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1001 Interesting Paradox Backlashes

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  • 371) Lost Time [Flaw]: Like a moment out of The X Files, the character (and possibly their companions) lose a few minutes of time, though their personal experience may not imply that anything happened. Affects users of Time most often, naturally, but certain Paradigms and Practices can invite it regardless of trigger. Like the aforementioned X Files, the Flaw can afflict members of the New World Order, and those mages (especially the Society of Ether) who attribute their powers to aliens. Meanwhile, Ecstasy Cultists experience time dilation so often just from their drugs, they often don't even notice the Paradox backlash. Cyborgs, too - like operatives of Iteration X - experience it, which they are wont to chalk up to brain implants freezing up.


    • 372) A Penchant for Pain [Paradox Flaw | Prime and one or more of the following: Mind, Matter, Life, Entropy] This Paradox Flaw affects the True Magick of True Mages who display the slightest fascination with their Spells cast on friends and allies with beneficial intent possibly bringing discomfort or pain to the recipient(s) , and then voice to other persons their indifference and/or approval at such an occurrence.

      The affected True Mage finds that their Prime 2 capabilities of making Effects last for a longer time, when it comes to beneficial Effects, give the recipient a slight, constant and regular feeling of sharp pain in random areas all over the body; this affects all Mind, Matter, Life and Entropy Spells, Rotes and Procedures cast with intent of being helpful to the recipient.
      This part of the Spell is interwoven within the affected True Mage's Paradigm, feelings and perception; in such a way that it makes sense to her or him that this is how it can and should be.
      This Paradox Manifestation does not affect Effects cast or researched as part of a group to which the affected True Mage belongs.

      Technocrats can be affected by this Paradox Flaw all the same - though unlike what happens with Mystics, the Paradigm, feelings and perception alteration part of this Paradox Flaw comes before the constant pain addition to a Technocrat True Mage's Adjustments, Procedures or Treatments; the affected Technocrat - often absent-mindedly - alters her techniques and/or technology so that the resultant beneficial Effect for a friend or an ally gives the recipient the constant sharp and random pain.

      In order to glimpse and learn anything in regards to causing pain with True Magick from the results of this Paradox Flaw, the investigating True Mage needs Prime 5 or Prime 4 and Entropy 3. This investigation and research can be done by any True Mage who is able to observe, investigate and examine a recipient of a beneficial Effect (cast by a True Mage affected by this Paradox Manifestation) which has it's duration bolstered with Prime 2 capabilities of the affected True Mage.
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      • 373) An Eye for Details [Paradox Flaw | Mind and Life] The affected True Mage cannot see and perceive details by sight clearly unless she or he covers or closes all eyes, and any possible viewing organs and technology, except either the right eye or the left eye.

        The severity of this Paradox Flaw varies between different affected True Mages.
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        • 374) Or It'll Get Stuck That Way [Flaw]: The mage's face is locked into one expression, regardless of their emotional state at the time.

          375) Blue Blooded [Flaw]: Afflicts those of noble or aristocratic descent, or those with pretensions of same. The mage's blood takes on a vibrant blue hue, rather than a scarlet one. This can be noticed if they bleed, or when the skin is flushed.


          • 376) Live infront of an audience: The paradox strikes by making your life a Real Sitcom, from laughing audiotracks in the background (which everyone can hear) , correspondance effects related to summoning beings/people/enemies by mentioning their names etc....

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            • 377) Followed by Death... [Spirit]: A shadowy, ethereal vision of the Reaper trails behind the mage. When the character uses magick to give Death, Death becomes her constant companion. It's usually not hostile - there are more aggressive forms of Death that Paradox can bring - but it is constant and untiring. It walks - or floats - seven steps behind the mage, a skeletal figure draped in a black robe. The more severe the backlash, the longer it follows, and the more solid it appears. Strong instances may find the specter whisper darkly to the mage, or to passers by, concerning the character's kills. Names of victims uttered in low tones, over and over. Never letting the mage forget the blood on her hands. Animals bark or cower at the reaper's passing, and the spiritually sensitive can ill stand the mage's presence.

              378) ...And the Acrid Smell of Gunsmoke [Flaw]: When firearms are employed in magick, the mage finds the scent of their discharge lingers long after. The stink of powder hangs in the air, and adheres to her skin and clothes, even long after bathing or changing wardrobe. At higher levels of backlash, the Paradox causes gunpowder to accumulate on her hands, and to lightly dust her hair, until her hair and fingerprints are black as pitch. Such a mage should be wary of open flames, as that powder is not entirely for show.


              • 379) Black Halo - Those not of Naphandy that use the magic's of the Void Beyond for higher purpose, not necessarily peaceful or bloodless, may find themselves thus marked. A halo of deepest black light surrounds them, sometimes accentuated by reddish or purple hues. The halo isn't merely darkness, It is an utter lack of everything, a tiny window into the beyond creation. Most of the time it is just very unsettling and signals the mage had been dabbling in forces better left alone, but when the paradox accumulates the effects grow harsher. Animals flee the mage, humans instinctively avoid him, while the spiritual beings and objects are severely discomforted (icons bleed, holy verses warp to the gibberish, lights blow out) at the even greater effects the Void starts to bleed in, into the mage and the world. At this stage the black veins pulp oily blood, eyes turn into bottomless pits or dying stars, small alien creatures crawl in and out the mobile wormhole, people and objects with faith score become violently ill at mage's presence (bleeding from eyes and fingernails, catching fire, being burned on contact). Even worse still the mage begins to hear it, the sweet voice of the Void Beyond, of freedom from the consensus and 'reality'. Those that heed it aren't see again... at least not as anything recognizable as their former selves.


                • 380) The Line Not To Cross [Paradox Flaw | Correspondence 4 and/or 5] This Paradox Flaw affects True Mages who are careless enough that mundane humans overhear them talking about their use of Correspondence 4 and 5 capabilities like Wards or Co-Locations of areas. The affected True Mage soon notices that there are whole areas of the city that are separated from others by thick lines - that are somewhere between being drawn on the ground, as if with a giant marker pen, and being a form of Paradox-related barricade tape. Trying to observe these lines in attempt to distinguish how exactly they look like leads to no clear conclusion - the observer's perspective cannot be adjusted nor made to settle on any one way of perceiving them; though observing them in this way does no immediate harm. Persons - including True Mages - other than the affected True Mage do not see those lines.
                  This Paradox Flaw can manifest outside of cities and urban areas as well.

                  At any time the affected True Mage crosses any of those lines - including when going back using a route - their legs become sharply stiff and feel profoundly sore; this becomes more pronounced when any part of the leg is moved in any other way than going back to a straight position; this state of the legs makes any leg movement so unfamiliar and also roughly painful that walking for any amount of time is not possible; the affected True Mage will collapse in less than a minute. Resting while sitting or lieing in any random location for 40-60 minutes gets rid of this result of the Paradox Flaw; resting in a known location - for example one belonging to a friend or a coffee shop that the affected True Mage visited before - makes the True Mage's legs return to their normal state in 20-30 minutes.

                  This Paradox Flaw can be dealt with by waiting it out and not triggering any of the lines during this period.
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                  • 381) Grasp of Avarice and Grasp of Greed [Paradox Flaw | Prime and Matter, Mind and Matter] When the affected True Mage holds an item (or multiple items) in one of their hands and the other hand is empty, then the Mage will feel a mind-maddening itching and freezing cold all over the hand that is not holding an item; this state quickly fades away if the situation changes in any way - to both hands holding an item (or multiple items) or both hands being empty. Some of the affected Mages might feel burning heat instead of freezing cold.
                    Touching an item with a hand does not in any way trigger nor remedy this Paradox Flaw - only when an item is held in such a way that it can be carried that this Paradox Flaw manifests, or fades away; and it must be an item (or multiple items) that can be carried around in a hand.
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                    • 382) Red Tape [Flaw]: The New World Order, self-proclaimed masters of bureaucracy, may find literal red tape obstructing them, when Paradox gets involved. Red-colored sticky tape is found everywhere the agent goes, on everything they seek to interact with. It's double-sided tape, and quite sticky. Nothing impossible to dislodged, but enough to make things more difficult than they need to be. Getting something from the characters pocket? Red taped shut. Need to get in the car? The door has layers of red tape on the edges, that need to be cleared before the doors will open. Need to open a briefcase? Red tape there, and dammit it's all over the documents!

                      Particularly severe versions of this backlash cause the agent to have to wade through walls of red tape. Just everywhere.


                      • 383) The Unfinished [Spirit]: Partial paintings. Neglected manuscripts. Unfinished craftwork. Incomplete code. Inventions not fully assembled. Whatever it may be, every creative person has left half-wrought works. When creation is bundled up into Magick, however, the act of leaving those creations incomplete can have dire consequences. The Unfinished are spirits generated by those germs of inspiration left on works of art, craft, or science that were left to languish, never to achieve their full potential. Emotions and ideas left behind, for any number of reasons. Paradox seeps into them all, taking those sparks of genius and turning them into the heat that powers engines of retribution.

                        The Unfinished take the form of amalgams of the mage's incomplete work, from grand projects to minor exercises, sketches, and preliminary drafts and notes. A painter mage's works appear like a Picasso, a jumbled of disparate figures rendered in paint. A genius inventor, meanwhile, may be confronted by rough assemblages of mechanical parts, mismatched joints grinding together, disconnected wires shooting sparks. An Awakened programmer's half-made programs infect their computer like a virus, or stalk them on the Digital Web as clouds of glitched out code. A mage writer may find events of unrelated stories play out around them, with figures that blend characters together in grotesque ways.

                        What do the Unfinished want? Usually, to bring a reckoning against their maker, for the creative abortions that are their existences. How severe the backlash dictates how aggressive their meeting may play out, but an Unfinished never appears happy. At their most tame, they simply heap sorrows upon their creator, reminding her of her failures, her regrets, her lost ideas and lost innocence. It is perhaps more merciful to the mage if the Unfinished simply assaulted her. Perhaps then, killing it would end the matter, and leave her to grieve for her failures in peace. Far worse, it may be, for the spirit to merely talk. In that, only reconciliation with her mistakes can make the abomination leave.

                        How DO you explain to your child why they were not allowed to be born?


                        • 384) Material Mire [Realm]: Ancient bane of the Gnostic, for whom the material world is a prison. The Material Mire is entered when black, ichorous slime billows out from the ground beneath the mage's feet, until it drags them into the earth. The character emerges from the muck in a subterranean swamp, where one must trudge knee deep in obsidian slime, in the shadow of ruined columns and archways. It's a vast expanse, with open caves dotted with the decaying remnants of old buildings.

                          The Material Mire is a bastion of rampant physicality. Even the air is thick with fumes and oppressive moisture. Nothing light and airy inhabits this place, and what little illumination comes from sickly bioluminescent mushrooms that climb cave walls and crumbling masonry. It is populated, but hardly by what one could call intelligent life. Things like beasts and men wander the mire or huddle in the shadows of archways and ruined walls. Their bodies are part meat, part tuberous roots, part fungus, and part stone, in various combinations and concentrations. Whether beast-like or man-like, they harbor not even the slightest hint of intelligence or awareness. For they are empty vessels, devoid of spirit or higher consciousness. Perfectly material. They are not friendly.

                          Those who believe the physical world is a curse wind up here most often, showing them their views of material creation taken to their logical extreme. Sometimes other mages, however, are sent here. Chief among them are those who fixate too much on the physical world, like those in the Technocratic Union. Progenitors, especially, find it simultaneously distressing to enter, yet difficult to bring themselves to leave, as the inhabitants of the Realm are curious biological specimens in need of study. Other mages get to the Material Mire by decadence or immorality, as their complete love of the physical world and all its pleasures - even its deplorable ones - causes them to sink to the lowest depths imaginable.

                          Escaping the Material Mire requires a character to locate one of many dark holes in the ceiling or walls, from which black ichor drips endlessly. Climbing into these dank portals can lead out, though getting into them can be difficult. Ascending through the tunnels is its own challenge, as the walls are slick with fluid, and the trip long and arduous. Reaching the other side, however, is the most consistent means of egress. Some say, however, that finding the deepest parts of the mire may hold answers. None have dived into the goo and yet returned to tell the tale, however.


                          • 385) Baleful Reassignment [Flaw]: Some people are ambivalent about their biological sex, or even pine for reassignment to make themselves more in line with their ideal.

                            This backlash is not for those people. This is for those who are not just attached to their current sex and gender identity, but are anxiously protective of it and all it implies.

                            Affecting those suffering from toxic masculinity or femininity, the character undergoes a sex change for the duration of the backlash. Life magick tends to bring this on most often. For this character, their fixation on both their sex, and their adherence to the gender norms tied to it, is the key factor here. Other forms of Paradox can result in spontaneous change between man and woman or vice versa. In this case, the Paradox is considered especially baleful because of how much the character's gender identity matters to them.


                            • 386) To Turn Over an Old Leaf [Burn | Time] This Burn strikes True Mages who first unsuccesfully use Time True Magick and then immiediately change their decision as to what to do, deciding to - for example - maintain the status quo, use a combat tactic already used in the current combat, or ask again about an already discussed part of an argument.
                              Depending on the severity of the Mage's turnaround when it comes to changing their intentions and plans, the Burn can be bashing, lethal or aggravated damage. It takes the form of slight purple-teal-blue shimmering and glow that cascades down and up the affected Mage's body.

                              This Burn can be subdued and avoided - at least for a time - if the Mage immiediately makes plans to do something novel and new in the future in regards to the matter which triggered the Burn; and puts this decision into action at once.
                              If this happens then the Mage better stick to her or his decision - the Burn can and will strike again if the decision is reversed; this possibility of the Burn striking again will fade over the next few weeks.
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                              • 387) Help Thyself Through Helping Others [Paradox Flaw | Life] The affected True Mage cannot cast Spells from the Sphere of Life (or the equivalent and similar Effects in their Pillars in the case True Mages who use Foundation and Pillars being affected by this Paradox Flaw) and any Conjunctional Spells that include Life Magick on themselves at all. All attempts to do so fail at the very least. Any Spells of the affected Mage that include her or him as part of a targeted group will also at the very least fail.
                                The affected Mage cannot use on themselves magic items containing True Magickal Effects from the Sphere of Life, as well. Any attempts to do so fail, at the very least.
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