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    Hey guys, I'm storytelling a Campaign and I want to implement Minor Spheres. One of the PC's has already done a really good write up for minor Sphere of fire and I found that acceptable. This gave me the Idea of creating a minor sphere of light. I asked this in a different post but, I would like some Ideas or a simple write up of what light can do. This is mostly the real life Qualities of Light and the type of effects that can be accomplished. So far, the Pc's have met an Orphan who for as much as they've seen, only has the sphere of Light or uses light related effects. So, one of the Pc's have taken a somewhat interest in this and wants to learn some of these abilities from the NPC. I decided that I want a formal write up for this to make it part of the campaign so I need your help. I read a thread on the Machine Sphere and found that really interesting and would want something thats like that. Also, Aleph gave me some basics of what Light can do at each level so any help will be greatly appreciated.

    Also I know most of the effects can be accomplished by Forces but, that requires other spheres.

    Personal Light Minor Sphere:
    *Sense Light, Light as Fuel

    * * Mold Light, Snatch Light
    * * * Transmute Minor light sources, Walk Through light
    * * * * Embody light, Extract Fuel.

    Sense Light: As the mage begins to work with light and light sources as an awakened tool, she learns how best to find light close to her, and knows where a light source is strongest; she knows what conditions will produce a stronger source of light, and can predict how light will interact with its surroundings. With a little effort, a mage could sense a goon's lamp or flashlight through a wall, or sense how strong a light source is or what gives it the energy to radiate light. With a lot of effort the mage could home in on which house object or person is giving off a shadow or light, or predict where a light source will become active or when a strong light source begins next. The mage may be able to tell what will happen with enough successes, but cannot yet interact with or exaggerate light. System: As entropy 1 and forces 1, only for Light and Light Sources.

    Blood as Fuel: The Orphan must seek to test her limits to better understand how to better her survival. After all, the streets are an unforgiving place and without a mentor, it's almost impossible to survive. bettering herself through surpassing boundaries and understanding those boundaries. One such boundary, pain, has intimate ties with fire or light. With a basic understanding of the metaphysics of light and her own pattern, the Orphan can rip quintessence from her own patterns to fuel her light. While not many Orphans regardless of how strong or independent, can bring themselves to withstand the sheer agony of inflicting such their entire pattern for an effect, those that do earn respect of apprentice and master alike. System: As Hearts Blood, but for light effects only.

    Mold/Shape Light: With enough practice and enough patience, the initiate of light may learn the staple effect of the light sphere: shaping light. While not knowledgeable enough to channel or change large sources of light, the mage can shape flames of about her own size, divert attacks against her pattern, and walk through any reasonable source of light without discomfort and appear elsewhere. With twin applications of the effect, a mage can even turn parts of her body into light while remaining unscathed. Assailants tend to grapple less when one is made of light. System: Forces 2 but light only.

    Snatch Flame: As the mage progresses with her studies, Light becomes more and more malleable in the hands of the initiate. With a little extra effort, a mage can call light to herself no matter the distance. They have achieved enough control to remove space from the equation, instead relying on their familiarity with the particular source of light. Their own familiar light source[Focus, Light bulb. Flashlight] can be called from almost anywhere, while a street on a street they've only walked down once could take some time to call. Clever mages keep light anywhere they go especially at home, so that they are never without their favorite force. System: As Correspondence 2 but with light only.

    Transmute Minor Flames: Not content to only shape light, a disciple of light can convert forces around him into her natural sphere. While more strenuous then merely channeling existing light, this obviously allows the mage more leeway in his effects. The disciple does not have the refined discipline required to convert giant amounts of energy into light, he can control around his own sizes light or light sources if he wishes. This, however, tends to almost always be vulgar. System: forces 3, only for light.

    * * * * Embody Light: The caster at this level of the sphere has learned enough about how light interacts meta-physically that he may transmute his body into pure light. The same effort the body puts into keeping itself alive is now put into keeping his light source alive, and the new shape the body forms is no longer conformed to a strict humanoid structure as it was as a life pattern. The mind remains intact, and the light that makes up the core of the caster can morph to any shape the mind desires with additional uses of the equivalent of a forces 2 effect, but most mages find that remaining in human form easier to keep track of (mind 1 might need to be employed for a form with extra limbs or other stranger alterations, for the mental effort of manuevering them). The new form taken by the mage's body doesn't necessarily grant any benefits other than that properties of light grant. Forces or time magick would be required to gain extra speed or extra uses of limbs, and wings would not grant flight unless other effects were applied to do so. A person in light form may also subsitute forces dots for life dots when trying to meet the requirements to heal themselves, as long as it meets the requirements of what is capable within the forces sphere as well, with additional spheres as needed. Turning one's self to light causes all damage from brawl to turn lethal and a gain of automatic initiative and aggravated against vampires. The mage may swap out they're brawl dice for melee if they can manage to get off a forces 2 effect to mutate their form. Unfortunately, a mage may not move objects while in light form unless materialized or if a body part is materialized once more.[Done through a forces 2 effect] Not only would they object fall through the mage, it would gain great radiance. This makes it extremely hard for mages to get through doors, or walk around wooden buildings, forests, or really anywhere with flammable materials everywhere. If the door in question is burnable, the mage could burn through the door if they wished, slip through cracks in or around the door, or magick it open without calling great attention to herself or her form. Rooms with no source of light are almost very difficult to get through. Any damage that would not make sense in harming a regular do no harm as bats, swords, bullets and claws pass right though the mage. Materials or methods that would normally extinguish a light source deal aggravated damage, such as darkness, or any other esoteric element, and should be hard to soak, even if the mage has some protection against the method (at storytellers consideration). The Darkness or element required to remove the light from the mage would have to be considerable, but it is ultimately up to the storyteller.

    I don't know for ***** Also guys any help or any write up you do will be heavily appreciated. This is just a model I took from one of my Pc's Write up for Fire.

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    Bumping the thread


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      Well, 1rs some observations.

      "walk through any reasonable source of light without discomfort and appear elsewhere" (from level 2)seems like a conditioned form of teleportation. I think that it's too powerful for a level 2. Even Correspondence (which it's all about travel) needs to be at 3 for self teleportation. Snatch Flame it's ok.

      It seems weird that, for a sphere that specializes in Light, you need Forces to heal your "body of light". Shouldn't this sphere be enough? . I find bizarre that your body of light would need Forces 2 at all. Light Sphere should be able to supplant Forces 2.
      The way you developed the sphere seems to put in play lots of different concepts. I think that a revision of these concepts it's instrumental to define what can you do in each level.

      It's interesting that the creation of ilusions and invisibility (which it's the main focus of Forces 2, light manipulation) isn't mentioned. It's not necessarily wrong, as your minor sphere might be conceptually opposed to ocultation and/or wiles. Nevertheless, it's something to note.

      The sphere seems to deal with transportation and shapeshifting as much, if not more, than about the "physical properties" of light (such as color or intensity).

      1 thing I don't understand it's the justification of Blood as Fuel. And the fact that a relationship of "light" and Quintessence it's never mentioned again in the Sphere. I strongly recomend either dumping that power, or to elaborate why that power works, and how such property can be permuted in other forms of magick, even using other levels

      Some ideas for the level 5:

      Into the Light (the mage can transmute others into light. The mage must choose if he want's to give a coherent and stable "body of light" to the reciver of this power, or if he want's to transmute it into bodiless light. If the mage chooses the second, then the victim's body wouldn't be able to preserve it's coherence without the help of the mage, dispersion and dying almost instantly)

      Massive Light Transmutation: Forces 5 with light alone. The mage can potentially turn night into day.

      Supernatural Light: Altering the properties of light beyond what's normal possible, the mage can create solid light, or light that travels slow. The mage can create a source of light that it's both coherent and can illuminate permanently without fuel. With other spheres, the mage can create light with supernatural properties, such as light that dispels magic (with Prime) or that reveals the truth (with mind or Entropy). It's like Matter 5, but with Light

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        I quite like this idea, i've been thinking a lot about making a character using minor spheres. The idea was about a Chorister or a Templar who uses only but the Light Sphere because of a Blessing by the True Light, therefore being its herald against the darkness, or so called darkness. This character, a woman, would have a very strict code of honor which relates both to her faith and Blessing alike. And her primary objective to Hunt down Lassombras so It'd makes sense lore and systemwise.
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