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    79) A Technocrat who is a member of the New World Order Convention needs no more than a pen, pencil, A4 papers, and current and past data that the NWO has gathered through it's Technocratic methods ; and of course her Genius. This is what has been told many times to this young member of the New World Order's Watchers - and she believed it fully, and excelled at it. She focused on the Sphere of Mind and on making predictions, to the point that currently she barely uses her Correspondence: Data capabilities. She reasons that it is better to confirm facts through deductions and reliable and trusted agents performing observation acitivities, than to rely on Correspondence: Data observation capabilities - she thinks and feels that this leads to excellence.

    Her forte soon became advising Extraordinary Citizens and agents of the Technocracy, making them more assured, better prepared, and more couragous. Currently she seeks to become more than the vaunted and desired New World Order advisor and analyst - she seeks to use and develop the technology related parts Technocratic Science, and has asked to be taught the Technocratic Temporal Science, which is normally only used - as far as she is aware of - by members of the Iteration-X and the Void Engineers. After this, her next goal is to develop scientific and technological understanding of Primal Field Theory, so that she is capable of building and using her own equipment in this regard.

    Her reasoning is that a member of the New World Order should not exclusively focus on psychological and statistical analysis, and instead should strive to be an Enlightened Scientist who builds and improves her or his own machines and devices - even if in the end it the focus on technology of such an NWO Technocrat is less than that of the Technocrats in the Iteration-X, the Progenitors or the Void Engineers.

    [ This character is a Technocrat Mage of the New World Order, her Arete is 3, and her Spheres are Mind 3, Time 2 ( currently in regards to making predictions and deductions of persons' behaviour, but she is seeking to have the capability of using and building technology that will enable her divinations about events of the future and of the past ), and Correspondence: Data 2 . ( It is possible that she can learn NWO's Correspondence: Agents, which is analysis and personal interaction based variant of Correspondence which can be used to accomplish objectives through the use of agents, rather than through the use of technology. ) ]
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