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    Now this is really a "speak your mind" question that i want as an input for one of my games im planning. As said in another Thread the game will take Place in the Mass Effect Universe but i dont like the Requiem Clans and prefer VTM.

    So my question is the following:

    1) Imagine Gehenna never happened and my game takes place in the year 2200 AD, what do you think will have changed, would Camarilla and Sabbath still exist? Would there be extinct clans? Can you imagine a new Bloodline? Would there be new alliances? Would a Clan have changed to adapt to the technology and times with aliens?

    2) Imagine Gehenna did happen, but not according to the official storyline, what do you think how Gehenna should have occured, do you agree with the official aftermath which clans still are there and which arent or do you think there should be other survivors?

    Thanks for your answers, ill give mine later =)

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    (1) check out the cyberpunk 2020/vtm crossover thats floating around on the internet. It was originally published in WW Magazine iirc. That should give you a basic idea on how vampires handle future tech.
    For me, there would have been a second inquisition of some kind that would take out all younger and stupid vampires (sabbat neonates for example). Camarilla would exist, but changed somehow and alot (and i mean alot) more careful about messing with humans. Elders refusing to deal with mortals (or even kindred) at all and deligating such things to their more heavely blood bound childer. Ancilla would deal with the day to day business of running the camarilla in their sires stead (while blood bound to their sires).

    English is not my native language, so i apologize for errors in grammar or spelling.


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      With current population and technology trends, global climate change will continue to accelerate until 2050, when it reaches the tipping point. GMO crops have proven to be no more productive than hybrid crops outside of the lab and, as arable land disappears across Africa, Asia, Australia, and South America, massive wars will be fought in Europe and North America as the starving billions come 'North' before 2060 AD. Eventually, the population retreats to around 250 million people by 2070 , so 2200 AD will look a lot like 1230 AD. The only difference will be the crushing knowledge of what was lost. Whether or not Gehenna occurs, I am afraid that future is guaranteed as it is too late to change the trajectory of human civilization. The only thing that can be done is to start putting people into space en masse, which is impossible without fusion, and the research into DT fusion is worthless for more reasons than can be gone over in this post.


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        I can't envision the Masquerade surviving much longer in the modern age of omnipresent video cameras. If I were extrapolating a future campaign, I'd start with how the sects and independent clans would be impacted by public knowledge of their existence (and vice versa) and go from there.