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    Originally posted by Ambrosia View Post

    M20 hides an important fact about Correspondence-on-its-own it in the paragraphs in the Correspondence section before the actual individual levels get described: You *only* need to use other patterns with Correspondence, if you *don't* work with whole patterns, or when doing something else than actual physical touch across distance:

    So technically you can even teleport other people without Life by literally reaching across and physically pulling them through. Same for the cards.
    The thing is that the write-up of Correspondence 2 has it:
    By adding Life or Matter to Rank 2 Correspondence, the
    mage can grasp small items or organisms (housecat-sized or
    smaller) and then pull them through tiny holes in space. This
    lets her snatch business cards, guns, rabbits, and such from
    another location, apparently pulling them out of nowhere

    So it is or it is not needed the usage of Matter/Life to transport whole patterns?


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      Originally posted by Muad'Dib View Post
      (This is more stealing than making money.) Stand near an ATM, use Mind 2 to check for persons with the biggest allowances on their bank cards. Then use Mind 2 to read the PIN numbers of the bank cards, and Correspondence 2 to steal the cards.
      This is so simple and easy that it feels like the Syndicate should have some means of punishing overuse of such a magickal heist. It is within their purview, after all.
      If Ambrosia interpretation is correct, you don't need Mind nor taking the cards, you can just look at the ATM and take the money from it. Far safer and less interaction with people.


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        Originally posted by AscentionTheMage View Post
        I'm looking for ways to make money in mage, especially if it involves using spheres. Post all the ways all of y'all can think of down below.
        Depending on which spheres and what rating are you limiting it.

        Mind 3 makes you the best translator, life-coach, psychologist and confidence trickster in the world.

        Nearly every sphere makes you rich at level 5, since you can make money with it directly, or charge another mage for services rendered.


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          Originally posted by lbeaumanior View Post

          The thing is that the write-up of Correspondence 2 has it:

          So it is or it is not needed the usage of Matter/Life to transport whole patterns?
          Personally I'd go by the paragraph. It gives Correspondence on its own more utility, and it makes sense.

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            I'd combine Forces 5 and Finace: manipulate weather patterns and profit of manipulating the weather futures market.


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              Originally posted by Kharnov View Post
              Matter 2 lets you turn lead into gold. Matter 2 or 3 + Prime 2 will literally allow you to "make money," although making gold and selling it is again probably easier than making good counterfeits.

              I've seen this question come up once or twice before, and the mountain of possible answers is endless. I have one or two related questions to maybe throw out there for consideration as well.

              I think when asking "how can a Mage make money with Magic," you maybe need to start with the question of whether they are looking for a one-time expenditure or a steady income? The former is something a Mage might just pull out of their rear occasionally as the plot demands, but the latter probably ought to be represented on a character sheet in the form of a Resources Background. If one chooses to go that route, a more specific question emerges: what is the minimum number of Spheres required to easily maintain the income represented by X Resources dots? That question can be further conditioned with time constraints (how can someone who just learned magic go from poor to rich, Resources 5, ASAP?) or moral/legal considerations.

              As a related question, how inclined would any potential Storytellers reading this be to allow a "magical bank robber" to treat their escapades as a casual-downtime kind of employment, versus something that the character would actually have to roleplay and potentially risk failure at every once in a while? Half the examples that tend of come up in these conversations seem to involve robbery of some kind, so I'm kind of curious to see how much it might be regarded as a "downtime" activity versus something the player is actually expected to, you know, play out.
              Can you use the spheres to make Cryptocurrency?


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                Originally posted by AscentionTheMage View Post

                Can you use the spheres to make Cryptocurrency?
                With a fitting paradigm? Definitely. That goes for anything, relaly.
                The VA's and Iteration Xers that use 'Data' instead of Correspondence probably are tinkering with the stuff. Combine Data (logical connections) with Forces (Electric/Magnetic storage) and Mind (Logical coherence) and a heavy Digital Web paradigm focus and it then all boils down to Computer knowledge of the Mage.

                That said:
                It'd be hard to just make them pop up by the gazillions.
                The problem (or good thing) is that cryptocurrencies heavily rely on the global check and balances that is some sort of distributed BlockChain - i.e. they can't just fill their digital wallet with a billion cyberbux. The 1's and 0's of cryptocurrency do not work like that because of the very 'crypto' part. The generation of new coins relies on cryptographic deciphering.
                What they could do is accelerate the cryptographic mining on their side - algorithmically mine new coins on their trinary computers way faster than anybody else, and then distribute the updated blockchain results.

                TL;DR: Accelerate mining with Data/Forces/Mind.

                Sudden insane mining from a single source beyond what's 'normal' on the high end would definitely get the attention of folks like the Syndicate. The wrong kind of attention.
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                  ON the crypto currency front, you could make silly money by buying access to the wallets of those that have forgotten their password. This is apparently a thing and there are billions in bitcoin sitting in wallets that people can no longer access. So set up a company, approach these people and offer them access for half of the contents. Use entrophy to crack the password, and theres your cash.


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                    On the correspondence matter;

                    no other spheres are needed IF ALL YOU ARE DOING IS TOUCHING IT AT A DISTANCE.

                    you could poke / lift/ move the card or money at a distance just using correspondence. With no obstructions you could probably lift it through the air towards yourself.

                    actually teleporting the object however is doing something other than touching it - therefore it requires the necessary pattern sphere as well.

                    just using correspondence you would basically be picking their pocket as normal, just from a distance


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                      Creating something of value to the world. This could be a sculpture inspired by understanding matter and space. Start an architectural firm. I would be far more proud to disclose this at the the chantry than having used my superior perception to rip off sleepers, tempting as that may be.

                      I might want to invest in an African country, since the economy of the continent is the fastest growing in the world. Negotiate huge development contracts and make money by raising land values. For a dry coastal country, build a desalination plant with graphene filters. Use Prime and Matter to invent ones that produce even larger quantities of fresh water. Turn a desert into lush agricultural land. Add a forest.


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                        Originally posted by Furoan View Post

                        Though you should be careful with this method. While it is not universal, in the US at least your required to present yourself to receiving your winning and wouldn't it be a shame if there was an Extraordinary Citizen or Syndicate member there ready to see if you're a Mage when you turn up to get your hundred million. (Honestly, I can just see the NWO and the Syndicate laughing at how easy this is as every mage decides to win the lottery and then get picked up. The Tradition Mages probably have to slap the young kids newly Awakened upside the head telling them not to be idiots.)
                        In Austria and Germany Lotterie only requires you to fill out the shine and go there with the ticket so if you ask a family member to do a tip with before prepared numbers that play for you regulary or mayby just ask a friend to go to the gas station and fill it and then do 50:50 will work.

                        As I am from Austria I need to clarify two things.
                        First my native language is german and so please point out if the english I write is broken so I can improve.
                        Second I do not own VTMV nor any line after M20 because it is not out there and I wait for the translation.


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                          *takes a swig*

                          Join the Syndicate

                          Make lots of Dosh.

                          Profit! (As the Syndicate paradigm dictates!)

                          Other than that, must we put down safe methods? After all, a lot of power is invested within the NWO and Syndicate to track down mages that are doing precisely this, and their power is centered mostly around the western world and those that accept their worldview.

                          I say that the best way to use our powers is as a method of finding rare, weird, and strangely specific things that aren't mass produced, and then procure it for them through the internet and our own delivery system, with extra money for more specificity and speed of delivery. You can do wonders with the sheer flexibility of spheres and the powers Entropy and Correspondence.


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                            Making gold is silly for anything more than a quicl bucl fpr a variety of factors. It would surely be better to make fine art and use mind to trick folks into thinking its valuable right?

                            best thing would be to make a stock trading ai augmented by spheres.

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                            There's more coming soon. Pay what ya want.


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                              Stocks. Antiques. Homeopathy. Private investigator, a la Harry Dresden. Coroner. "Psychic." Professional athlete/fighter. Journalist. Computer programmer. Taxi driver. Crafter. Yoga teacher. Social worker. Artist. Author. Prostitute. Treasure hunter. Tour guide. Banker. Brewer. TV show/radio host. Teacher. Librarian. Postal worker. Pizza delivery. Actor. Director. Con artist. Assassin. Landscaper. Real estate.

                              Probably anything you can imagine someone doing for money, even low-level applications of Spheres can make a Mage better than the average person at almost any job they can imagine. Whatever job your Mage might want, they will almost certainly be able to push their way into the industry, even if they have to oust some Sleeper competition along the way. And just being remarkably, but not outrageously, better at some random job you enjoy that pays well is far less likely to be noticed by the Technocracy than some get-rich-quick scheme that they are far more likely to have on their radar.

                              Which is why I said before that this conversation needs some kind of qualification. What Spheres? How much money do you want to make? How quickly?

                              On the subject of making money, can a Mage do it?