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    79) A Technocrat who is a member of the New World Order Convention needs no more than a pen, pencil, A4 papers, and current and past data that the NWO has gathered through it's Technocratic methods ; and of course her Genius. This is what has been told many times to this young member of the New World Order's Watchers - and she believed it fully, and excelled at it. She focused on the Sphere of Mind and on making predictions, to the point that currently she barely uses her Correspondence: Data capabilities. She reasons that it is better to confirm facts through deductions and reliable and trusted agents performing observation acitivities, than to rely on Correspondence: Data observation capabilities - she thinks and feels that this leads to excellence.

    Her forte soon became advising Extraordinary Citizens and agents of the Technocracy, making them more assured, better prepared, and more couragous. Currently she seeks to become more than the vaunted and desired New World Order advisor and analyst - she seeks to use and develop the technology related parts Technocratic Science, and has asked to be taught the Technocratic Temporal Science, which is normally only used - as far as she is aware of - by members of the Iteration-X and the Void Engineers. After this, her next goal is to develop scientific and technological understanding of Primal Field Theory, so that she is capable of building and using her own equipment in this regard.

    She is of the opinion that a member of the New World Order should not exclusively focus on psychological and statistical analysis, and instead should strive to be an Enlightened Scientist who builds and improves her or his own machines and devices - even if in the end it the focus on technology of such an NWO Technocrat is less than that of the Technocrat Mages in the Iteration-X, the Progenitors or the Void Engineers.

    [ This character is a Technocrat Mage of the New World Order, her Arete is 3, and her Spheres are Mind 3, Time 2 ( currently in regards to making predictions and deductions of persons' behaviour, but she is seeking to have the capability of using and building technology that will enable her divinations about events of the future and of the past ), and Correspondence: Data 2 . ( It is possible that she can learn NWO's Correspondence: Agents, which is an analysis and personal interaction based variant of Correspondence which can be used to accomplish objectives and carry out Procedures through the use of agents, rather than through the use of technology. ) ]
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      80) An Orphan (though who sometimes works with the Hollow Ones, so who knows if true independence will stick) and working writer/poet. His first brush with magic occurred when he came into ownership of an old typewriter. Discovering the typewriter had some ability to guide the future through what was written with it, he attempted to make his dreams of literary success and fortune happen. Long story short, he failed utterly, the typewriter being destroyed in the process. In his most dire time of need, however, he realized that he'd exceeded the actual potency of the machine long before - a product of his sleepwalking Avatar - and that he didn't require it. With his own literary skill, he wrote himself out of his problem, achieving a full Awakening in the process.

      In a different town, he's got greater control of his power, but is wary about advancing his situation too quickly. He won't repeat the same mistakes as last time.

      Moreover, he's been exploring his Focus, and the power of language and stories. He has come to believe that all of this world is a grand narrative, told by...someone or something. "God", probably, or at least another writer. Whatever the case, to him, that means that the stories people tell and life in general are, theoretically, no different. Fact influencing Fiction, but with the possibility of Fiction bleeding into Fact. His magick, therefore, works to exploit this two-way street. Working up and down levels of a grand, complex, and recursive universal narrative.

      Making Fiction reflect Fact, he allows his mind to wander at the keyboard or the pen, so that information from elsewhere, else-when, or in the heads of others flow into his writing. Working the other way, creating a narrative can affect his own level of reality, by penning scenarios he hopes will come to pass. In another way, though, he can grant himself more options by creating works that, through their narratives, energize certain objects or actions with magical power of his choosing; many of his more physical or expedient tools were empowered by the stories he wrote of them. He could use a pen to draw a door into a wall, because he wrote of such things in his growing library of works.

      Then, of course, there's the works themselves. Since every Fiction is equally as valid as the "Fact" he lives in, their rules and effects can be drawn directly out of the stories themselves, if the books or manuscripts or the like are brandished. A finely written, printed/penned, and bound book is worth even more, as a work with more effort put into it means more to him (and potentially to others). Of course, no one said the stories had to be his own, either. With a world flush with Fiction by a million authors, a potentially limitless store of power can be channeled from mankind's collective storytelling efforts.

      At the moment, though, the writer is preoccupied with another possibility: if Fiction is as valid as Fact, does that mean characters in one level can communicate with or slide into another level? It's a troubling thought, for one who makes a meager living by putting characters through hell. At the same time, though, it's a compelling idea, and one he cannot help but desire to pursue. This will probably get him into trouble again. It wouldn't be an interesting story, though, if he sat around and avoided all risk. And who knows what sorts of higher level beings he's meant to entertain?


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        81) A Wu Lung demonologist of the Dragon School, working in the Office of Records. A bureaucrat, this straight-laced man of China combats agents of the Yama Kings who act above their station, and the humans (and occasionally supernaturals) who pay homage to them. And he combats them in a less intuitive manner: through his mastery of mortal bureaucracy.

        When he isn't summoning demons and compelling them to give information (as is the right of the Dragon Wizard to do, being agents of the Celestial Bureaucracy), he stalks the halls of academia and law enforcement, rooting out infernal activity on a systemic level. Corruption, on a large enough scale, leaves patterns. From the halls of academia, he roots out infernalist knowledge hidden in the libraries of China. Over the years, infernalists and even Nephandi have planted copies of ancient infernal tomes in such places, leaving them to be found and acted upon by young, impressionable, and ambitious scholars.

        Meanwhile, the dragon wizard uses his contacts in China's law enforcement agencies to track crimes of an...occult nature. Grisly murders and blasphemous graffiti, and everything in between. Wherever admiration of the Yama Kings spills out into the underworld, he follows. An authoritarian state, China tends to keep such scandalous events quiet, in order to maintain the country's image both in the world at large and among its populace. As such, this demonologist must dive deep into official records, not normally open to the public. To his dismay, he often arrives upon such data after cases have already grown cold; this can be a blessing, though, as cold case files aren't watched as diligently. He tracks incidents, using his knowledge of municipal sectors and dragon lines to narrow his search for infernal crimes.

        When he believes he has useful information, he forwards this to compatriots in the Tiger School and the Office of War, so they may use more decisive action to take down targets. When an infernalist is killed or driven off, these agents return with any books and artifacts captured from the lair. Objects of power are contained, and where necessary destroyed or handed off to Wu Lung more capable of destroying them. The texts are collated, organized, deciphered, and dealt with. Those books with data useful for tracking other infernal activity at used as such, while those texts with dangerous information are burned.

        All of these activities are, naturally, documented in meticulous reports, delivered to the wizard's Sifu. With the temptations of the diabolical ever present, it takes a disciplined mind and loyal spirit to handle such things. Few could be trusted to pull it off, but this demonologist remains steadfast.

        After all, he has to restore his father's honor, after his own consorting with devils destroyed him. That shame and grief motivate the demonologist more than anything else.


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          82) He was being prepared for greatness. He was being groomed for initiation into the greatest Hermetic society in the world...

          ...Clan Tremere.

          That is, until he Awakened.

          The Tremere vampire who would have been his sire could not bring himself to follow through with his original plans. After all, how could the old lick possibly unlive with himself, knowing he had cultivated a true spark of divinity in his mortal pupil, only to then snuff it out forever? It would be a crime graver than all the deaths on the vampires hands (which, naturally, were many). So officially, the young man's would-be sire reported to those higher in the Pyramid that his would-be childe was unsuitable, and had already had his memory wiped of all knowledge of House and Clan Tremere.

          A lie, of course. While the Kindred would have to cultivate a new embrace candidate, he didn't want to lose his old pupil. A truly Awakened mortal was arguably as potent as any vampiric blood magician, and could do many things a vampire could not. If nothing else, perhaps this "True Mage" could be an asset.

          So when the mortal was shipped off to a neighboring town, he carried copies of texts on blood magic made by his undead mentor. Duties within the city (and the need to train a new embrace subject) prevented the Tremere's active involvement in the mage's education. So, to supplement what infrequent lessons and instruction the Tremere could give, his Awakened protege would need to further his own studies. The mortal wasn't worried enough to let it stop him. After all, what kind of Hermetic would he be if he couldn't take knowledge into his own hands?

          There is just a tiny snag: he was learning primarily from books written for undead sorcerers. It's no surprise, then, that the mortal developed the Blood Magick flaw. His Hermetic methods are on the bloody side, and one learned in Hermetic theory could potentially spot many stylistic and methodological differences between his magic and that of the Order of Hermes.

          Oh right, there is that matter of House Tremere's former Order, isn't there? The Blood Mage was shipped off to a town with as little Order of Hermes presence as possible. At least, as much as the Tremere mentor knew at the time. The mortal didn't have trouble finding Tradition mages, and it didn't take much longer than that for him to get invited to the local chantry. Without a permanent OoH presence, everyone just assumed he was part of the Order. This is not reassuring to the Blood Mage, as he can never be sure a "real" Hermetic won't show up and reveal him as a fake. Or at the very least, start asking uncomfortable questions about who taught him such bloody, inefficient praxis.

          Not, however, that he's entirely against meeting the Order of Hermes. He knows that he'll never be accepted into House and Clan Tremere, nor does the idea of standing amid monsters appeal to him overmuch. Even his mentor doesn't have as much time for him as he'd like. That is, when the old vampire isn't asking the mortal to report information on other mages, in order that the vampire might one night leverage them for some political advantage in the Jyhad.

          Perhaps, however, the Tremere's general inattention and focus on his "real" student (the one slated for Embrace) couldn't work in the Blood Mage's favor. If the Blood Mage plays his cards right, he might be able to get in with the Order of Hermes - he has more than a few Tremere texts to leverage - and even learn how to break his dependence on blood. All he has to do is bide his time, and play the long game. It's a tightrope walk, balancing his obligations to his mentor, his need for secrecy, and his desire for advancement and the ridding of his limitations. But he wouldn't be a Hermetic if he balked at a challenge.


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            83) A Virtual Adept working as an investigative journalist, going where others cannot in search of the truth. Indeed, he only found the Tradition as part of a story he was attempting to research. Unlike many Traditionalists, while he has his own Paradigm (mainly Technology Has All The Answers), he isn't overly interested in proselytizing. Rather, he's interested in Truth. Finding the raw data - the fundamental Facts - and sharing it with the world. That way, people can make their own judgments. What he despises is secrecy, cover ups, and lies. If the facts don't immediately lead to danger, they are best exposed. The Truth wants to be free.

            Naturally, his willingness to spread hidden information - even about the supernatural - has earned him the ire of the Technocracy. At the moment, though, they don't move against him directly. The Adept has made enemies, but also has many friends. Some of them powerful friends. Some of them friends who have terabytes of data they've been instructed to release, if he ever disappeared. While none of these things would stop the Technocratic Union if they REALLY wanted him gone, they make doing so more trouble than it's worth. As such, the Union prefers to work indirectly to sully his reputation and sabotage his career, in an effort to undermine his voice. Limit his exposure, by limiting his credibility and capacity to get access to information.

            Since the information he spreads can suggest a supernatural nature, credibility was never going to be his strong suit anyway. So these are limitations he's accepted. Getting the facts to the right people is what's important. If even small numbers of folks know the truth, it's better than everyone living in ignorance. Better luck is had when investigating more mundane matters, as "believable" activities like crime or corruption are more readily accepted. If, in laying out all the fact, a person might be able to connect dots to less "normal" elements of a story (like the involvement of Night Folk), then so be it.

            As a technomancer, he focuses on computers and gadgets. Especially tools for gathering information, and for allowing him to cover ground and circumvent obstacles. Climbing gear and grappling hooks, telescopic microphones and drone cameras. Software for deciphering encrypted data, reconstructing shredded documents, plotting guard patrol routes, and picking out falsehoods in speech patterns. How to dress and act to talk past guards, or to fade into a crowd unnoticed. He uses skill, technology, and more than a little luck (even that weighed into his favor) in his perpetual search for the Truth.


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              84) An Etherite researcher who specializes in Spirit (or Dimensional Science) and Life. Previously a marine biologist, he is fascinated by the strange forms of spiritual life that thrive in the Umbra, especially in the Umbral counterparts to underwater areas.

              For this reason, he can often be found wearing a bulky pressure suit, that is both waterproof and armored, and adorned with instruments and mechanisms of his own Inspired design. He'll even wear the suit and breath through it, even when a particular foray into the Umbra wouldn't require it. Not because he believes there's no breathable atmosphere - he IS an Etherite, after all - but because he just happens to also be a hypochondriac. Has been since childhood, when he spent much of his formative years sick in bed. He's neat and prone to avoid infections at the best of times, and that's on the material side of the Gauntlet. He has a particular anxiety about contracting Umbral diseases (which, naturally, informs his Paradox backlashes), and takes steps to insulate himself from the greater Umbra as a result.

              Of course, he's also concerned about potentially contaminating the Umbra with his own material world diseases. The man is a conservationist as well as an explorer. He finds that the best choice is to observe the Umbral ecology, but to keep it and himself at arm's length. It's ultimately better for everyone, and he has gotten into many arguments with other Spirit focused mages - especially the Dreamspeakers - over their blithe disregard for unprotected mingling with the Umbra.

              Still, he's intelligent and diligent, and knows the Umbral seas better than anyone this side of the Kopa Loei. Currently, he's working on building an Umbra-worthy submarine, so he can take a crew deeper into the depths, where the Gauntlet is thinner and more coincidentally crossed.


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                85) She's just another LA devotee. Who just happens to be a mage.

                A pop singer who came to California to seek fame, her modest success came alongside an Awakening onstage. She happened to get lost in her song at the right moment, when the band was pumping out the right notes, the stage lights danced at the right angle, and the crowd's infectious enthusiasm hit the right fever pitch. She felt like her voice was channeling something deep and powerful.

                After a member of the Cult of Ecstasy showed her the ropes and told her who to seek help from (and who to avoid), she dove headfirst into the path of ecstasy. Her magick allowed her to edge out the competition enough to keep in steady employment, while allowing her to get invited to all the right parties. She cut her teeth on the magick of sex, drugs, and rock n' roll. She could read fortunes in the patterns of neon light, though she also got more than most people out of astrology.

                Indeed, she always loved the stars. They are sublime in their way, fixed and yet cyclical in a manner that the chaotic party lifestyle isn't. Every so often, she'll drive out into the desert at night, and lay down on the sand, looking up at the stars.

                In truth, while this Ecstatic is good at carousing, and can hold her liquor, all is not sunny in California. She's been doing this for ten years now, and doesn't feel like she's going anywhere. This despite being on the move constantly. She more or less has no permanent residence anymore, but crashes at the homes of anyone she can finagle into letting her. She'll often wake up at odd hours of the day or night, not knowing where she is or how she got there, or who it is she's staying with.

                It's a rough life, and it's not getting any better. She feels like she's spinning her wheels, and on sober days she becomes intimately aware of just how much she's squandering her potential. She's a mage, for ****'s sake. In a sea of chaos, it's HER that's standing still. Gives her the itch to break out, try new things, and maybe do something productive with her gifts for once.

                Also...when was the last time she actually did a performance? Or had a job? When did she last talk to her agent? Has she actually been coasting and/or mooching this whole time? Where did her cell phone go?

                Yeah, it's probably about time for a change.


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                  Originally posted by Bluecho View Post
                  85) She's just another LA devotee. Who just happens to be a mage.

                  A pop singer who came to California to seek fame, her modest success came alongside an Awakening onstage. She happened to get lost in her song at the right moment, when the band was pumping out the right notes, the stage lights danced at the right angle, and the crowd's infectious enthusiasm hit the right fever pitch. She felt like her voice was channeling something deep and powerful.

                  After a member of the Cult of Ecstasy showed her the ropes and told her who to seek help from (and who to avoid), she dove headfirst into the path of ecstasy. Her magick allowed her to edge out the competition enough to keep in steady employment, while allowing her to get invited to all the right parties. She cut her teeth on the magick of sex, drugs, and rock n' roll. She could read fortunes in the patterns of neon light, though she also got more than most people out of astrology.

                  Indeed, she always loved the stars. They are sublime in their way, fixed and yet cyclical in a manner that the chaotic party lifestyle isn't. Every so often, she'll drive out into the desert at night, and lay down on the sand, looking up at the stars.

                  In truth, while this Ecstatic is good at carousing, and can hold her liquor, all is not sunny in California. She's been doing this for ten years now, and doesn't feel like she's going anywhere. This despite being on the move constantly. She more or less has no permanent residence anymore, but crashes at the homes of anyone she can finagle into letting her. She'll often wake up at odd hours of the day or night, not knowing where she is or how she got there, or who it is she's staying with.

                  It's a rough life, and it's not getting any better. She feels like she's spinning her wheels, and on sober days she becomes intimately aware of just how much she's squandering her potential. She's a mage, for ****'s sake. In a sea of chaos, it's HER that's standing still. Gives her the itch to break out, try new things, and maybe do something productive with her gifts for once.

                  Also...when was the last time she actually did a performance? Or had a job? When did she last talk to her agent? Has she actually been coasting and/or mooching this whole time? Where did her cell phone go?

                  Yeah, it's probably about time for a change.
                  Yoinking for my campaign, with the change that she was a one-hit wonder whose talent surpassed the world. For Mage: the Awakening, perhaps this is someone who tried the Pygmalion legacy and failed?


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                    86) A potential mentor for new players [Sons of Ether, but can be adapted]
                    An etherite used to enjoy crafting wonders to help people love magic. he did that. A lot.He played with fire, sharing them and spreading them amongst the sleeper world. The problem is, he attracted paradox. A lot. he began falling in a nasty quiet, which transformed the joyful and glamorous side of Willwork into a boring banality. Any kind of non static magic gets boring around him. Mages starting to do Art around him have to get through a willpower challenge before wanting to start.

                    He has cut his ties to the awakened society and lives humbly in the low middle class, as a pet raiser. He lived like this ten years, re-thinking about magick. He is convinced that reality is immutable and whatever the tricks avatars allow us to do, its just perception alteration. He wants to discover the truth, but for that, not doing any magick is necessary.

                    The etherite is collecting the wonders he had spread long ago. One of them is in the hands of a group of (preferably new) players who, strangely, will be immune to his quiet, but the etherite wont realize it at first. The players will help him realize that magic is not *that* boring and bring him the spark of the art again.
                    He will not easily do magic again, but will enjoy seeing others do what he would. He wont introduce the players to the traditions, as he doesnt want to deal with them.

                    Should the player help the etherite get out of this quiet, he will go through a Seeking and may become an Archmage, and will be well known by the akashites for is way of "being a mage" rather than "doing magick"
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                      87) Bardic necromancer. Plays tunes by instruments in order to "put the song into" their target, allowing them to animated objects, including dead remains. In many ways a pied piper for the dead. Also uses music to summon ghosts, manipulate the weather, affect people's minds, and even "tune themselves" to the past or future. Other (non-musical) Instruments are employed as appropriate, like warding lines of salt or intricate designs. Where possible, these Instruments are prepared in advance by playing music over them, so that they have a particular song "put into them". A knife for cutting ghosts might be made to "resonate" with the Shadowlands, for instance. Their library is stocked with books of sheet music, written for the purposes of effecting change.

                      The necromancer believes that the world was sung or else played into existence. Music underpins everything, and the unheard melodies breathe life into inert matter. As such, inserting one's own music can change the tone of Reality. Even the dead have their songs - forgotten, melancholic tunes - and these can be brought to bear to bridge the gap between them. The bardic necromancer's lasting preoccupation is to dig up the "dead songs" - music that was forgotten, or known only by the dead - and bring them back to the world of the living.


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                        88) Son of Thor, or "some pagan didn't use protection while messing around with the High Umbra, and now we have to deal with this jock who only Awakened because of his daddy"

                        "Songs will be sung about tonight!"

                        "Just... he's a bit infuriating, but there's something very interesting going on here. Some angelic or primal connection, perhaps. Just play along and see what happens."

                        Mum and Dad were Mages. Germanic neo-pagans who just wanted to enjoy life and make their own corner of the world a better place. Inspired by the Norse pantheon they healed the sick and guided other pagans to virtuous lives. One night they decided to throw a bit of love-making into a spiritual invocation (while creating a Fetish), and... something happened. The resulting fetish was strangely inert, the ritual apparently having failed. The resulting child was strange to the Awakened eye. A burning aura. Strange manifestations surrounded him. Natural spirits seemed drawn to the baby, and had to be carefully warded away to protect him.

                        When this child eventually Awakened, he seemed to have very little metaphysical understanding. He simply was... well, powerful. Always cheerful, always exuberant, always carousing. Obsessed with comic book heroes, and the heroes of great myth, he wanted to change the world, defeat the bad guys, get the girl, and put the world to rights.


                        In a World of Gods and Monsters, We Are Not Men, But It's All Good - Have Faith! Mages are special and divine, as supernatural and inhuman as spirits and gods and demons and vampires and werewolves; it's a world full of strange things, and Mages are just another example... in spite of all of that, everything is going to work out, because the All-Father has a plan!

                        God-Bonding and Faith.

                        Weapons, Armour, Prayers and Invocations, Ordeals and Exertions, Elements, Offerings and Sacrifices, Food and Drink.


                        You're a happy-go-lucky person who sees things as black and white. The Nephandi and Technocrats are the villains in a grand narrative where you are the hero. It's important to be a tad obnoxious in character, but to avoid hogging the spotlight out of character. You're pretty innocent in terms of worldly matters, having been raised in a sheltered and remote commune.

                        You want to protect people, and you see mystical mages as your allies, but you don't necessarily feel that you are a "proper mage". Most of your power comes from Advantages, Attributes, Abilities and Merits, and not from the Spheres. When you do use Magick, you see it as an extension of your natural abilities, rather than as some kind of mystical rite. Naturally this draws the ire of many Mages, but that doesn't bother you. You're a very positive person. With time you may undergo Seekings and learn to accept that you are a Mage, but for now you see yourself as a great mythical hero helping these clever warlocks fight evil.

                        You see yourself as a chosen hero, and won't tolerate anything that stands in the way of your destiny. This is bound to cause trouble, but being a naive demi-god does tend to attract trouble regardless. You're fiercely religious, having grown up in a community where a strong belief in Norse paganism was entirely normal. With that said, you accept all free and relaxed (read: Pagan) faiths as being vaguely acceptable, thinking of them as different names and masks for the same thing. Organized monotheistic mega-faiths such as Christianity, however... there's a lot of resentment and distrust there.


                        - Arete 1. You've Awakened, but Magick isn't exactly the core of your universe yet. You can see Spirits, and you know that they seem unusually interested in you... and who can blame them! You're great. You can sense and control the flow of Quintessence, and you can feel you're bursting with it. Life and Forces tie in well with the umbral association (Thor being associated with Lightning and Healing), and the last two could be anything.

                        - The Nephilim Merit, to represent the Umbral connection. Technically speaking your father is the High Umbral spirit which embodies deities such as Thor and Zeus. Take some points in Advantages in exchange for an appropriate Derangement (Stress Atavism perhaps). Raven's Wings which mostly fold away, Armour, Regeneration... You might take your father as a Totem Spirit, or develop this in-game as you master Spirit.

                        - Combine with a Mark of Favour (physique, hair and facial appearance reminiscent of Thor), along with the Huge Size and Spark of Life merits. Throw in some drug tolerance so he can handle his mead. If your ST doesn't use cinematic damage, consider taking Too Tough To Die. The Berserker Merit/Flaw may be appropriate. Any flaws which capture his naive or incomplete world view might be appropriate.

                        - The Phylactery flaw. The Fetish that your parents were trying to create, when you were conceived... well for some reason it has always housed your Avatar. The object seemed mundane and unimportant, until the moment of your Awakening.

                        - You're... not the sharpest tool in the shed. You're not an idiot, but your world-view is simplistic, and you don't have any talent for the complex, academic or esoteric. Perception and Wits should receive your focus over Intelligence. As you develop your Focus, the instruments and practices should be simplistic and primal. A simple prayer to the all-father rather than complex theology. A war cry instead of a potion or esoteric ritual.

                        - In essence the focus is on raw power and infinite potential being squandered on a heroic power fantasy by an immature Mage. When you do eventually get around to raising your Arete and Sphere rankings you'll finally be able to stand among powerful mystics, but in the meantime you'd rather solve problems with brute strength and your natural talents.
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                          89) The Wild Girl

                          "I'll feed you. But you put your machine down. You won't use machines while you're here."

                          "She's something else. Saying she's off the grid is an understatement. And while she does stand against our practice in the strongest terms, Technocrats never seem to see her coming..."

                          Deep in a national park, a child lost her parents. Alone and weak, protected only by her dog, her cries attracted a bear cub. She treated it like a puppy, licking its nose and giggling... and it returned her affection. She had never quite fallen asleep, and her naive childish psyche had certain rules. If you're kind to animals, they'll be kind to you. In time she was living comfortably, cared for by the animals she befriended. Hiding in the vastness of the park, her missing persons case became a cold case.


                          Creation is Divine and Alive, so We Are Meant to be Wild! Reality is full of life, perfection, happiness, ready to be found. Simple pleasures. By rejecting large societies we can harness nature's power and perform magick.

                          Animalism and Shamanism

                          Social Domination, Eye Contact, Dances and Movements, Herbs and Plants, Blood and Fluids, Bones and Remains, Gems and Stones


                          You were cut off from human society at the age of 6, so you are much more comfortable with dogs, bears, big cats and wolves than you are with humans. To you, humans are just another in a long list of animals. The basics you understand mostly come from your Tradition (Verbena or Dreamspeakers) and from your infancy. You speak with a relatively simple vocabulary (cars, phones and laptops are all "machines" for example), and you are illiterate. You have little patience for the trappings of society and social norms... ironically you spend much more time puzzling out the irrational behaviour of animals than you do that of humans.

                          For you, nature is sacred and special, and ANYONE would understand that if they tried hard enough and were given enough of a chance. If someone hates living in the wild, they're doing it wrong, and you can show them how to love it. Having spoken to a philosophically minded Ecstatic, you know the word "anguish" can be used to describe man's dissatisfaction with society, and you tend to overuse this; to you, all of man's problems are rooted in society. With that said, you think that small and limited communities may exist*, as long as they are in harmony with the world. Remember that your ideas and beliefs are complex and nuanced, but you are terrible at articulating them.

                          *Honestly, the alternative would be a naive outlook which is genocidal towards the disabled and chronically ill.


                          - Arete 3. You awakened at a young age, and you've had a long time to grow closer to nature. Life is Affinity, with Life 1, Prime 1, Spirit 1, Matter 1, Mind 1 and Forces 1. From your perspective, Time and Correspondence defy natural principles; the distance between things and the linear movement of time are not illusions or simple ideas, they're just how things work. Other mystic Mages may be defying nature, but you'll ignore this in most cases. You have a far more dangerous enemy in the Technocracy, or Great Machine.

                          - You are used to a Reality Zone where most of your magick is completely Coincidental. In an urban environment you may be surprised when getting a swarm of pigeons to attack someone is seen as Vulgar by other Mages.

                          - Flaws which capture your feral nature. Illiterate, Offline, Technophobe.

                          - Merits and Abilities which reflect a perfect relationship with animals.

                          - Any animal totem, along with any Backgrounds or Merits which capture a strong relationship with the Middle Umbra.

                          - Some Arcane (1-3 points), to represent a detachment from human civilization, and an upbringing of stalking and hiding.

                          - An animal Familiar.
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                            Among Sorcerers, not all of them seek adventure, or to even achieve broad understanding of the linear arts. For some, the use of Path magic is a trade, which they tend to specialize in. Hundreds of unAwakened Sorcerers, for instance, ply the Path of Enchantment to create minor magical items, selling them to others. Entire family lines, or else master-apprentice lines, have practiced this form of business for centuries. They have customers among mages, fellow Sorcerers, vampires and other night folk, and common mortals with greater connections to the occult world. Anyone who wants a supernatural edge can come to these enterprising specialists. Here are just a few of them:

                            90) Francis Bartley, of Bartley & Sons Tailor. Heir to a long history of Bartley tailors, who weaved enchantments of protection, fascination, fortune, and wellness into the fabric of their fabric. Despite the mystical nature of their Craftwork, Bartley & Sons has even provided bespoke suits and other items to certain members of the Technocracy. An old Man in White of the New World Order has quietly shielded Bartley & Sons from Union intervention, as payment for a good turn one of the elder Bartleys did for him over 200 years ago. Francis Bartley himself has been experimenting with the power of creating stuffed human effigies, through which he can cast magic of Healing and Fortune.

                            91) Miriam Milliner, crazed hat-maker. This particular family Milliner has carried a history of mental illness, passed along mainly in the Milliner women. Before one asks, no, it isn't just a matter of mercury poisoning, as their penchant for madness persisted even after mercury stopped being used in hat-making. The actual explanation is a mystery. Some say an earlier Milliner daughter came into contact with some degree of elemental chaos; she may have gained the "blessing" of the Wyld. Or else these Milliners may constitute a stillborn attempt by Malkavian vampires to produce Revenants. Or maybe the Milliners just developed a genetic predisposition towards dimentia or the like. Regardless, Milliner mothers have passed to their daughters madness, just as readily as they pass along their knowledge of hat-making. On the upside, the particular brand of madness lent itself to the development of Sorcery tinged with such lunar energy. The "Mad" Milliners have been practicing Divination and producing Enchanted headwear for generations. Of course, the hats they create with the Path of Enchantment often carry some sort of bizarre caveat to their function, or else carry maddening side effects when used or worn for too long at a stretch. Miriam Milliner herself has produced a hat with a peacock feather, that increases one's natural Awareness, but also induces hallucinations after a while. Unsurprisingly, Miriam has been getting a great deal of business from Malkavians and Marauders as of late. She's seriously considering moving her shop to a different town, and never looking back.

                            92) Jacob Cobb, shoe-maker. Another heir to a long line of Sorcerer artisans, Jake Cobb also has a bit of Fae blood in him, from his mother's side. It would seem his father - an artist with footwear - attracted the attention of a changeling, a female Nocker at first just looking to score some Glamour. Their relationship clearly progressed beyond that of artist-muse, given Jake's existence. As a side effect of this, the simple witchcraft his family used to strengthen their products gained an infusion of faerie essence, lending a fae quality to his crafts. His mother encouraged his father and then himself to experiment and tinker with their magic, at least while she was still around. She wandered away when he was fifteen and never returned, likely having either succumbed to Banality or fallen into the throes of Bedlam. Still, Jake Cobb hopes to meet her again some day. By then, he hopes to have a variety of interesting magical shoes and boots to show her. His most popular product on sale are shoes that quiet footfalls, as befitting his heritage.

                            93) Amani Boulos, glass-blower and inheritor of Taftani magic. His master's master's master was an apprentice to a Taftani magi, until it became clear he would not Awaken. That man still served his teacher until the magi perished in typical Taftani fashion, after which his student returned to the world with what linear arts he had learned. Amani Boulos is the latest in the master-apprentice line, and carried what he knew of glassworking, Enchantment, Hellfire, and spirit Summong/Binding/Warding with him to the United States. From his workshop, he sells glass works and art to the common people. For those who know what to ask, he brings out his special stock: dishes that purify water and counter poison, bottles full of fire and trapped minor spirits, and lenses that enhance Perception and Investigation.


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                              "I wanna love you, but I better not touch (don't touch)
                              I wanna hold you, but my senses tell me to stop
                              I wanna kiss you, but I want it too much (too much)
                              I wanna taste you, but your lips are venomous poison"

                              -Alice Cooper, "Poison"

                              94) Zelda was a good girl.

                              When mother told her to never leave the house, Zelda stayed. When mother told her to hide in the herb cupboard when the police came snooping around, Zelda hid, even though the herbs had the most awful smell. When mother told her to drink the brew from her pot, Zelda did it, even though the stuff was bitter and made her sick. When mother got full of temper, or started shouting at people who weren't there, Zelda would let mother take it out on her. When mother would lock herself away in her workroom for days, Zelda would wait patiently for mother to come out, even though Zelda was sorely hungry. When mother had her drink concoctions, Zelda would do it, even when those potions would make Zelda see things - terrible things - and have fits on the ground.

                              Because Zelda was a good girl.

                              But mother isn't around anymore. Her friends from the Verbana showed up one day and drove her off. Mother had been looking more monstrous than usual, but Zelda hadn't said anything. Zelda was a good girl. But mother wasn't a good person, and Zelda knows that now. They told Zelda her mother went insane with magic long ago, and had gone over the edge now. They told Zelda she would be living with them now. They were all very nice. So when one of them touched Zelda, and started retching, Zelda cried, and said she was sorry for making them sick.

                              Because Zelda was a good girl. Or was supposed to be.

                              Zelda Goodwitch was the unfortunate subject of her mother's insane experiments. Steeped deep into Quiet, her mother abused and exploited Zelda for magickal research. Filling Zelda up with herbs of every variety, including the toxic kind. Perhaps Zelda's mother had the presence of mind to use magick to keep Zelda alive, or perhaps Zelda simply developed a resistance over time. Whatever the case, Zelda is most certainly resistant now. Which is good, because Zelda is also toxic. Her body produces poison, which saturates he bodily fluids. Blood, sweat, tears, saliva, and others. All poisonous. Her skin oils and sweat produce light poisons - relatively low toxin rating, though it's still enough to make someone ill - but her blood and more...intimate fluids are more potent.

                              Which makes things awkward, as Zelda is starved for affection. She craves personal contact, which she can't have because it hurts those she loves. Zelda is a terribly positive person - a survival mechanism developed during her years of familial abuse - yet harbors not just deep emotional issues, but an unrequited desire for love. She's developed into a talented young witch and medicine woman, but her development as a person is stunted. She goes out of her way to please others, yet avoids conflict or surrenders quickly (also survival mechanisms). She longs for the day when she doesn't have to cover herself up in thick clothes. When she can hold someone's hand without gloves. When she can embrace a friend without making them sick, and when she can know a lover intimately without risk of killing them.

                              Zelda is a good girl. She's BEEN a good girl for a very long time. Doesn't she deserve happiness? Doesn't the world owe her?

                              No, no. She would never say that. It's a terrible thing to say. To even think. She doesn't deserve anything. It's fine. Zelda just needs to keep being a good girl. If she does that enough, maybe someone will finally love her...

                              (Oh, and there's that matter of her mother. Zelda knows that mother is out there, somewhere. They tell her mother fell off the edge completely, and is a Marauder now. Zelda will need to attend to that, some day. Zelda will need to put her mother down. Because her mother is sick, and Zelda is a good girl.)


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                                95) Simeon "When I said these are Forces That Ought Not To Be Fucked With Simeon that wasn't a challenge" Fitz-Empress.

                                "Some Mages beg spirits for aid. Pray. Offer sacrifice. Some offer themselves up as tribute, betraying a total lack of self-respect. They are not our friends or our gods or our superiors, but a well of mystical opportunity, forces waiting to be brought into order. Why should I politely ask for the umbrood to obey? One might as well politely ask the tide not to go out, or ask a candle to light itself. No, it is only the force of will and the hardened mind that can command them. Perhaps you might learn something if you observe, Shaman."

                                Possessed (no pun) by a powerful questing desire, and an illustrious magickal legacy, Simeon thinks he's untouchable. His Mentor and parents are Hermetic royalty. He Awakened at a young age and has always excelled in his studies of the occult, esoterica, academics and the classics. And now he's the Hermetic golden boy, admired by all... well admired by many. Those who don't admire him would rather spare themselves an hour long explanation of why what they think is a flaw is, in fact, another one of his many strengths.

                                Simeon has an unfortunate tendency to toy around with nastier umbrood. He isn't evil, but a life of mundane and supernatural privilege has left him feeling invulnerable. The few scrapes he has had with aggressive spirits has shown him that his Avatar is more than a match for them, and since then he has only developed his mastery of Spirit further. And his ego does do him some good; his Willpower is nearly unassailable.

                                So the real issue isn't that Simeon messes around with demons and banes and creatures of alien morality, since he actually is able to cope with such interactions. The main problem is what follows. Other Mages don't trust him, sensing a taint in his aura and his resonance. His mentor fears that he may have compromised his own spirit through his experiments, and wonders what he is hiding from him. Beyond that, Simeon has a vulnerability which could be exploited by some spirits... his intense hubris may protect his mind from domination, but it leaves him vulnerable to clever manipulation of his pride.

                                There have been a few... incidents. He's managed to avoid detection in most of them, and actually managed to avoid some close shaves many times, but twice his mentor and other Mages discovered what had happened.

                                The Bloodleech fiasco, where Simeon forged a Vampire/Spirit hybrid that went berserk when another Mage tampered with it (OBVIOUSLY this wasn't Simeon's fault, any Mage who tampers in another's work can only blame themselves)... sadly the hybrid (Simeon will point out, without provocation, that it was incredibly powerful and completely obedient) was destroyed in the aftermath.

                                The Fetish incident, where he bound an Incarna into a wand, only for it to possess the Apprentice who touched it while looking through Simeon's possessions (naturally this wasn't Simeon's fault, he had it under control) leading to wider destruction which can be blamed entirely on the weak-willed and nosy apprentice.


                                We Are Gods in Disguise, and when we use Magick we are Turning The Keys to Reality. God made Man in his image, and in turn Hermes reshaped Reality in his image. When they're sober, the Ecstatics do speak some sense. We are all one in some sense, and Mages carry a spark of essential divinity. That is why reality bends with our will. As we become more excellent, and master the Spheres, we are remembering fundamental features of reality which we have forgotten (as shards of the divine) and gaining more control.

                                High Ritual Magick.

                                Incantations and Commands, Circles and Designs, Books and Scrolls, Languages, Wands and Staves, Symbols, Thought Patterns.


                                Your private thoughts are incredibly condescending. The other Traditions are barely worthy of the name, and you hold a lot of contempt for the Dreamspeakers especially. The Chorus and the Akashic Brotherhood are respectable, but honestly your praise is offensive in its mediocrity here.

                                In public, you're polite enough. Your dislike does slip through; occasionally you imply, tactlessly, that the other Traditions are not "real" Mages in the way that Hermetics are. On average you're more bothersome than the average Hermetic on this front, but a lot of your arrogance and ego are invested in your personal strength, and that's hardly unusual.

                                Explain the occult in simple terms to other Mages unless they are Hermetic and your senior. If you're called out on your bullshit, remember that you're a little bit of a coward when it comes to taking responsibility in social situations; it wasn't your fault, you were "Just Being Helpful".

                                With Spirits, you wish to be a traditional "master over nature". Thankfully many Spirits who are versed in the Old Ways (that is, most of them) are used to this, and it simply plays a part in a (to quote M20) "metaphysical dick-measuring contest". You don't want to beat them into submission, you simply conjure up a Spirit and lay out terms, giving the right honorifics. You have a lot of ego, but that doesn't mean treating spirits like shit. It means wanting to do everything correctly (giving the right titles, ticking boxes, avoiding classic pitfalls with this type of spirit) but whilst still keeping hold of control and never ceding any power. You're confident that if it were to come down to a fight, you could handle the vast majority of Spirits.


                                Arete 3, with Spirit 3, Forces 1, Mind 1 and Prime 1. Forces is your Affinity Sphere.

                                Invest in Avatar 5, and Merits which capture your command of Spirits. Backgrounds should include a significant Mentor.

                                Take as many points in Esoterica (The Umbrood), Etiquette (Traditions and Summoning), Leadership and Intimidation as you can, along with Meditation, Academics and Awareness.

                                Since you're capable of creating a Fetish, agree with the ST on a single Fetish that you possess at the beginning of the game.

                                Take high Willpower, to indicate ego and some resistance to mind control. Consider taking Iron Will also.
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