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    I'm building a single player online mage game. Right now it lets you make a mage character and saves your character sheet on the server. My idea is to let people journal their own single player mage adventures however they want & earn XP doing it for their daily activity. Then they will have a verified character they can play anywhere else. If anyone thinks this is interesting I could use some partners. Check it out @

    Also my Mage game uses a different magic system and abilities.

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    Is there a place to explain how all this works? Your sphere magic system is kinda a mess.


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      Yes. The Spheres are called Powers now, and instead of using Arete, you use different Wisdoms. Each Power has a Wisdom connected to it. If you click on the power or wisdom it takes you to a page explaining what it is / does.


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        Being able to solo play anything is excellent!

        But if you changed the rules how does this generate "a verified character" portable to other games?

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          Erinys, I had not thought of that, and I will change it. Would you like to work with me?