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    Sometimes a passionate romance between lovers leads to a quick marriage ; and sometimes a passionate romance leads to a young Technocrat ending up doing more assignments for other Conventions, than he does for his own Convention. This young member of the Iteration-X, due to insistence from his paramour ( she is from the Syndicate ) has volunteered for field assignments and directed his progress as an Enlightened Scientist towards practice and theory pertinent to the field work he has been part of. This way, the two lovers will be able to spend more time together. For this it was certainly worth going off the previously planned track - in order to learn Prime and Correspondence Enlightened Sciences, and to specialize his expertise in Forces in regard to electricity. The young Technocrat's current priority in regard to Enlightened Science is to reach Prime 2.

    The assignments are almost entirely about sabotaging - and much less often, repairing - electrical systems and technology. Sometimes the Iteration-Xer is also asked to also perform observation and reconnaissance of a location and it's technology. The sabotaging is done through Forces Procedures, and his basic knowledge of Matter and Correspondence Procedures greatly helps him in this. The sabotages have so far been requested by members of two Conventions - the New World Order and the Syndicate. They find them very useful as an event to happen at a location, in order to aid in accomplishing specific goal(s) . The Iteration-Xer either does the sabotages ( and repairs ) while under a cover identity, or he enters or breaks in into a location in secrecy while it is closed.

    Sometimes the point of an arranged technology malfunction or failure is so that a repair crew consisting partly or entirely of Technocracy's agents, or Technocrats, will be called. Once they are at a location, they can perform a number of actions - installing and placing technology for future use, performing preparations for carrying out Procedures later, industrial espionage, establishing contacts, sabotage, data retrieval, data removal, observation. There is a variant in this option, in which the technology malfunction is caused in such a way so that a regular repair crew will be at a loss what to do ; thus an opening is created for a repair crew sent or influenced by the Technocracy to arrive, deal with the issue, and right at start have an established positive opinion. Sometimes the point of a malfunction is to cause ( or contribute towards ) a removal or a demotion of a specific person ( or persons ) in a company ; this is sometimes done so that a person working for the Technocracy will be put in a particular position. Sometimes a malfunction is needed so a person or a company will need money, or some service done or materials delivered, that will lead them to contacting and meeting Technocrats from the Syndicate ( or their agents ) who will "just happen to have" an offer or a suggestion. Sometimes it is very simple - a malfunction is requested so that a location will be closed for a time ; or so that the time or attention of specific persons will be taken away from other matters. The methods and means of the Technocracy are intricate and varied ; the expertise of this young Technocrat is excellent in regard to creating openings through which other Technocrats can then act.

    [ This Technocrat Mage has Arete 3, and Forces 3 ( Speciality: Electricity ) , Prime 1, Matter 1, Correspondence 1. ]
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