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  • Originally posted by Vysha View Post
    Pfft!! We're talking about BAALIS up in here, my good sir!! No such thing as free will!! Everything has a price, including the privilege to make decisions for yourself. But you can get a replacement will for the low, low price of a single baby sacrifice! Satisfaction guaranteed or what's left of the baby's soul back!! Summon right now and we'll throw in your very own sterling silver realigned moral compass! Supplies are limited, so be one of the next six hundred sixty six petitioners!!

    ... Sorry.

    ... Damn it, now I want to write up a Baali infomercial salesman.
    Oh God. I love the idea of a One-Clan game, where most of the PCs are in one Clan, and those who aren't have Clan Friendship. A Baali game where one of the characters is just constantly selling demonic deals in the style of a shady salesman.

    "Stains ma'am? Call upon the infernal power of Moloch the Eraser to remove all of the dirt in your home from existence! All for the low low price of your cat's soul!"


    • Originally posted by Rumata View Post
      Honestly, step 1 for making Baali coherent is defining what VtM's Hell actually is and what kind of infernal powers are we dealing with.
      Or do what I do, and assume that the Children are Antedeluvians and that the atrocities of the Molochim are ironically the thing that keeps Gehenna at bay. Gehenna doesn't begin until the Via Hyron is exterminated and the Children can awaken.

      For added fun, in this theoretical model, the Molochim probably don't have any idea what they're really keeping asleep. They've spent centuries building on the assumptions of primitive baby eaters. The ones who are in the Ta'Mahe'Ra in current V20 books, especially, wouldn't think they've been working against the Antedeluvians this whole time.
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      • Sorry for getting into the discussion from a most probably quite unrelated angle, but here is a little something that might connect some dots about the relation between the Decani and the Children of Night - and some of the parallels & similarities between Baali & Setites that occasionally crop up in discussions.

        edit: Even more recently, came across this and this that could add some interesting spin to tales of a certain ancient Baali in Mexico, the Tlalique and who knows what else.
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