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Mages Entering The Dreaming?

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  • Mages Entering The Dreaming?

    Besides Spirit 5, what spheres would it take for a Mage to enter the Dreaming from Changeling The Dreaming, either just via dreams, or to physically cross over entirely? Could Mind 3 and Spirit 3 allow for it?

    I’m a writer. A storyteller. They’re my passions. They’re what I do. The stories I tell, they are my mythologies. Like the Norse tales of Odin, Thor, and Loki, or the Celtic fables of Lugh or Cú Chulainn, I want them to be the kind that people retell. They are the legacies I wish to leave behind.

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    See M20 p.101: “Maya, the Dream Zone”. It indicates that entering the Dreaming is a very specialized trick that few know the secret of. Book of Worlds says:
    The easiest way to reach the Maya is, of course, by going to sleep. Naturally, as a mage, you will want more detailed travel plans, so I advise those of you who wish to reach the Maya on your own to practice meditation. Once you achieve the right state of mind, you may enter the space between dreams, the Near Dreaming.

    Walking into a dream is always harder than drifting into it through sleep. Some shamans can wander into the Maya in spirit form, but most of us remain on this side of the Big Dream until we slumber. Those who specialize in mental magicks can send their minds into this Zone through astral travel. From their bodies, they reach up and out, sweeping into the astral sky and heading for the moon. As the clouds unfold them, the dreampaths open.
    So in brief, all you need is Mind •••• to engage in Astral Travel. Then you “fly toward the Moon” until pathways to the Dreaming start to appear. (I'd be willing to alter the destination; what matters is “once you're traveling in the Astral realms, look for ‘dreampaths’ that will take you to the Dreaming”.)


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      The Dreaming from Changeling is not the same as the Maya Dream Zone. The two are quite different. While that advice is correct on entering actual dreams, to enter the realm of the Changelings requires something different. Basically, a Mage needs to be Enchanted by a being of the Fae to be able to perceive the Near Dreaming. This can be done by a few different methods, usually by actual feeding/implanting Glamour into someone, even a Mage. There might be a way for a Mage to convert Quint into Glamour to allow self-Enchantment, but I'm not sure how. Some older sources suggest that Dreamspeakers could enter the Dreaming without help, but the actual mechanics escape me. Anyway, as long as someone is enchanted, they can stay in the Dreaming and even travel as far as the Far Dreaming, but only Changelings and other Fae beings can go to the Deep Dreaming. There is some connection between the Dreaming and the Maya, but the actual "how-tos" are left vague.



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        Book of Worlds, p.77:
        speak to me of raindrops and I'll sell you a migraine. Breathe in my ear and I'll vomit forth rainbows in which all the wisdom of Greece can be heard. Confused? Get used to it. If you venture forth into the Dreaming, you must accustom yourself to contradictions.

        You have already visited the Dreaming many times; perhaps the adventures you had there seemed beyond your control, or perhaps you have already learned the ways of what mortals call “lucid dreaming”, the art of moving yourself through the Maya with conscious deliberation rather than instinct. Maybe you have even accomplished the astral visitation known as hayimn, where your mind seeps across the barriers of other sleeping minds and steps into a communal Realm. Or possibly the fae have invited you on one of their mad dances, intoxicating you just enough to share the wellspring of their nature. And, of course, you have read books. Many books. And in each book lies the seedlings of a dream.
        Page 79:
        The “Geography” of the Dreaming

        Trying to place borders on the maya, I've encountered the same difficulties that other authors doubtless found in their own sections: the Realms that I describe refuse to conform to static boundaries. Therefore, take what I say with salt; your adventures there will depend upon your imaginations, not on my descriptions.

        First of all, the dreaming exists as an independent reality (a Zone ), tied to the umbrae and the material world by slender threads indeed. In its nearest contact, it hugs the waking world in a chimerical reality that the fae consider home. While those with faerie sight can see the wonders that surround them — a path of gold across a busy intersection, a dragon's grotto inside and abandoned warehouse — most morsels, even mages, remain blind to such wonders.

        This first layer, called by some the Near Dreaming, resembles the Penumbra of the spirit worlds, but exists apart from it. The energy of this “realm,” called Glamour by the changelings, shapes imagination into magics and creatures that few human eyes can see. These creations — cantrips and chimera, respectively — have power only over those who can perceive them.
        M20 p.101:
        the fae-folk supposedly share a common tie to the Dream Zone, which they refer to as The Dreaming. The realm of changeling magic, their vision of that Dreaming consists of a Near Dreaming — essentially the Dream Penumbra — and the Far Dreaming, which resembles an obscure version of the Middle Umbra… and might, in fact, be part of it. Most of us, however, entry the Maya almost every time we sleep.
        The Maya was clearly intended to be Changeling's Dreaming, at least originally. I vaguely recall a reference somewhere saying that it isn't; but I've been unable to find it. Conversely, I've found a lot of references that use Maya, the Dream Zone, and the Dreaming of the fae/changelings interchangeably.