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  • 226) A Taste for Agony [Paradox Flaw ; Mind, Forces, Entropy] Mages affected by this Flaw become sadistic to a fault.


    • 227) Ms. Eight ("ERRORERRORERROR"): Some Paradox scholars (especially among the Virtual Adepts) theorize this woman was a human (perhaps even a former mage) swallowed and corrupted by digital magicks. Others think she may have been a spirit of glitches, or a rogue AI given flesh, and co-opted by Paradox to serve as an enforcer. Whatever the case, Ms. Eight appears as a woman of Indian descent, with long wavy hair and a mole under her eye. She wears a lime green suit with long coat tails, and a matching bowler hat. The number 8 is tattooed on her stomach, not that it is usually visible. Eight carries two large pairs of scissors, one in each hand, as weapons.

      But the singular defining trait of her appearance is how it shifts irregularly in time. Her movements stutter and hitch, jumping from "extremes" with little to no "in-betweens". Ms Eight moves disturbing about, a laggy simulacrum of true life. What's more, this glitched-out activity doesn't seem to involve her existing or moving through space in between jumps. When she elects to move quickly, she practically teleports a few meters at a time. Between this and her erratic limb activity means she is difficult to hit or see coming. When in a fight, Eight enjoys a -3 difficulty on defensive maneuvers, while opponents suffer a +3 difficulty to hit. Because she doesn't technically pass through intervening space, it is possible for her to "glitch" through walls and other obstructions. Even "reading" her proves more difficult, as facial expressions and body language are disjointed.

      Ms Eight says little, as her voice comes out fragmented and distorted, like a tape recording copied 50 times before playback. This makes understanding her difficult, though there are clues. Her presence following a backlash is known quickly, as she makes a beeline for her quarry. She is direct, targeting the mage and seeking to eliminate them, allowing no obstacles to stop her (literally, in this case, because of her ability to circumvent obstruction). Eight appears most often to Virtual Adepts, and those agents of the New World Order that specialize in Data. Curiously, she will most frequently "team up" with Miss Two, and will take great pains to guard her. The significance of this, as in all things related to Ms Eight, is a mystery. That Eight is by her very nature distracting, seems to synergize well with Two, who works best when forgotten or overlooked.

      Eight also shares the dubious honor with Mademoiselle Seven as being the only members of the Stopwatch Gang to have been witnessed in the presence of the new Boss.


      • 228) Once Upon a Time with a Druglord: This paradox backlash will ALWAYS go for the drug dealers or PC's involved with drugs. Spirits made flesh of Greed gangsters will come out and try to KILL the PC. sleepers will see a bunch of guys coming out of vehicles with UZI's and handguns trying to kill the PC. Theres no way to negotiate your way out of this, its either kill or be Killed...or be captured and tortured.

        229) IM NOT TENCHI!!: Is your mage akward and insecure around the opposite/same sex? does he or she has problems picking up people?!...WELP...If anime has tought me anything is that Paradox can be the origin of EVERY SINGLE ANIME EVER So...This mind effect forces PEOPLE to actually FIGHT FOR THE MAGE AFFECTION!. His life is basically a Harem Anime, can be triggered in any moment, even strangers will try to fight for the PC's feelings..and no, no chances for threesomes or orgies.

        230) NOTICE ME SENPAI!!: Mind/life/matter/Entropy/Time effect, the idea is that whenever the mage needs help of an adult or responsable mage, he will ALWAYS be neglected one way or another..Either a crowd of people gets in between both of them. The signal goes down, people forget to tell their master "hey, X guy is trying to reach you up." it always seems to be "So Close..but so far away at the same time". Welcome to personal hell.

        231) She blinded me with SCIENCE!!!: A femme Fatale arrives to the Son of Aether's life. His life's work, his theories, his machinery is now being "Borrowed" by this Femme Fatale.. using her "Charms" she can always Steal whatever the mage is working on, No Matter What. usually she sells the prototypes or they turn on the wrong hands

        232) DON'T PRESS THAT BUTTON!!!!: The blind ego of a Son of Aether can be quite decieving. No matter how perfect his machination is, he will ALWAYS put a large red button saying "Do Not Press.". Its perfectly invisible for the Son of Aether..Except for everyone else..Press that button, i dare you, i fucking dare you.... 6 lethal dices of area damage

        233) Weird Science!: So, Every scientist needs a Test Subject/Scientific Companion/Assistant. ..But what happends when the "Assistant" retaliates?. The PC may NOT EVEN HAVE AN ORIGINAL ASSISTANT TO START WITH..He will Suddenly remember some horrible magick experiment gone wrong and something fitting his paradigm being lost "forever". From an "Evolutionary paradigm" the test subject can be a sort of BrundleFly Experiment or the Gorilla Robot from Robot Monster. Or even something like Maria from Metropolis. This machination has all the Strenghts from his creator (normal physical stats +1 and mental stats +2) to try and Kill its creator for what he has Done.

        234) Buzz Buzz Buzz: Life/Correspondance. Ok this is preeeeeetty basic..Co-colcation / teleportation IS a bitch. This type of paradox manifest by basically going full on cronemberg on the PC, mixing his gene pool with Something (a fly, a matis, go wild)

        235) Not Quite Dead: Life/Correspondance/Spirit/Forces. So, you were exploring the Underworld or the Umbra..or perhaps your "Will" is too strong to Die. but lets face it, your body is now ashes. Some call it coincidence, others say you put too much strain on your body..others call it HUMAN COMBUSTION!. Thing is You are Dead...but not quite. Your PC is not Technically a Ghost...but rather a constant manifestation of Ectoplasm...Like i said, you are NOT dead...just your body are not indestructible (hell, anything with spirit 2 can harm you) but you cant move things around like you used might need a Containment suit to walk around..or a suit of Armour made by an alchemist..or being a German Medium working for a Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense

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        • "Stand between two mirrors
          And...look into the distance
          You'll see You times infinite
          Still you're...only human..."
          -Steam Powered Giraffe, "Fancy Shoes"

          236) Sister Nine ("Copycat"): Supposedly the youngest member, the truth about Nine is unknown, for her face remains hidden by a thick layer of shadow at all times. As if you took a young lady made of a black silhouette, and dressed her in a purple flapper dress and matching hat. A bubbly lass, she often makes cryptic statements and nonsense poems, in a sing-song voice; her hand is often found playing with the long, green bead necklace, or with the green feather set in her hat, or with her pitch black hair. She comes bearing a hand mirror in a purse, and sometimes can be found with a parasol. (This latter clue may hint at an origin, such as Paradox spirits can have. Paradox scholars have noted a group of Paradox spirits that take the form of young girls with flesh like silhouettes, clothed in frilly lolita fashion and bearing parasols. What this could mean is anyone's guess, though it is theorized that agents of Paradox may, in fact, change "jobs" in the Umbra hierarchies.). Evidently Nine does, indeed, have the number 9 tattooed on the center of her forehead. It must also be in black ink, as the tattoo only shows up when she employs her "talent".

          Nine holds a talent for bringing out threats relevant to her target in the context of time, not unlike Mister Three. Unlike Three, whose powers go "vertically" back through the time stream, Nine goes "horizontally" across timelines. When she encounters her target - and, eventually, decides to engage them in more than just conversation - she pulls out her mirror and holds it in front of her face, the reflective surface facing the mage. As the target is made to see their own face superimposed over the girl's, Nine disappears in a flash of light, transforming suddenly into the mage's doppelganger.

          Except this doppelganger is not an exact copy, but a version of the mage from an alternate universe or timeline. Sister Nine pulls her identities from alternate hypothetical realities where history - whether at large or only the mage's personal one - took a different turn, often to dramatic effect. Sometimes the person the mage sees is who they would have been had they joined a different Tradition, Convention, or Craft, or even a different sect entirely. Sometimes they see a version of themself that took a darker, more violent turn...or a lighter, more optimistic one. A few mages have seen what they would be had they entered the Cauls, and become Nephandi...and a few Nephandi have seen versions of themselves who never made that choice.

          And others have seen the most standard of alt-universe stock incarnations. Like a Nazi version, from a timeline where the Third Reich achieved world domination. Or one where they are the opposite sex. Or a survivor of nuclear holocaust. Or just one with a mustache, signifying that they are eeeeeevvviiiil.

          In all transformations, Sister Nine's forehead bears the now-revealed number 9. She is also equipped with whatever tools and equipment is appropriate for her disguise, as well as Charms replicating appropriate Magickal Effects. She seems to know things about the alternate timeline, and, if their history is close enough, may use that knowledge to torment them. Always with a cheerful disposition (even if her appearance would suggest otherwise). She'll attempt to make a nuisance of herself in a non-violent way, but will fight if required; and this is common, since few mages can stand themselves. Despite her disposition, she is as much a little psychopath and kleptomaniac as her compatriots. Nine will flee very quickly if pressed, pulling out her parasol and letting it carry her away on a strong wind.
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          • 237) Another Degree of Sensitivity [Paradox Flaw ; Forces] Mages affected by this Flaw feel the temperature of every item and person they focus their sight on.


            • 238) Mister Ten ("Muscles"): An imposing giant of a man, Mister Ten O'Clock is broad shouldered, standing at seven feet tall. He is all muscle, to the point where his scarlet zoot suit can barely contain them. The number 10 is tattooed on the back of his bald head, features revealed when he removes his enormous, scarlet top hat. His fists similarly dwarf those of lesser men, the knuckles caked in scars and leathery callouses. Severe and taciturn, Ten can cow most mere mortals (and more than a few Awakened) through raw, monolithic bearing alone.

              When Ten appears, he comes in swinging. This is a task for which he is well suited, as Ten is an accomplished pugilist. These busy fists are not merely dangerous for their raw destructive force (though it is quite ample), but for the unique temporal property they exhibit. Quite simply, Mister Ten can punch a person into next week.


              Following damage calculation, for each point of damage dealt by Ten's punches after the first, the target is launched forward in time one day. Or, more rarely, backwards, as has been known to happen. Ten's ability really is just that simple, and he rarely has the patience to pursue the matter after one successful punch. Given that he hits like a car, further intervention in the mage's life is seldom necessary.

              Mister Ten usually appears alone. When he appears alongside other members of the Stopwatch Gang, it is usually with Mister Five. They seem to have a more friendly relationship, with Ten speaking more in his gravely voice with the tippler than with anyone else combined. If Five is hurt or killed, Ten takes particular exception to that, and may pursue the target across time until they've been beaten to a pulp.


              • 239) Loaf of bread, gallon of milk & a stick of butter. The mage finds themselves unconsciously buying the above items throughout the duration.


                • 240) Madam Eleven ("Nanna"): The most venerable member of the Stopwatch Gang, Madam Eleven O'Clock appears as a bent over old woman, pale of skin, knobby of joints, and with a long nose. She covers her short white hair with a wide-brimmed teal sun hat, which matches her dress, shawl, and high heel shoes. Thick, stylized glasses sit on her nose, with thick black rims. A faded number 11 is tattooed on her sternum. A purse hangs from one shoulder, and she leans on an ornate cane, with a head shaped like that of a buzzard. Her demeanor is often kindly - all members of the Stopwatch Gang give her deference, and are always on their "best" behavior around her. This, indeed, is because Eleven has a sadistic streak; when she appears alongside other gang members, she will usually request they engage in brutality and larceny. Eleven is a shrewd old crone. Only for her enervated bearing does she not hold the position as boss within the gang. As it stands, she is the one Mademoiselle Seven goes to for advice, making the two quite close (as far as two psychopaths can be, anyway).

                  Despite her appearance, Madam Eleven is by no means harmless on her own. For indeed, she is described by Paradox Scholars as Old Age herself, like the god Thor wrestled with and lost. Her time-based gimmick is one of decay. Everything she touches (save what she excludes, like her possessions or, sometimes, her gang mates) ages rapidly, turning carpentry to dust and metal to rust. Living creatures she touches become terribly old, and older still as long as she remains in contact with them. A classic tactic of hers is to feign trouble walking, hoping to ensnare her magely prey into giving her aid. The classic "help an old lady across the street" is given terrible results, as the youth and vigor is stolen from the target.

                  And it is indeed stolen. When Eleven touches a living person, she grows younger just as her victim grows older. She will continue to do so, until she returns to her physical prime. The young Madam is a beautiful woman, standing straight and laughing that haughty laugh of hers. If a fight breaks out (as it often does), she makes full use of her renewed vigor. Her cane is actually a cane gun, and a stiletto can be found in her purse. If she is killed, the stolen youth returns to its original owner (assuming, of course, the victim survives).

                  Because of her appearance and her alignment to Time, mages everywhere wonder at her connection to the infamous Wrinkle. On one occasion, a Paradox scholar asked the Madam about it. Her answer was simply, "Oh, that old dear? Ho ho ho!" She spoke no more of the subject, and the encounter quickly devolved into frantic conflict, as encounters with the Stopwatch Gang are known to do.

                  Madam Eleven is also the only member of the gang who isn't intimidated by Mister Midnight. She's too old to be bothered, and openly muses that the Old Boss will return eventually. "Such a nice boy".


                  • 241) Mister Midnight ("Boss"): Mr. Twelve O'Clock himself, and the supposed leader of the Stopwatch Gang. At least, he is now. For the first decades of the gang's existence, they appeared to follow someone else. Sometime in the late eighties and early nineties, however, the spirits of the various members plummeted, seeming dejected by some tragedy. They were no less dangerous, but their hearts just weren't in the punishment and plunder. Then, one day, Mister Midnight appeared in a Paradox backlash for the first time, and everything was different.

                    The figure called Mister Midnight is reminiscent of Sister Nine in appearance. But while Nine appears as a silhouette, like a girl wholly dark, Midnight seems less like a darkened person, and more like a man-shaped hole in space. Not just his flesh, but even his clothes suffer this effect, from the fedora on his head to his pointed shoes.

                    The hole is filled with stars. Mister Midnight never speaks. The only sound that can be heard is the howl of a cavernous maw, like the quiet, distant wail of a cold, alien cosmos.

                    Mister Midnight only ever appears in response to the most severe of backlashes. This is because when he appears, the victim might as well have vanished into oblivion...for a time, that is. It's only recently that some mages who were attacked by him have reappeared. Their stories are disturbing.

                    Midnight's body is an Event Horizon. When his power is active - and there has never been an instance where he has appeared with his power not active - it warps the passage of time around him. Observers drawn into his field find time moving faster all around them, and the speed increases the closer Midnight gets to them. Their own speed is dramatically reduced - though they run as quickly as they can, they make little progress. Worse, while drawing close to Midnight's event horizon, the victim seems cut off from the world outside themselves. Those not affected by Midnight may see the Paradox spirit appear, before watching both him and the victim vanish.

                    The exact purpose behind Midnight's actions differs wildly. Those who have reappeared state that he seemed to only pass them by - an act that requires approaching, circling around, and then moving away. Midnight never runs, but merely walks; he raises not one hand against his target, nor even seems to acknowledge their presence (not that his eyeless face would reveal it if he did). In this, his contact with mages is in passing, like a dinosaur ambling by an ant. These folk were the lucky ones, only needing to watch a decade or two fly by around them. Midnight comes and goes, and they lose a few years in exchange.

                    (It's possible to escape Midnight's hold, of course. Correspondence can be used to teleport away, and Time can be used to speed one's escape. Stepping Sideways with Spirit can be tried, too. No matter what, though, the mage IS losing time, as every moment spent in Midnight's field can mean hours, days, months, or years outside. The first step in getting away is realizing what is going on, after all.)

                    When the mage has truly earned the ire of Midnight, he doesn't walk past. He walks towards, dead on. As he draws closer, the world around the mage spins faster. The fast motion of humans running around is replaced by a blur of color and lights. Mayhaps buildings rise and fall around him, decades turning into centuries turning into millennia. Closer. Closer. Closer.

                    And as he gets closer, Midnight grows larger. Taller, and wider. Stars leap from his body and fill the field of view around the mage, leaving Midnight nothing but a Black Hole. A black hole growing ever larger, ever closer. The mage is in an infinite field of stars, but those too give way, the cosmic map not merely being overshadowed by the black hole, but compressing away from it. The field of stars shrink behind the mage, the blackness folding around him. Eventually, the last hint of pure, cosmic white winks out, and the mage finds himself surrounded by the incomprehensible dark mass. The poor bastard has passed beyond the event horizon.

                    And still, Midnight is getting closer. It won't be long now.
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                    • *claps!*

                      A very great writeup, Bluecho And a very versatile set of Paradox spirits, given that they all revolve around a single sphere. I like!
                      And for some reason, whenever I imagine Ms. Four playing her record, this track from Hotline Miami pops into my head:

                      Not quite Jazz, but for some reason it's just stuck in my head with her.

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                      • Originally posted by Ambrosia View Post

                        A very great writeup, Bluecho And a very versatile set of Paradox spirits, given that they all revolve around a single sphere. I like!
                        And for some reason, whenever I imagine Ms. Four playing her record, this track from Hotline Miami pops into my head:

                        Not quite Jazz, but for some reason it's just stuck in my head with her.
                        Thanks, I enjoyed running with a theme.

                        Although, I'm not quite done with the Stopwatch Gang. There's two more Paradox Spirits I want to write up next. And maybe a Realm. What good gang doesn't have a hideout, am I right?

                        EDIT: Also, concerning the write-up for Mister Midnight, I based it partially on what it would look like to fall into a black hole.
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