), then the mage can increase the durability as with any object pouring successes there. Otherwise you would have to determine how many "HP" has a fridge.