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The collected Fiction Inspirations for Mage: The Ascension

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    Netflix show "The OA".

    (The following may count as spoilers if you still want to watch the show.)

    A Maverick Progentior is studying Near Death Experiences. His work starts to veer into the realm of Dimensional Science, so he starts carrying it out in secret at his home.
    He follows the news for examples of those who gain strange powers, like heightened senses or special talents after experiencing an NDE.
    The people he finds are newly awakened Orphans. He captures them and holds them prisoner in the basement of his remote home for years, running experiments on them to try and figure out what happens to the soul during death, and ultimately searching to prove conclusively that there is an afterlife.

    While captured, the Orphans come to terms with their situation and slowly teach each other how to harness their powers, forming a new Craft which is part Shamanism, and part Hermetic style Angel communication, with a little bit of Astral Projection thrown in for good measure. Their primary practices are an elaborate series. All of this is witnessed by the Progenitor who also starts to practice their methods as he gets further and further away from the Technocratic ideal.

    As happens in the show, one of these Orphans escapes back to their home town and recruits a number of local kids to try and teach them their craft. She hopes to use Astral Projection to try and find them and rescue them from the Progenitor's prison.
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    Keepers of the Wyck: A Chronicle I'm running UPDATE Chapter 26: Towers of Glass


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      So, one of my friend's keeps on telling me that Hunter X Hunter is basically mage the ascension.. i didnt paid much attention until i saw THIS! (spanish dubs) basically, the king of a race fights the leader of an organization. the leader is using katas and pranas based on peace and understanding to show the villian the beauty of the world. he summons a MULTIPLE ARM DEIDITY TO FIGHT AS AN EXTENSION OF HIS OWN WILL!
      and at the end of the fight he "Sacrifices" his "Goodness" to tell the villian "Humanity cant be stopped... Humans are unstoppable." while sort of "Selling his soul"

      When he goes full evil he looks like This


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        Dean Koontz's Frankenstein series. (A lot of his books, really, given how many of them deal with the dignity of the individual and his/her humane nature vs amoral, brutal and sometimes psychotic agents of totalitarian statism.)

        And a lot of Neal Stephenson's work. Snow Crash, The Diamond Age, and Cryptonomicon are especially good.

        Alan Moore's Promethea if no one has mentioned it yet.


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          On the non-fiction front, The Hacker Crackdown: Law & Disorder on the Electronic Frontier by Bruce Sterling. It's a bit dated, being from 1992, but is still an interesting look at the history of the early internet and the mindset that inspired the inclusion of the Virtual Adepts as a Tradition in the game.

          Also, The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test by Tom Wolfe, which is a really fascinating look at the LSD culture of 1960s California (including their philosophical conflicts with the LSD culture of the East Coast).


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            C. E. Murphey's The Walker Papers series, an urban fantasy series set in Seattle, with the main character being a shaman of mixed Irish and Cherokee parentage and mixing the mythologies of both.

            Also, Mary Shelley's Frankenstein.


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              Not sure if someone has mentioned it but, im pretty sure the Tetsuo: The Iron Man, Tetsuo II: The Iron hammer and Tetsuo: The Bullet Man. could be good example of Marauders

              Also: Ichi The Killer (?). Battle royale could be an interesting experiment from the technocracy or as an idea for a setting.

              Also as good inspiration. I cant stop thinking of some Prog Rock bands like King Crimson (The Court of the Crimson King could perfectly be used for an Incarna).

              Hell, The Beatles music have inspired me A LOT for realm's depictions. "Because", "Yellow Submarine." . "I Want you/She is So Heavy." "Maxwell's Silver Hammer." "Taxman" , "Tomorrow Never Knows" (IF that is not a song for Ascension, i have NO IDEA WHAT IS)

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                Hey, Jack Sparrow from Caribbean Pirates is probably the BEST example of how Entropy works


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                  Which reminds me, several of Tim Powers's books deal with strange modern mysticism. Last Call is an especially good one, involving a lot of weird stuff about the Tarot, gambling, luck, fate and magic revolving around all of the above set in Las Vegas.


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                    How about this joke strip from the webcomic Lackadaisy: Imbibe a bit of space coff -I MEAN Normal Coffee.

                    It's what happens when an ecstatic channels Lovecraft, through the holy medium of a cup of joe. A special cup of joe.


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                      I just watched this video and i think it's something the technocracy would do.


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                        THE VOID IS A NEPHANDI MOVIE!

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                        ST: DtF, HtR, WtO, MtA
                        Signature Chars: Crowley (hakalu), Joe The Nuwisha (WtA)
                        Changelings: be afraid of the Technocracian High Five of Doom


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                          Eh, its a good Lovecraft film.

                          The film Siren, it's a lesson in why you should take care of what you summon.
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                            Ferals - what werewolves look like from outside.

                            Crossed - what a pair of Chorister/progenitor haphandi would come up with

                            Species - when the void infects astronauts.

                            The Mist - that's kids what happens when mortals break the gauntlet.

                            Splice - 2 progenitor sorcerers going at it.

                            The dream quest of unknown kadeth. - Adventure in the dream realms.

                            Berserk manga has so many inspirations!

                            Gyo manga. an excellent example of ww2 naphandi experiment going out of controll. nutty and disturbing:
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                              Tokyo: Doomed Megalopolis Great for it's Onmyouji, how carefully every mystic practice it's depicted. Theres tehnocrats and a vampire mage too.


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                                Straw Dogs: Thoughts on Humans and Other Animals
                                by John N. Gray

                                not much of a 'fiction' but well discusses key points of the ideological battle between traditions and technocracy. really recommended. The book goes in detail over psychology, morality and differing worldviews of the various cultures, giving a stark contrast to our ingrained paradigm.

                                If you really wish to make your mage something different then prevailing modern type or throw technocracies arguments back in their face it is an exccellent book.

                                and finally it is just an interesting read.


                                This book is on about the same.


                                also, a good choice for some apocalypse scenarios and helplessness of the sleepers would be:


                                about a long term diabolical plan by soviet Awakened to deal with humanity.


                                Dragon Wizards pulling it off and changing the global reality to reject technology.


                                Some asshole waking up the fire god under Yellowstone.


                                Good example of some Umbral realm with telepathic spiders, radish gods and just around awesome.
                                I would also recommend the Russian continuation of the series,with more sex and violence.


                                Also, here. Check the Religions section. Could come really handy if playing a mystic mage. There is also a possession case.
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