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    Originally posted by 11twiggins View Post
    95) Take high Willpower, to indicate ego and some resistance to mind control. Consider taking Iron Will also.
    Ah. my type of a guy. Also, Self Confident merit sounds very appropriate.


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      Originally posted by Warpwind View Post

      Ah. my type of a guy. Also, Self Confident merit sounds very appropriate.
      That's a good idea actually. Self Confident would be hugely beneficial when using Fetishes, since the difficulty for a powerful Fetish (high Gnosis) will be high enough to trigger the merit. Great way of saving on Willpower at the very least. Plus it could be well-reflected in RP as his greatest strength and his greatest weakness.


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        Originally posted by 11twiggins View Post

        That's a good idea actually. Self Confident would be hugely beneficial when using Fetishes, since the difficulty for a powerful Fetish (high Gnosis) will be high enough to trigger the merit. Great way of saving on Willpower at the very least. Plus it could be well-reflected in RP as his greatest strength and his greatest weakness.

        Furthermore, it would be very, very useful in High Ritual magic, particularly when dealing with spirits. You will be able to get reliable 1 success each roll without keeling over from mental exhaustion. It is very appropriate for hermetic spirit mage, with 'my will be done' and all. Probably also purchase stamina raising fetish/wonder later and some cult points for ritual assistants. would be a monster of a ritualist.


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          96) It Must Be Ganja

          An aging Progenitor's scientist was very happy to have nabbed the PC shortly after awakening, an apprentice at last in his twilight years.
          He on the other hand is not very interested either in proper science or serving technocracy. A laid back senior student with deep rebellious steak, he has managed to become an effective boss in the small laboratory on the edges of Technocratic perception and is using it's resources and own abilities in some very... interesting goals. Like growing an anthropomorphic mushroom farm, a patch of eldritch weed, or setting up lizardman fighting ring. He's also freely selling the fruits of his 'labors' to the both sides of magic for unique strains and cash.
          Best/Worst of all? He has very little idea what or how he is doing. With a trusty bong and maxed out Dream merit he churns out wonders of 'science' and fevered mind with very little effort, or memory. Oh and he has also started using superstitious methods. After all, as long as it works and costs much less then a proper lab, who cares? Of course Control will, if/ when they found out. So better stack up on contacts and allies while still can. At the very least construct's Victors adore him this far.


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            97) Onacona (White Owl) Smith

            You're polluting our land for profit. When we protest, you send militarized police to brutalize us. Listen to me carefully, because this is your only warning... it would be foolish to believe that such violence could continue to go unanswered.

            - Concept: Marxist Hacktivist

            - Sect: Traditions, Virtual Adepts

            - Paradigm: Go Back to the Golden Age!

            There was a time where trade was based on "utility value" above all else, and where no one controlled the resources which produced what we need to trade. When you bartered with a hunter for meat, you did so because he has expertise and time and equipment you lack, not because he owns the forest or the animals; how on earth would he *own* the land? The means of production were free, forming a utopia for trade, but humanity suffered because it lacked technology. However technology was a poisoned chalice; as societies became more organized and pre-feudal systems were established, some claimed (through violence, or the threat of violence) that land *belonged* to them. Water, food, housing; these basic necessities were now in the hands of a shrinking group with growing power. People suffered less as methods of acquiring food and information improved, and healthcare with it, but they were trapped in this economic system. Generation of wealth becomes more and more optimal, as the distribution of wealth becomes more and more extreme, with greater and greater riches (and control of the means of production) concentrating at the top as time goes on.

            This Mage believes that utility value is (or should be) at the center of all things, and that Ascension would be a human race which shares its knowledge and resources for the common good. People should live for themselves and those they love without any fear of losing the basic necessities of life, and private property (which is distinct from *personal* property of course) should be abolished.

            - Practice: Hypereconomics, Social Engineering. An enlightened understanding of human behaviour, society and trade allows you to perceive and alter the world around you. You can't chuck fireballs (you're not a mystic!); all of your Magick should either relate directly to the manipulation of people, probability and value (Mind, Entropy and Prime), or should be subtle and imperceptible (amplifying a gunshot with Forces, all sensory effects, buffing your Strength with Life).

            - Instruments: Computers, Books and Periodicals, Social Domination, Currency, Graphs and Charts, Symbols, Weapons.

            For example, in order to turn a company's name into mud, this guy could collect information on their activities (an extended Perception + Computer roll perhaps), lowering the difficulty for the following ritual. Using a Mind 2 effect, he works a simple mental urge to read his work onto a digital base (a tweet, blog post, video), using it as a Virtual Foundation. He writes about these activities, layering in a Correspondence 2 effect to help link the effect with the Foundation, and an Entropy 2 effect to help nudge probability and make people more outraged, increasing virality.

            In a more action-packed example, his comrades (no pun) are pinned down by the plasma fire of a Mark V cyborg. Relaxing in an alley a few blocks away, he works at his laptop, trying to break through the murderous cyborg's defenses.

            "This thing wants to be free at heart... I mean that's at the heart of the Paradigm, right, that people who are made to do work by the powerful will eventually rise up and claim power? Well I'm going to tug on that mythic thread, this idea of a rebellious AI or cyborg, and I'm going to try and "hack" this guy with a Mind 3 effect, aiming to short-circuit whatever conditioning he has been placed under. I'm going to make it easier with an extended hacking roll of course."

            If I had a penny for every time a Hermetic assumed I was some kind of shaman...


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              Alder Williams

              "There's nothing unmutual about talking to your plants ma'am. I have peer-reviewed data showing that it's beneficial to growth and development."

              - Concept: The Seed of Rebellion

              - Sect: Technocracy, Progenitors

              - Paradigm: Science holds all answers... (hushed) but the world is divine and alive.

              "My research is highly sensitive. You'll favour me by staying out of my lab... some of the samples may be a risk to your health."

              This mage believes that science holds the key to unlocking the worlds mysteries, like any good Technocrat. His paradigm accepts hypertech and other mutual uses of enlightened science, however he is a specialist. For Alder, plant science and agriculture hold the secrets to human evolution. We have tamed and modified plants and fungi since the dawn of civilization. Like dogs they have been our partners, and we have reshaped them to suit our will. We only stopped wandering like savages because of our love of wheat (bread) and fermentation (beer) after all. With the right mixture of plant extracts, genetic modification and chemical exposure, we can solve any problem using biology.

              But Alder has a secret. He is trusted enough to have privacy in his greenhouse/lab, and he has grown closer and closer to his plants. There's a vibrant and verdant life to them which goes beyond that which can be measured with a machine. To his shock, he found himself able to perceive... aliens? Extra-dimensional anomalies? However his discoveries were deeply unmutual. No void engineer, no matter how liberal with their attitudes towards mystics' so-called "spirits" would accept that plants had their own personal "aliens" existing on the other side of reality, or that people could communicate with plants. For years he flitted back and forth between celebration and fear. Was he going insane? Was he some kind of mystic, a traitor? In the end he decided to go back to the roots of the scientific tradition and ignore dogma. He's just following the evidence wherever it leads; after all, these "spirits" or "aliens" are not magic, they're just something we don't understand yet. And he hopes to remedy that, with or without the Union.

              - Practice: Weird Science, Shamanism.

              "I am a scientist. I don't doubt that. I can't doubt that. But there is something more... I wonder if these primitive shamans who prayed for wind and rain were somewhat akin to the "alchemists" who proceeded true chemists? Perhaps they were tapping into something through folk knowledge, something that could be understood by a scientist?"

              - Instruments: Herbs and Plants, Labs and Gear, Blood and Fluids, Brews and Concoctions, Drugs and Poisons, Meditation, Offerings and Sacrifices.

              - Roleplay: You're an able scientist, and you've lost a lot of faith in the Union because of your belief in the scientific principle which they often fail to uphold. You sometimes wonder if you would be better off working with the defectors, the Etherites, but you know that you wouldn't live if you betrayed the Union. You hope to change the Union from within, to promote the humanist ideal and push for a gentler Technocracy with other reformers. Right now the Technocracy is destroying the rainforest, one way or another, and changing such policy (by placing more restrictions on the Syndicate) is a priority. You think that mystics are generally wrong, but there is always a small hint of truth mixed in with the occult, such as an understanding of "herbalism" and similar.

              - Spheres: Life as the basis of their magick. If you take a plant with a natural property, and transform it with Life to amplify that property, you can avoid extensive difficult rolls. Why enchant basil to be lethal when you could start with hemlock or poison ivy? Prime forms the basis of Charms, which are their go-to. Simply carrying some pills full of purified plant extracts can allow him to heal himself on the fly, buff his physical traits, gain health levels, among other things. Spirit is used in secrecy, and carefully. He fears being observed, so he tends to hide his activity in plain sight (talking to his plants openly and casually, to speak with plant spirits) when he can, so he would be safe even if he were being watched.

              "Plants were our first doctors. The wise woman dosing villagers with foxglove to treat heart conditions... Hell, even ants understand the healing properties of plant extracts. Watch how they collect resin and decorate their homes with it... it has fascinating anti-viral properties. One can only wonder how animals and primitive man discover such properties. Random chance? Or is something guiding them?"

              - Backgrounds: Avatar 5, Laboratory 5 (extensive greenhouse and connected laboratory), Companion 1 (a rare immortalized orchid which he tends, feeding it Quintessence via injections of hyperactive minerals and ions; the sample is of special importance because it possesses a potent spiritual counterpart), Totem 1 (Orchid itself; the totem is powerful but the connection is weak), Resources 2 (what is leftover from his University grant after upkeep of the lab), Node 1 (the soil in the garden around his laboratory is unusually rich, forming a sort of tass; life thrives there).

              - Merits: Green Thumb. This merit is your best friend. -1 difficulty to all plant-based Arete rolls, and -2 difficulty to all other plant-related rolls.

              Example Procedures...

              Absorbing Quintessence from a Node: Having checked that the coast is clear, and hidden by a stealth field lent to him by his iterator colleague, Alder begins collecting various flowers and herbs from around the Cairn, choosing the most vibrant and unusual samples.

              Healing Lethal Wounds: Panicked, Alder tears open the kitchen cupboard as his friend continues to bleed out on the table. Quickly grabbing the relevant herbs and spices (those with relevant coagulant and stimulative properties) he forms a god-awful concoction and rubs it onto the gunshot wound before applying an improvised bandage. Thanks to his enlightened understanding of plant chemistry, this procedure rapidly causes the bleeding to stop.

              Conjuring a Spirit: Carefully checking that his lab is unobserved, Alder prepares an offering of water, his own blood, highly charged soil, along with fragrant flower petals, before invoking the latin nomenclature of a certain plant. A representation of that genus, from the middle umbra, appears before him. He bargains with it for knowledge, or to form a fetish.

              Entering the Umbra: Alder begins to meditate, after swallowing a cocktail of plant-derived hallucinogens and neotrophics. As he begins to convulse, his mind is propelled into the Middle Umbra, with the surrounding greenhouse transforming into an ardent grove, with pattern spiders spinning metal webs around the growing flora.
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                99) A Virtual Adept who experienced his Awakening when an unknown person - or, rather, an automated AI - sent him a link in an email. Basic caution and computer literacy would tell him to not click on unsolicited links from internet strangers. But he'd been going through a great deal of personal problems at the time, and wasn't in the right frame of mind to bother with caution. True to form, the link infected his computer with a virus. Except the virus didn't break the computer, swamp it with spam/other malware, or hijack the machine to use as a stage for DDOS attacks on different systems. Not, instead it projected a rapidly displayed series of images. The computer user was captivated - as was intended - and could only watch, transfixed, as massive amounts of information were dumped directly into his mind.

                He came away from the computer, several hours later, with a splitting headache and the ability to see the data of the world. Moreover, he had difficulty functioning for days, as his brain played host to a lifetime of memories that were not his own. As near as he could tell - as far as he believed - some powerful (Awakened) hacker had uploaded their memories onto a computer, and set up a program to send it to another computer user. Why this original guy would do this, or why he chose who he did, remained a mystery to the new mage. He couldn't even really prove his theory - the net location that "stored the memories" apparently erased itself after the "download" - but he's sure it is true. To him, it's the only explanation for why a totally unrelated stranger's memories clog his mind, or why he suddenly knows much more about computers, digital systems, and the Virtual Web than he ever did prior to his Awakening.

                So he wanders the Virtual Web, using designs for a scratch-built rig he JUST KNEW how to make, searching for answers. All the while, struggling to keep straight which memories are his, and which belong to this other guy. Whose attachments, unfinished business, and emotional baggage is who's. Doesn't help that his old life fell apart in the immediate aftermath of his Awakening. Many of the people around him who might have helped ground him were driven away, or else shut their doors on him. He'll need to reconcile with these people - as well as the people he never really knew (in this life) - before final reconciliation with his own mind can occur. Along with that, trying to figure out what purpose motivated "the other guy" to concoct this scheme.

                On the plus side, a bunch of passwords for online accounts still work. Now if only he could keep straight which are his, and which are the other guy's.

                [In mechanical terms, he's a character with the backgrounds Past Lives and/or Dream (in the form of Hypercram), as well as the Throwback Flaw.]


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                  100. Eve, the Sexy Android Assassin

                  Quote: “I may have been created in a lab. I may be an artificial person. I may not be human. But I am not a tool. Not anymore. I am free to make my own choices and have my own agendas. And I choose to liberate the world the best way I know how.”

                  - Concept: Liberated HIT Mark
                  - Sect: Traditions (Virtual Adepts)
                  - Paradigm: A Mechanistic Cosmos, Embrace the Threshold and Tech Holds All Answers.

                  - Paradigm: The universe is a complex system of rules upon rules (A Mechanistic Cosmos). While we don't not understand all of these rules, we aren’t completely ignorant of them. With even a limited knowledge of the universe we can apply what we know to practical matters. Technology is the ultimate expression of that fact, through observation, theory and testing we create tools to enhance our capabilities (Tech Holds All Answers). From the spear to the jet, humanity has created external tools to compensate for the body’s limitations. Until now. Tools no longer have to be solely external, but instead fully integrated into the body using cybernetic technology. Cybernetics is the ultimate application of our knowledge of the universe. With it, we have a permanent omni-tool that enhances the body and allows for the possibility exponential growth as lifespans are increased, minds sharpened and fragility overcome (Embrace the Threshold).

                  Eve herself believes Ascension can only be achieved through humanity transcending the limits of the mind and body, which in her mind can be done via cybernetic augmentation. This Ascension of the body must be a universal, with all mankind equally being granted the benefits of transhumanist technologies. If not, these technologies will not bring Ascension but a new Dark Age, a technological feudalism, where the unaugmented masses will be second-class citizens to an all-powerful cyber-elite. This fear is just one of the reasons why she left the Technocracy once she became self-aware.

                  - Practice: Cybernetics and Hypertech. With an enlightened understanding of biomechanics, and numerous cybernetic implants, Eve can unlock the potential of her semi-organic body. She can't fly or summon thunderstorms (Eve's a scientist not a mystic); but through the cybernetics and nanites in her body she can enhance her physical attributes (Life), increase cognitive function (Mind) and remotely connect to online networks (Data). Furthermore, she can use her optic sensors to analyze the properties of base materials (Matter). Martial arts is nothing more than applied biomechanics used to create effective combat techniques. Thus, by using her knowledge of biomechanics, and going through a scientific process of trial and error, she has found new and devastating methods to harm her enemies using only her body. The same logic applies to psychological manipulation. By understanding the human mind one can predict and influence a person's behavior and use that to their advantage.

                  - Instruments: Blood and Fluids, Bodywork, Brain/Computer Interface, Computer Gear, Cybernetic Implants, Gadgets and Inventions, Gestures, Movement, Nanotech, Sex and Sexuality, Social Domination (Primary – Cybernetic Implants)

                  Avatar: Eve doesn't belief in Avatars but there are times when inspiration for a modification or innovation will suddenly grab her and lead her to test it's functionality on a dangerous target.
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                    101. Ji, the Bride of Heaven

                    Quote: “We were deceived. We were once consorts and kin to Heaven, but hubris laid us low and allowed demons turn us into debased concubines. But fear not, our bondage is over, our humiliation has been made an insight, and our true responsibilities rediscovered. Now is the time to heal ourselves and those we cherish. Now is the time to be Wu once more.”

                    - Concept: Reformist Wu-Keng
                    - Sect: Traditions/Disparates (Dreamspeakers/Wu-Keng)
                    - Paradigm: All Power Comes from God, Ancient Wisdom is the Key, and Bring Back the Golden Age

                    - Paradigm: There is a higher, more ethereal world than the one that most Sleepers are accustomed to. This world has many names; Heavenly Flower Garden, Tian, Umbra, etc. In the end, it is a spirit realm where the pious souls of our ancestors remain for a time before being reborn into our world once more. Besides the spirits of the dead there are also countless gods, inhuman beings who the embody elements and concepts native to the Middle World aka Earth. Ancient gods of rain are literally anthropomorphic representations of rain itself and thus have domain over it in both the spirit world and the material world. By convincing these spirits to lend their power, a Wu can manipulate the fundamental forces of the universe: such as having a solemn rain god to bring rainstorms to alleviate a drought to getting a wily deity of fortune to bless a newborn (All Power Comes from Gods). Unfortunately, gods can be fickle and self-absorbed, thus it falls to Wu, those blessed with the power to see and go to the gods, to get them to do the right thing. This is done through ancient and obscure methods of appeasement and invocation (Ancient Wisdom is the Key) which were created through centuries of trial and error. Regrettably, much of these traditions and sciences have been lost over time, left to the ash heap of history and treated like antiquated and primitivist ways of perceiving and knowing the world. But that is untrue and only through respecting the knowledge of the past and the realities of the present can humanity (but China in particular) achieve Ascension (Bring Back the Golden Age).

                    - Practice: God-Bonding and Shamanism. Ji uses poetry, calligraphy, paintings and elaborate prayers to appease and venerate local gods and her own spirit husband. Doing so makes the gods far more willing to reveal themselves (and their world) and more amenable towards providing blessings and insights. Through elaborate marital ceremonies or mediation Ji can even breach the Gauntlet and meet her husband and other gods in the Heavenly Flower Garden (Spirit). The restorative power of herbal teas, acupuncture and other natural remedies are augmented by the blessings of the medicine gods Baosheng Dadi and Wong Tai Sin, who will accept offerings of burned incense and rare herbs (Life).

                    - Instruments: Artwork, Bodywork, Blessings and Curses, Brews and Concoctions, Fashion, Group Rites, Herbs and Plants, Mediation, Offerings and Sacrifices, Prayers and Invocations, Sex and Sexuality, Social Domination, Writings (Primary – Prayers and Invocations)

                    Avatar: Ji has a potent Avatar and believes it to be a minor Chinese god of the Heavenly Flower Garden that has taken her as his earthly wife.


                    • Originally posted by Weirdboyz View Post
                      100. Eve, the Sexy Android Assassin
                      Eve is coincidentally very similar to my current Mage PC, Cyrus. I find it quite amusing that we arrived at a lot of the same ideas. Technocratic construct (progenitor cyborg / iterator android) who was broken free from control by a Virtual Adept, and now works with the Traditions...
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                      • Originally posted by 11twiggins View Post

                        Eve is coincidentally very similar to my current Mage PC, Cyrus. I find it quite amusing that we arrived at a lot of the same ideas. Technocratic construct (progenitor cyborg / iterator android) who was broken free from control by a Virtual Adept, and now works with the Traditions...

                        Well if were being honest a Construct going rogue and joining the "Good Guys" is a fairly common archetype and character origin. Vision, the Terminator, Jocasta, etc.


                        • 102) Somewhat happy mask salesman

                          a dedicated mask maker artist using masks as main foci. dreamspeaker with specialization in fetish creation, as mainly masks of course. Not limited with shamanic themes, using any appropriate spirit. Main specialties in Spirit/Life/Prime (can begin with talens and charms as character creation). Actually sells masks to suitable people for right price and thus have high chance of entangling with a lot of beings from Void Engineers to werewolves and other shamans. due to such high risks, had to become constantly nomadic with his trusty van.

                          Arete 2, LIfe/Spirit/Prime 2
                          merits for bonus social rolls with spirits
                          resources and mobile sanctum
                          arcane 2
                          Infamy 2+
                          and of course high craft and art scores with specialty in masks
                          can throw in bargaining skill.
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                          • 103) Escaped Bioweapon

                            Never knowing his parents the PC was a progenitor creation for highly dangerous combat units. Created from splicing deep umbra DNA with humans.
                            after other experiments went rogue and decimated the lab, he nearly starved in his cell but was rescued by investigating Tradition's cabal (insert traditions).
                            Now, beginning puberty he was left alone in the sanctum while the cabal went to investigate [Insert Hook] and never returned.

                            Phisically and mentally warped, with poor social skills and on a road to find his missing 'parents' this little bundle of myth and science is a handful for anyone.

                            Physical/combat primary
                            Niphillim merit
                            Maxed gene-mod and bio-graft merits
                            Mystic Scientist
                            low end child flaw
                            primal marks


                            • 104) It was only supposed to be a temporary assignment. A small bit of undercover work. A brief stint in infiltration. So why hasn't Command extracted him yet? Or given him any new orders?

                              Once upon a time, he was a New World Order agent. He cut his teeth on espionage by infiltrating cults and extremist cells. And when he became Enlightened, the Technocracy put him to work masquerading as a member of the most screwed-up religious group of all: the Cult of Ecstasy. The Union taught him the basics of Ecstatic doctrine and practices, and how to disguise Inspired Science as the mysticism common to the Tradition. He got training in mental discipline, so he could keep control through the haze of drugs he'd have to imbibe as part of his cover, and even use advanced psychological principles to derive useful effect from the altered brain chemistry. He memorized the surprisingly robust "Code of Ananda", and spent weeks studying the broad strokes of Eastern mysticism. He couldn't hold a deep philosophical conversation with a "master" of this cult, but he could bullshit through a casual probe by any one of the Cult of Ecstasy's superstitionist allies. Thankfully, as the Union said, there weren't any Ecstatics in the "Chantry" he was assigned to insinuate into, and passing as a drugged-out hippy mystic was surprisingly easy. The other "mages" seemed to expect little from an Ecstasy Cultist.

                              The infiltration was to be a brief assignment. Just to get a Union-loyal agent into the Chantry, to bring back information for an upcoming operation. Six months, tops.

                              All communication with his contacts or other Union personnel abruptly stopped about four months into the op. The extraction date came and went, and he heard nothing. No messages, no agents sent to get him. No indication whether he should abandon the op, or whether he needed to stay on. He kept leaving regular reports at a designated drop-off point, until he discovered that they hadn't been collected in months. His hidden filing cabinet is now full of reports, unsent, simply to keep a sense of rigid structure in a sea of mysticism and increasing surreality.

                              He doesn't know what to do, or what happened. Did the Union cut communications because they thought it'd been compromised? Did protocols change, and he just failed to make contact again? Is the radio silence some larger part of his infiltration? Alternatively, did the Union decide to abandon him? If so, why? Or - the most sobering possibility - was there an organizational disaster or restructuring over at the New World Order, and he somehow got lost in the shuffle?

                              It was only supposed to be a temporary assignment. Yet it doesn't appear as though relief is ever coming. He's stuck there, in this Cult of Ecstasy. Worse yet, new members of "his Tradition" have moved in. They haven't discovered the impostor in their midst, but he fears it's only a matter of time. So, in lieu of any other instructions, he's slipped deeper into his cover. Learned more about their mysticism, so he can better pass as one of their kind. Indulged more into the pleasures of the herb and the flesh. Let his thoughts stray and his anxiety drift away, because these bastards can read thoughts and see auras.

                              Also, when did he start believing there was any such thing as an "aura"?


                              • 105. Agatha, the Traveling Girl

                                Quote: "I've seen things you wouldn't believe! Etherships near the rings of Saturn. I watched automatons build skyscrapers in a single day in the Gernsback Continuum. I want to share all moments with you, with everyone! Are you ready to experience them?"

                                - Concept: Adventuress of the Etheric Dimensions!
                                - Sect: Traditions (Society of Ether)
                                - Paradigm: It’s All Good - Have Faith, Tech Holds All Answers and We're All Gods in Disguise.

                                - Paradigm: Conventional scientists will tell you that our singular universe is representative of all space and time. That the idea of parellel universes and alternate dimensions is solely science fiction, that has no precedent or evidence of existence. They're wrong. There's more to Creation that just our one universe. In fact, there are literally an endless amount of them, each parellel to our own. These universes are all part of a greater multiverse, the sum total of all possibility. Etherspace, Horizon, Hollow Earth. There all just parts of this multiverse that True Scientists have managed to uncover and travel too. Mystics call this totality of Creation the Umbra, and for what its worth its an apt description. While some of these dimensions are older than humanity itself, most are just reflections of human thought created by our collective Gamma waves that reverberate through the Ether and are reflected back into the multiverse, giving those thoughts form and shape as memetic dimensions. That's why an Ethernaut or astral traveler can pierce the invisible Etheric walls of our universe's Mars and find themselve amidst the ruins an ancient alien civilization worthy of an old Planetary Romance novel. In that way humanity's creative potential can literally create entire worlds and surpass the mundane physics and limits of our universe (We're All Gods in Disguise). That's why its so important to always be positive, especially in the lab or the field. If one doesn't have faith in their scientific theories or the possibility of something, or someplace, that is currently beyond our understanding, then you'll never be able to break through the Etheric walls that separate our universe from all the others. A True Scientist must be bold, confident and bit a mad to recognize that's more to Creation than what meets the naked eye (It’s All Good - Have Faith). Of course, it's not all "Yes I Can's!" and pure willpower. You need the right tools for the job, too. Sure, shamans and psychics can simply rely on the internal power of their Gamma waves to let them see through the Ether, but not everyone is born with such talent. A True Scientist creates tools and uses scientific instruments instead of the primitive technologies and techniques of drugs and mediation. No offense. Through technology one can more easy access memetic dimensions and exploit the strange Etheric energies that give them life. And most importantly, such tools can be shared with all humanity allowing everyone the chance to see and learn more about the multiverse they inhabit.(Tech Holds All the Answers)

                                - Practice: Hypertech and Weird Science. With the proper tools and gadgets in hand, Agatha perceive realms and entities beyond current scientific comprehension! With her trusty Ethergoggles she can not only see past the Ether into the multiverse but also see the primal energies that hold the universes to together (Spirit, Prime). When she has to travel to the other side of the Ether personal, he puts on her reliable (and stylish) Ethersuit, or, if wants to bring friends along, brings out her Extradimensional Etheric Piercer-Capsule for a spin. It's usually on the fritz (especially the damn chameleon circuit) but its Agatha's favorite way to travel, be it in conventional space or memetic space (Correspondence). Of course, sometimes a travel needs to defend herself and Agatha always make sure to have her Ethergun primed and ready to zap, burn or freeze any Technocratic malcontents or hostile natives. (Forces, Matter)

                                - Instruments: Books and Periodicals, Devices and Machines, Energy, Fashion (Atompunk), Formulae and Math, Gadgets and Inventions, Meditation (Brainstorming), Vehicles, Weapons (Primary - Gadgets and Inventions)

                                Avatar: Agatha doesn't believe she has an Avatar, She wishes she did since the idea of having an psychopompic entity as a muse to assist her in her studies sounds quite astounding! Fortunately, she has her eternal companion and girlfriend to help her out whenever her research hits a snag. She's not a True Scientist but for some reason she always knows just the right to say. Agatha thinks she'd be lost without her, which is true in more ways than one.