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    Mages aren't the only supernaturals in town.


    Kill on sight. If you can't kill them, get help!

    The Fera

    Be polite and get others to help you mediate with them.

    The Wraiths

    The Sahakiya and the Chakravanti are taking care of them.

    The Changelings

    Lovely people. Just don't leave them alone with equipment.


    Not here, not our problem yet.


    They're good people and we share goals. We may have new allies.


    Worst than Vampires. Just kill them.
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      Iteration X

      ​The question is what do we do. Clearly all of our plans are out the window. Old allies have failed or are simply useless, some through no fault of their own. New allies, some we would have never considered, are available. We need to analyze our options.

      Void Engineers

      ​Of our old allies the most relevant by far. Their spaceflight expertise is vital to any future. They still respect us, but seem to worry we're out of a depth. We must regain their trust.

      The N. W. O.

      ​They're falling to pieces. They simply can't except that they must change how they operate.

      The Progenitors

      ​They are still important. Their goals still matter and they still work for the greater good. We must strengthen our alliance.

      The Syndicate

      Money might function again, when we have enough people. But Global Capitalism is as dead as Soviet Style Communism. They can't or won't see that, so they are simply useless.
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        The Counsel of Traditions

        ​We may need to seek allies among old foes. That's called a diplomatic revolution.

        Order of Hermes

        For all the ritualism and mystic lore this group gets work done. They are disciplined and understand peer review and modern academic methods very well. They look like a more rational version of some of our allies. They also seem to admire our work ethic when they see the value of what we do.

        Mercurial Elites

        If we can get a connection back with these technomancers, then we can do serious work on our goals. We were very close once, we can learn how to win them back.

        Children of Ether

        ​Yes they are insane. They at least understand technology and they are somewhat functional.


        ​They are silly but get real work done through silliness. They and their scary partners keep the Wraiths quiet. They have uses.


        ​Our view is unchanged. They are disciplined and focused. Now that we see some of the whys, we respect them even more.

        The Akashayana

        We never got on. But the way they train the kids around here is seriously useful. Perhaps we can deal with them anyway.

        Celestial Chorus

        ​They seem to be able to discipline the masses, but to what end?


        Their time is past. But they might be useful in settling the outer areas.


        Mine your manners and let others deal with them.
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          The Disparate Alliance

          Their may be something to salvage.

          ​The Ahl-I-Batini

          ​They have everything that annoys us about the New World Order and the Celestial Chorus with added bitterness. But those who are certain of how tricky they are, often are the easiest to trick.

          ​The Bata'as

          ​Street voodoo mages. Tough survivors that are quick to learn always have their uses.

          The Children of Knowledge

          ​Technomancers with new ideas about mass ascension. They might be very useful and at least they know chemistry.

          The Hollow Ones

          They are to quick to betray their allies to be useful.

          The Kopa Loei

          They don't seem useful. Still, they have plans and focus, maybe in a century or two.

          The Ngoma

          ​The Syndicate saw these as rivals. We should look to them to be partners. We truly have so much for their peoples.

          The Sisters of Hippolyta

          Why bother or be bothered with them?


          Only trouble. However they wish to go far away an live in total isolation. Let them do so.

          The Templar Knights

          No use to them.


          ​You can do business with them.
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            We aren't the only Reality Deviants on the block.


            ​Kill them. It's good to be seen killing them, it improves our reputation, but kill them quickly and thoroughly.


            ​Only the city wolves will talk to us. Be very polite.


            Out of our wheelhouse. Thankfully we got an apt....I mean help for that.


            Fairies exist, what a shock. They seem to be allergic to us, pity. Maybe we can build bridges later.


            ​They might be interesting to study.


            Build bridges for later.


            See Vamps. Extreme prejudice.
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              The New World Order

              We've never been this low. We might need to focus on basic survival for awhile. Still, we need plans for the future.

              The Void Engineers

              ​Their focus is protecting and serving humanity. They'll get allies because people see why they need them. They don't understand why they need us. Still, they will perform their necessary functions without us.

              Iteration X

              ​Our artificers seem to distain us. We'll get them back if we grow strong again. Remember, they have gearwheels not loyalty.

              The Progenitors

              ​Like their ItX brethren, we'll get them back when we show how powerful we are again.

              The Syndicate

              ​We're an isolated remnant of humanity with less than a million people. How do you use Austrian School Economics in this situation?


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                The Counsel of the Nine Traditions

                We've spent centuries subverting them, we ought to be able to get a few allies now.

                The Order of Hermes

                ​Building their weirdly regimented anarchist utopia. When it falls apart or fails to become anarchist we get the disaffected and the bitter.


                ​They're to busy with the Wraiths to bother.

                The Mercurial Elites

                ​They control information, so we must gain their friendship.

                Children of Ether

                Useful idiots are always needed.

                The Chakravanti

                These Assassins are busy keeping the dead quiet.

                Celestial Chorus

                The Cabal of Pure Though came from these, and they were part of what created us. We share values, we can become allies.


                ​They are teaching the children. They are teaching them how to discipline their minds and bodies. These are allies we must seek.


                The local religious leader is always worth suborning.


                They burned witches for a reason.


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                  The Disparate Counsel

                  ​We will need to shift these folks for allies. Fortunately they aren't without substance.


                  ​They're very good at field work. They understand the value of Unity. The problem is that they simply aren't culturally flexible.


                  Angry street mages. That they not only survived poverty and made themselves into mages shows potential.

                  Children of Knowledge

                  Chemistry is useful in controlling people. Ascension in a pill seems nonviable.

                  The Hollow Ones

                  They've been people we could process into useful material. Still they seem to stab the allies in the back. We betray, that's true, but we don't accept being betrayed.

                  Kopa Loei

                  I see little use to them.


                  This is the kind of ally we need. We have much to offer and little history with these people.

                  The Sisters of Hippolyta

                  What's the use of them?


                  ​Unlike the Sisters of Hippolyta, they don't even want to look at me let alone argue with me. I like them better.

                  The Templar Knights

                  ​I can't tell if they or the Sisters of Hippolyta are preachier. Both are avoidable.


                  ​Our history with them isn't good, but we can understand each other.
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                    Mages aren't alone in the world, or even this city. We might need to ally with others beyond the Mage community in order to regain power.

                    Vampires: They've generally not been a problem until their elders went insane. If we can build alliances on the down low it would be useful. However, if anyone outside our group is around, just kill the Vampire. Even if the Vampire is an ally, we can't risk what little reputation we have left.

                    Shapechangers: They hate us intensely. Be polite and look for anyone willing to talk. Maybe we can find someone useful.

                    Wraiths: We can manipulate minds and memories. What is a ghost except their memories and passions? Necromancy to enslave the souls of the dead is an ancient skill.

                    Changelings: They seem to avoid us. We're supposed to be "Banal." I'm so sorry I can't entertain them.

                    Mummies: Our records speak of them. But they aren't here so why bother.

                    Hunters: We've manipulated them before. But since they're better informed, it might be harder.

                    Demons: Troublesome, but possibly manageable.
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                      The Progenators:

                      All our plans went away without us. Lucky for us and the rest of Humanity that some Hermetic half-fae pulled this out of his hat. Thank god for weird kids books, and in this case, the weirder kid who read the book. We are resented, but we are seen as useful too.

                      We need to take stock and reassess our goals. We need new allies and to dump some of our old ones too.

                      The Void Engineers: They came up smelling like roses, and we know what it takes to make roses grow. Still, these guys have a vital resource. They do respect us and ask others to respect us. They're the best allies we could have now.

                      Iteration X: Like us in many ways and seen as useful. Like the VEs, these are allies we need to keep.

                      The New World Order: They don't get that the world we depended on is gone. They think they can turn the clock back. They're lost and won't even listen to the simple fact that they're lost. We can't help them.

                      The Syndicate: Even more lost. It's painful to see them this way, they saved us in our worst hour, but we can do nothing for them.