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    Heya folks.

    So whenever I re-read entries about Entropy Sphere, here's what I get:

    ••• Affect Predictable Patterns

    Things eventually break down. At this Rank, the mage can
    control the speed at which material objects fail or decay. That’s
    easier to do with complex machines (cars, computers) than it
    is with simple ones (walls, stones) – after all, more things can
    go wrong with complicated things.

    At this Rank, the mage can also start controlling the fate
    and fortune of objects and people, giving them good or bad
    luck by controlling the probability of events around them.
    Again, large feats demand more successes than smaller ones.
    •••• Affect Living Things

    At this Rank, the mage assumes the awesome power of
    blessing, cursing, and conferring outright health or decay. By
    influencing the flow of entropy within a living body, that mage
    can grant outstanding vitality to, or inflict sudden disease upon,
    his subject. Such influence, as noted above, inflicts or heals
    aggravated damage and may grant long-term luck or misfortune.
    (Storyteller’s option as to how this manifests.)
    ••••• Affect Thought/ Shape Memes/ Binding Oath

    The most esoteric applications of Entropy allow
    the mage to alter ideas, strengthening or breaking down
    concepts. Although he does not affect the actual workings of
    consciousness, he can cause synapses to misfire (thus confusing
    perceptions and mental processing, inflicting penalties on
    an enemy’s dice rolls), bind someone to an oath, or degrade
    the patterns of thought. By doing so, that Entropic Master
    can craft, perpetrate, reinforce, and undermine arguments,
    beliefs, and even memories.

    To do such things, the Master merely speaks to, or glances
    at, the subject of his attention. Chaos Masters can scramble
    someone’s perceptions with a few weird utterances, and Masters
    of Order can present arguments with apparently perfect logic.
    By offering compelling statements, the Master can create or
    destroy memes (see p. 594), thus influencing whole patterns of
    belief. An oath, meanwhile, ties the subject’s fate to her loyalty;
    if she breaks the oath, then her luck goes really, really bad.

    In game terms, such feats demand a certain number of
    successes. Inspiring a whim requires only one or two successes,
    sparking a fancy takes three, setting or undermining a conviction
    takes four or five successes, and setting up obsessions demands
    five successes or more. Such activities are usually coincidental
    and are typically rolled against a difficulty of the subject’s
    Willpower +3 (threshold rules apply for Willpowers of 8, 9,
    or 10) if that character tries to resist the Master’s influence.
    So if I ruled it out right, Entropy 3 can curse/ bless and otherwise affect Matter/ Forces, Entropy 4 deals the same way with living beings, and Entropy 5 is where you lay your hands on minds and spirits. (Not sure if Entropy could affect Time/ Correspondence though, but I figured out it'd take Entropy 5 to set something up with abstract idea. For example: "Thou shalt be blessed when you find your true love", the "when" part being related to Time in combination with Entropy's fate manipulation, which turns into combo with Time 4 for time trigger I think)


    I figured out that Entropy 4 might be "physical" blessings/ curses, whereas Entropy 5 might bless/ curse for ephemereal part of existance (thought and spirit). One of the players in my chronicle managed to reach Entropy 5, and due to fact it says "Storyteller's option", I'm not sure what kind of blessings/ curses could it give.

    Is it plausible to give, for example, Entropy 4 blessing on self with over 20+ successes scored to gain 1 autosuccess on Stamina-related rolls (perhaps soaking included), but no more than 1 automatic success?

    Or with Entropy 5 (same successes) to provide yourself +1 automatic success on Willpower rolls (blessing your own ephemera with powerful magick)?

    Or bless with Entropy 4 to shield from harm (providing +2 or +3 to difficulty to attack you by physical means)? Only physical means though.

    Or instead, curse someone to give everyone lower difficulty to attack them.

    Those curses/ blessings might be quite strong, but I'd like to know what'd be the approximate plausible amount of benefits a blessing (or amount of downsides if curse) could give, depending on successes? Let's say the player can score up to 50 successes, thanks to Node's and Sanctum's influence and opportunity to do everything without any rush.

    What are your thoughts on such blessings or curses and why? What other blessings/ curses could you suggest?

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    So, there are blessings and curses listed as Entropy effects, but there is also a "blessings and curses" instrument (M20 Core Book Page 588) that tends to be coincidental because of the fact that blessings and curses are in the Consensus. Since my character is a Life 3/Spirit 3/Prime 2 Chorister (that's the draft at least), I had an idea for a Life 3 (Alter Simple Life-forms that are attached to another person) Curse:

    "As G-d did unto Egypt I do to thee, let this soot cause a curse of boils to breed!" (Or something like that.) Basically, some Mage, probably a Chorister, blows soot in someone's face while brandishing a holy symbol and alters their skin bacteria causing boils to break out. Maybe spend the round prior uttering Exodus 9:8-9 for bonus effect. Since the Plagues of Egypt are likely to be Mythic Threads, that could be a coincidental curse that's outside of the Entropy sphere.

    So, could there be other blessings or curses outside of the Entropy Sphere? Maybe a combination of Correspondence or Time and another effect to make it look like they're blessed or cursed?

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      The Entropy Sphere defines Effects that are called Blessings and Curses; that is, the end result of the casting. I don't have my book handy; but I think the mechanic is something along the lines of some sort of difficulty adjustment to appropriate dice pools (lowering the difficulty with a blessing, raising it with a curse).

      The Focus rules define an Instrument called “Blessings and Curses”, which is all about the actions traditionally associated with blessing or cursing someone. It does not have anything to do with what the blessing or curse does.

      You can pair the instrument with the effect. But you don't have to. You could, for example, use some completely different instrument to create a blessing or curse effect. Or you could use the blessing or curse instrument to create some other effect.

      So, what qualifies as a blessing or curse? Something that generates the Blessing or Curse Effect? Something that uses the Blessing or Curse Instrument?