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    Originally posted by Kendaan View Post
    I would make Celerity just gives + dot to Dexterity pool with auto success by spending blood points (probably on only 1 roll in case of split dice pool), and additional actions availabable at Elder levels like +1 at 6, and another +1 at 8.

    In that way iy would be more balanced with Fortitude & Potence

    The main issue would then be on crossover with other extra acton givers like spending Rage
    I've done similar with Celerity in at least 1 game and it worked out fine. Since Dex is used for both attack and defense this method still has Celerity being quite useful. I also tend to set a minimum dice pool for splitting actions which cuts the ability to do so down all lot. I've found that between the 2 it sped combat up a decent bit which was nice.

    I don't think balancing Celerity against other game systems should even be a consideration. But even going that route, Rage is a fairly finite resource so I never really worry much about Werewolves (they tend to take extra action for 1 to 3 turns and then are spent). Mages get a lot more out of hand a lot quicker, with players stacking successes in advance for those sort of effects.